Samsung NX300 hands-on review by Richard Sibley at Amateur Photographer: "Looks like a step in the right direction"

"Although at first glance there is very little to distinguish the NX300 from other cameras in the NX range, it does promise to address some of the problems that enthusiast photographers have raised with the performance of the cameras. The AF speed and operation seem faster, which is a big advantage, and I hope the improved image quality and faster Wi-Fi connectivity are as good as Samsung has stated. . . . read more

In case you missed something: CES 2013 Digital Cameras roundup at Engadget. (PS @ Engadget: what about Sigma?)

"Samsung also had a mirrorless camera to share, and even though we could have squeezed it into the paragraph up above with Polaroid, the NX300 deserves to stand on its own. The company's latest model packs an APS-C sensor that can snap 20.3-megapixel stills, along with a typical 100-25,600 ISO range and a 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen. It also shoots 3D stills when paired with the $500 3D-capable lens. The camera itself (with a 20-50mm kit lens) will set you back a cool $750, so it's clearly a class above the Polaroid -- it's also one of the priciest cameras to debut at CES, which only serves to further validate our claim that this show is targeted at consumers. . . . read more

Best of Show: Top 5 Digital Cameras from CES 2013 by Laura Hicks at Digital Camera Review

"#1 Fuji X100S One word - Luxury. This camera is a beautiful. With a retro camera body that looks almost identical to the X100, the X100S is the epitome of a luxury camera. An advanced 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor and improved EXR Processor II make this camera the fastest autofocus in its class. The X100S has a fixed 23mm f2 lens. But this beauty comes at a price. The camera is expected to be released in the spring of 2013 and available for around $1300. I bet your first reaction was, "Wow, that's a lot of money for a fixed lens compact camera." And I will admit . . . read more

Samsung NX300 preview at Digital Camera Info: Samsung's NX line had 2 weak points, the company seems to have mended the problem with the release of the NX300.

"Despite a rocky start, Samsung’s NX line has settled into a comfortable pattern. Both the NX300’s hardware design and software interface make it easy to just pick up the camera and start shooting, and the metal top plate is a nice premium touch. Otherwise, the shape and feel don’t depart from what we saw in the last NX generation.

The NX300 is the midrange model for Samsung’s line, replacing 2012’s NX210. As such, it lacks some extra . . . read more

Samsung NX300 previews, hands-on, and usefull coverage roundup, early edition: So far everybody is impressed by the cam's specs and looks, and some are dumbfounded by Samsung's apparent faith in 3D imaging technology.

Dan Havlik at Imaging Resource has written a good piece on the NX300, notices among other things the welcome increase in response time over previous NX cameras, seems like Samsung has finally mended it's Achilles heel: "in terms of operational speed, the pre-production Samsung NX300 seemed fast and responsive. We've had issues with overall sluggishness in Samsung's previous NX-series CSCs, and while it's too early to tell whether it's improved, we're optimistic based on our hands-on time with it." . . . read more

Samsung NX300 Front View

Description from the official press release by Samsung:

Samsung tries to keep the 3D dream alive, releases the NX300 (that will come bundled with Adobe's Lightroom) and a 2D/3D hybrid 45mm f/1.8 lens.

Well, maybe 3D photography is still a hot topic in Korea. headline features of the NX300 include new 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, and a hybrid (contrast and phase-detection) autofocus system, bringing it up to speed with the likes of Sony, Canon and Nikon. Otherwise the camera ups almost every feature of the NX200 a notch. NX300 MSRP: $749.99.  45mm lens: $499 for the 3D version, and $399 for the 2D. Availability: March 2013 . . . read more

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