Underwater housings are outfitted with control knobs that access the camera inside, allowing use of most of its normal functions. These housings may also have connectors to attach external flash units. Some basic housings allow the use of the flash on the camera, but the on-board flash may not be sufficiently powerful or properly placed for underwater applications. More advanced housings either redirect the on-board strobe to fire a slave strobe via a fiber optic cable, or physically prevent the use of the on-board strobe. Housings are made waterproof through a system of silicone o-rings at the crucial joints.

Nauticam introduces the NA-G15 underwater camera housing for the Canon G15 compact camera.

For those that want to stay on the compact side, the Canon G15 seems to offer a lot of photography goodness in a small package, and Nauticam manages to retain much of the compactness, despite the fully featured NA-G15 aluminum underwater camera housing. Nauticam USA Press Release:

Nauticam is proud to introduce the NA-G15 aluminum camera housing for the latest version of Canon’s iconic G series of compact cameras: The Canon Powershot G15. Once again, Nauticam brings the power of professional quality engineering and cutting edge design to those who enjoy the attributes of compact imaging systems. The NA-G15 should prove to be the ultimate housing for fans of Canon’s compact G15 camera. Both camera and housing are loaded with heavyweight features packaged in a lightweight, rugged and easy to operate system. . . . read more

Sea & Sea announces the MDX-D600 Underwater housing for the Nikon D600, to be available from 01/2013

Sea & Sea press release

New product release: MDX-D600


MDX housing for FX format DSLR camera, Nikon D600

MDX-D600 Housing (Dark blue) (Housing only)
(Product No.06165)
* Ports and strobe connectors are optional (*1)
[Accessories] Housing body cap, camera quick shoe, light-shielding plate and two hex wrenches.
MDX-D600 housing will be available in the middle of January, 2013. . . . read more

Nauticam releases the NA-NEX5R underwater housing for Sony NEX-5R mirrorless camera.

Coosing your camera carefully is even more important when you do so for underwater photography, as this kind of houses and their accesories can cost as much (or more, in some cases) as the camera itself. 

Nauticam Press Release

Nauticam is extremely pleased to present the newest addition to Nauticam’s extensive array of housings for the . . . read more

Backscatter's holiday shopping guide for 2012: Did you know there's a 'Lightroom 4 for underwater photographers' book out there?

"Lightroom 4 for the Underwater Photographer features over 10 hours of in-depth video tutorials, covering Lightroom's entire workflow from downloading images, to editing and showcasing them. Geared specifically toward the underwater photographer, the movies offer a complete workflow solution to help you efficiently manage your ever-growing photo library and handle your post production work too. This year's tutorials will be delivered on a USB thumb drive, so you can resuse it as storage media." . . . read more

Nikon D800 sleeps with the fishes, an underwater review by Berkley White and Sterling Zumbrunn: The D800's big sensor can be as beautiful and dangerous as a white shark.

"On the stills side, it was more complicated than I first expected. The advantages of the added resolution were obvious when shooting macro. It was possible to shoot tiny subjects from farther away, crop the resulting frame, and still end up with at least a 10 megapixel file. The images have far more depth of field then would be possible if shooting them at close range. On wide angle, it was a different story. Only the best optics, the best dome port, and perfect technique will suffice. . . . read more

The Japanese Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon. Intro to scuba photography at Insight blog.

"One does not have to travel far to dive wrecks. The waters surrounding New York and New Jersey contain so many shipwrecks, that divers call this area Wreck Valley. Traveling to locations where historic battles took place is an adventure. The island of Chuuk is one of these locations. The island used to be known as Truk, and the surrounding body of water is still known as Truk Lagoon. The island is part of the Federated States of . . . read more

Nauticam NA-V1 Housing for Nikon V1

The NA-VI will be available from 31 January at a retail price of $1650/1400 euros

Nauticam Press Release.
Innovation Underwater.

Nikon P7100/Fantasea FP7100 Underwater set

  Fantasea Press Release   Fantasea & Nikon present the ultimate UW compact camera set 

Nauticam NA-D7000V underwater housing for Nikon D7000

Better than the Nikonos used to be?

Nauticam press release . . . read more

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