Capture One is professional RAW converter and image editing software developed by Phase One. It is designed for professional photographers who need to process large volumes of high quality images in a fast and efficient workflow. Capture One makes it possible to perform adjustments on a vast number of native camera RAW file formats as well as TIFF and JPEG image files.

Phase One announces Capture One Express 7

Capture One Express 7 may have the same raw processing engine as its much more expensive Capture One 7 Pro sibling, but is seriously crippled otherwise. Here's a partial list of some important things missing: Tethering, Sessions, Focus mask/tool, Local adjustments, Skin tone enhancer, Spot removal, ICC profiles/soft proofing, Multi-monitor support and Customization. While I it is understandable that not all photographers would want to use all of these features, its hard to see how someone could seriously do some Raw workflow on Capture one with all of the above features missing. Price: $ 99/€ 69

Phase One press release: 

COPENHAGEN, February, 25 2013 — Phase One, the world’s leader in open-platform, high-end camera systems and solutions, today released Capture One . . . read more

DPreview's Chaps and Lads turn into Homies and Dudes: Raw Converter Showdown time Capture One Pro 7.02 VS. DxO Optics Pro 8 VS. Lightroom 4.3

Yo Phil, that place ain't what it used to be, eh? The move from London to the Wild West may have dented the lingual footprint of the site, but cultural fusion can have some wonderful effects too: Here comes a comparison SHOWDOWN of epic proportions, showing off some nice reviewing skills by Amadou Diallo. I would really have liked to see what Bibble-in its new 'Aftershot' persona, is up to nowadays, but this review is very large as it is, spanning 6 pages that share tons of information between them. Some snippets:

"For my money, Capture One Pro 7 produces more realistic skin tones for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Nikon D600 shots seen above. DxO Optics Pro 8 delivers more faithful results in the Olympus EPL-3 and Sony SLT-A57 images. I'd rank Lightroom 4 the most accurate in the Canon EOS T4i portrait. This is an admittedly subjective ranking, and the differences are fairly subtle.

Phase One Capture One 7 Pro review by Gary Wolstenholme at EPZ: Phase One Capture One 7 Pro brings greater control, better noise reduction, and produces sharper details.

"Capture One Pro 7 is a big step forward in image quality over previous versions and those who are hanging onto Pro copies of older Phase One software will find the very reasonable upgrade price of around £60 a no-brainer. This new version brings greater control, better noise reduction, and produces sharper details.

 Those interested in an alternative to Adobe's popular Lightroom software, may balk at the price of the full, non-upgrade version of Capture One 7 Pro, being around twice as expensive. Before doing so, they may wish to have

. . . read more

Phase One Capture One version 7.02 now available for download, adds support for Fuji X-Trans sensor cameras, and more.

Capture One 7.02 release notes:

Improves Stability, Adds Support for New Cameras

COPENHAGEN, January 14, 2013 — Phase One has released Capture One Pro 7.0.2 for immediate download. This service release has focused on solving bugs reported by customers, strengthening overall stability, and adding support for new models of Canon, Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony cameras, and includes new tethered support for Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS M cameras. . . . read more

Fujistas, Rejoice! Capture one 7.02 final version to be released today.

Set Yourselves free from Silkypix Crappy interface, and Lightroom's crappy rendering of Fujifilm RAF files, Patrick from Fuji Rumors (and others) reports: "Here is the email I received yesterday from Lionel of the Capture 1 team: Let’s see what the final version of C1 can get out of the X-Trans RAF files.

“Dear Beta Customer.
The beta of Capture One 7.0.2 has now ended. The terms of the beta will terminate on Monday Jan 14, 2013, at 14.00 CET, where Capture One 7.0.2 will be officially released. Thank you all very much for the participation in making Capture
. . . read more

Latest Capture one beta vs Lightroom on Fuji X-Trans raw conversion: Two steps forward and one step back.

A user at the Serious Compacts forum has posted raw conversion samples from the latest Capture one beta that is supposed to relieve Fujifilm owners of X-Trans cameras from SilkyPix hell. The results are encouraging, but not in all cases:

"This evening I installed Phase One Capture One 7.0.2 beta and ran some test with Fuji X-Trans RAW files in comparison with Adobe's Lightroom 4.2. The test was simple, I grabbed an existing RAF file, imported and exported it in LR4.2 and . . . read more

Phase One announces Capture One Pro v7, promises a dramatic boost in image quality.

Phase One Press Release

Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 7

New Processing Engine Drives an Image Quality Revolution . . . read more

PhaseOne releases Capture One 6.3.4 update, fixes bugs and adds support for more cameras.

This is a service release improving quality.


• Improved stability when using OpenCL in combination with certain graphics cards. . . . read more

Mamiya & Leaf becomes (Phase)one

MamiyaLeaf Press Release:

New “Mamiya Leaf” Brand Delivers Strong Worldwide Synergy . . . read more

Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.2


Phase One Press Release
World’s best digital visual assets manager just got better

Six of the best portrait lenses @ BJP

"Professionals don’t like to capture images with all effects in place today. They cannot be removed. In the past there was no choice; diffusing a portrait in the darkroom produced a dark veil – not a light glow and soft focus had to be done at the taking stage. That is no longer so, and a good sharp raw file can be processed as desired without losing the original. . . . read more

Phase One IQ180/645DF extreme pixel peeping @

Feeel like drooling over gigantic images while wasting huge amounts of  bandwidth? Well, la-di-da:   "The IQ180 only records RAW files in the IIQ format, and the original file measured 92.4MB with the full 7760x10328

Phase One and Mamiya forms strategic alliance...

In order to develop a new "open"  medium format standard.  Admittedly this is the strongest pair of the 3 (the other two being Hassleblad/Imacom and Sinar/Leaf), combining Phase One's immense digital experience with the huge base of Mamiya system users.  I wonder if the fine management at Hasselblad/Imacom did anticipate such a move when they desided to close their system to outside digital back manufacturers. Press-release Alliance aimed at improving quality and range of product choices for professional photographers TOKYO, Japan and COPENHAGEN, Denmark —13 Nov., 2007 — Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. and Phase One A/S today announced a strategic alliance to develop innovative, open platform-based medium format digital camera systems and solutions for professional photographers. 
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