FujiFilm FUJINON XF 14mm f/2.8 R Advanced optical design has been used to overcome the distortion-prone tendency of ultra wide-angle lenses to control distortion without digital correction


Description by Fujifilm:

Advanced optical design has been used to overcome the distortion-prone tendency of ultra wide-angle lenses to control distortion without digital correction. This contributes to achieving high resolution to all corners of this ultra wide-angle lens.

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 14mm review by Klaus Schroiff at Photozone

The XF 14mm is the most expensive fujinon lens, and fortunately, it shows:

"The Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 R is a highly attractive ultra-wide lens with few shortcomings. The most important factor for an ultra-wide lens is certainly image sharpness and the Fujinon delivers here. It is bitingly sharp in the image center and good to very good in the outer image region. The very low CAs contribute to the high quality perception. Distortions are basically absent - even in RAW data - which is surprising for such a wide lens and even more so for a mirrorless one. . . . read more

Fujifilm XF 14mm f2.8 R Lens Review by Mark Goldstein at Photography Blog

"The Fujifilm XF 14mm F2.8 R's auto-focus system is its minor weak-point, with a slight delay before locking focus and a rather loud mechanism. On the plus side it offers a generously wide focusing ring, a very welcome aperture ring which makes it quick, easy and precise to set this key element of exposure, and an innovative focus collar for quickly switching between auto an manual focus, the latter coming complete with a focusing distance scale with depth-of-field markings that makes it easier to zone-focus. The lens mount is made of metal and, thanks to an internal focusing (IF) system, the front element and filter thread do not rotate on focus, which is very good news for those using polarisers and ND grads on a regular basis. . . . read more

FUJINON XF14mm f/2.8 R opinions, hand-on, user reviews, and 'oohs and aahs' roundup.

The X-Transians have gotten their first wide angle prime, and the reports keep pouring in. Here are 6 of the most memorable-almost religious experiences, to be found around the Interwebs: 

First, we've got Ray from FujiXspot, who takes the 14mm Fujinon for a full workout on the streets of Philadelphia, and ends up with some decision dilemmas:
"So, there's no doubt in my mind that the 14mm is an excellent lens in any respect that matters. My only hesitance is still based on a combination of price and wondering if I'll use it enough to justify it. The other lenses I have similar costs into are the Olympus 12 and 75. The 12 is probably my most-used lens, so no question there." . . . read more

Fujifilm finally posts firmware updates for the X-E1, X-Pro1 cameras and the XF 35mm lens, hiccups reported by users.

Some quick notes on user reactions: Apparently the XF 35mm firmware upgrade makes the lens noisier in operation, at least that's what many people report.
The X-E1 update does not result in as dramatic AF speed improvements as the earlier X-Pro1 update did. The camera DOES focus more accurately now, especially with the 18-55mm kit lens, but many users claim it does so at the expense of speed. And finally, one big issue Fujifilm did not resolve is the much wanted minimum shutter speed at auto Iso setting. Finally, Rico Pfirstinger has posted some nice tips about firmware upgrading on Fujifilm bodies: . . . read more

Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS vs FUJINON XF14mm f/2.8 R vs Panasonic G Vario 7-14mm f/4.0 ASPH vs Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 lens sharpness comparison at DSLR Check.

That's a whole train of wide angle mirrorless system lenses, and it seems the caboose* has derailed somehow, pretty soft and fringy compared to the other 3, BUT it was used with a GH3, not the best of combinations. Kudos to Sony to make such a sharp wideangle (used with a NEX-5R) zoom lens, they had a slow start but seem to have begun catching up by now. As for the Fujinon xf 14mm (mounted on the X-E1), it performs as expected, very sharp with no visible Chromatic Aberrations. The PanaLeica 7-14mm falls a bit behind, but it is the oldest lens of the bunch, by a wide (heh) margin. Click on the image for the full thing. For those daring enough to delve through the Google translated text, here's a snip: . . . read more

Fujifilm Fujinon XF14mm f/2.8 R lens review by Roel Dixon-Mahatoo: I was surprised at how sharp it was wide open – now I have to go and clean the house after noticing the particles of dust in this image :)

Roël​ tested this lens on a X-Pro1 body, and Kudos to him for leaving the EXIF information intact. Too many reviewers remove the EXIF nowadays, why?

"One thing that I have come to appreciate over the past year is that Fujifilm knows how to design/build high quality lenses and their XF 14mm f/2.8 R is no exception. They also have listened to photographer’s feedback and incorporated better manual focus (plus other items such as focus/DOF lens markings) which made this lens really nice to use.  Combine that with its excellent optical quality and you have a winner – especially if you are in the market for a wide angle lens for your X-Pro1/X-E1. $US 899.99 might seem a bit steep to some buyers, but I believe it is fairly . . . read more

Fujifilm posts full sized image samples from the Fujinon 14mm f/2.8 lens.

Fujifilm is not a manufacturer ashamed of its cameras high ISO capabilities, and it shows in this gallery, with pictures shot from ISO 200 up to ISO 3200. More statistics: Aperture range used is f/2.8 to f/5.6, all shots made in some film simulation mode, with both X-E1 and X-Pro1 being used. . . . read more

Fujifilm announces two new X mount lenses.

The Fujinon XF 14mm F2.8 R and 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS are the latest additions to the X mount lens range, bringing the total lens count to 5. We'll expect these lenses to show the usual treats of Fujinon lenses, like excellent optics and robust build quality

Fuji Press Release

Expanding the FUJINON XF Lens line up for FUJIFILM’s X series interchangeable cameras

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) is pleased to announce the launch of two new models to the FUJINON XF Lens range bringing the total number of lenses available to five, offering much broader photographic appeal. . . . read more

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