This product allows users to carry out digital asset management and photography workflow tasks, from import to final presentation. ACDSee Pro 6 comes with a powerful RAW processing engine, improved color management, and non-destructive processing tools - all running in a native 64-bit application

ACD Systems releases ACDSee 15.2 and Pro 6.2, adds support for 19 new Raw capable cameras, fixes some bugs.

ACD Systems Press release

Seattle, WA – March 7, 2013 – ACD Systems International Inc. today announced the availability of ACDSee Pro 6.2 and ACDSee 15.2. Both products incorporate the company’s patented technology and user-focused design which have made ACD Systems the photo editing and management products of choice for over 50 million users worldwide. This update includes Performance improvements to Hierarchical Keywords and support for RAW file formats of the following camera models: . . . read more

ACDSee Pro 6.1 adds support for 16 new cameras, a lot of fixes, and some new features.

The following cameras are now fully supported:
Panasonic DMC-G5 - Panasonic DMC-LX7 - Panasonic DMC-GF5 - Panasonic DMC-FZ20 -
Sony Alpha SLT-A37 - Sony Alpha NEX-F3 - Sony DSC-RX100 - Samsung NX1000
Nikon 1 J2 - Nikon D3200 - Nikon P7700 - Canon EOS-1D X - Canon EOS 650D/Rebel T4i/Kiss X6i
Pentax K-30 - Leica X2 - Leica M Monochrom

Brought back the option to delete images from source device during import

. . . read more

Deal Alert! Acdsee 5 pro for only $99

Or, $69.99 for owners of an existing ACD Systems product. (check your mailbox for that) . . . read more

acdsee Pro 5 review @ PcPro

"Converting our image library from version 4 to 5 wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped. A wizard handled the process automatically, but the message “This may take a few minutes” was an understatement. Five hours of inactivity later, we gave up and forced the application to quit. After . . . read more

ACDSee Pro 5 Review @ PhotographyBlog

"In a similar way to Lightroom, ACDSee Pro 5 is laid out in different sections: 5 to be precise. The layout of all sections is simplistic with no large flashy icons. Instead, ACDSee have opted for text and plenty of it. In the Manage section, which is the first one that opens up, to the left is the navigation system and although it's reminiscent of opening My Computer on Windows, there's a nice white band striking through the selected folder. To the right are a number of organisational options such as number ratings for importance, coloured labels as well as metadata."

Acdsee Pro 3 now compatible with windows 7, incompatible with Canon 7D

Apparently Acdsee doesn't think that pro photographers use the 7D, or they're unaware of its existence. It won't be the first time either...    ACDSee Pro 3 Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 Pro photographers and advanced amateurs can be assured that the new ACDSee Pro 3 workflow management program from ACD Systems is 

Acdsee pro beta 3 free download

From the looks of it (and after a lot of playing around) the latest incarnation of Acdsee Pro deserves a try. It's stable, almost fully featured and pretty fast. And hey, it's long as it is in the beta stage: Acd Systems press-release: "ACDSee Pro 3 Fulfills Photographers’ Need for Speed, Flexibility and Value

Acdsee pro 2.5 released

2.5Finally at long last, after more than 10 years of developing imaging applications, ACD Systems manages to incorporate UNICODE into one of its programs.  The added unicode (hooray!) support is one of the many improvements added, making version 2.5  the first one of ACDSee pro of any actual use to pro photographers. But still, no raw rotating...

Acdsee photo manager v.10

 ACD Systems has updated their popular photo manager to version number ten.  Among the new features: Direct file uploading to picture-hosting sites (only flickr and smugsmug supported at the moment),  powerpoint output and multiple file editing. Priced at 50 US Dollars/Euros. Press Release: ACDSee 10 Photo Manager Leverages the Latest in Devices and Online Sharing Tools, Offers Advanced Viewing, Editing Options Photo Widget, upload tools for Flickr and SmugMug are among new features

Acdsee Pro 2.0 (still no RAW rotating)

This new version has been developed with input from more than 2.500 photographers, and apparently none of them pointed out the lack of a simple RAW file rotating tool.

Oh, and no EOS 40D support. (yet)


Acd systems press release:

Photographers Benefit from Next-Generation Workflow Management with ACDSee Pro 2

Powerful camera RAW processing, flexible cataloging and advanced editing features make new ACDSee Pro 2 the ultimate all-in-one photo management tool

VICTORIA, British Columbia—September 11, 2007—ACD Systems International Inc. has put a new level of control and convenience into photographers’ hands with the release of ACDSee Pro 2, featuring next-generation workflow management and RAW processing functionality tested by thousands of professional photographers. . . . read more

Iview MediaPro to become Expression

Microsoft Expression Media: The next generation of iView MediaPro
iView MediaPro will become Microsoft Expression Media.
Expression Media will be cross-platform: For Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X.
Expression Media will be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2007, either individually or included as part of the Expression Studio. . . . read more

Pentax K10D DSLR unveiled.

Destined to be labelled as a "milestone camera" by future camerologists, the K10D is more revolutionary than every digital rebel has ever been.

Panasonic DMC-L1 specs, the full story

Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1The new addition to the Four Thirds format Panasonic’s new dSLR  Lumix DMC-L1 equipped with the new Leica  Lens  and many other special features is one step closer to  realization. In brief: A completely new image sensor that offers the benefits of both a CCD and a CMOS sensor. Called the Live MOS sensor, this breakthrough device maximizes the remarkable image rendering performance of the Leica D lens to reproduce images of stunning beauty. Venus Engine III – an imaging engine that offers the significantly higher image processing capabilities The ability to shoot while viewing the LCD monitor is an advantage offered only by digital cameras. By combining the Live MOS sensor's full-time image output with a mirror-raising mechanism, the L1 provides a preview function that displays the exact same image signal on the LCD monitor that the sensor receives through the lens. Accurate phase difference detection system allows auto focusing, even in Live View. Dust reduction system  a special filter called Supersonic Wave Filter is positioned in front of the imaging sensor, between the low-pass filter and shutter. The complete specs are finally released and you can study them here at out Total ID page.  
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