Pentax MX-1 review by Mark Goldstein at the Photography Blog: "If you're looking for a good-looking, well-built, advanced compact camera, and you can afford to take a more leisurely view of the world, then the Pentax MX-1 is well worth considering."

The first buyers of the MX-1 have noticed the painfully slow RAW file processing times, and Mark Goldstein verifies this. I'm completely flabbergasted as to why Pentax couldn't address this issue before releasing the camera, did all of their testers only shoot in Jpeg modes? Its a big shame, because this brass laden gem seems to otherwise be a very capable and feature-rich compact shooter:

"Quite apart from its obvious retro appeal, the MX-1 ticks a lot of the boxes that any experienced photographer is looking for in a serious compact - a “sensible” 12 megapixel count, a very fast lens, raw file support, a reliable 25 multi-point AF system, and a high-resolution, tilting LCD screen. It's a shame then that the excruciatingly slow Raw processing times would ultimately force us to shoot in JPEG format, especially since you can also edit the Raw files in-camera.

. . . read more

Pentax MX-1 hands-on field test by Chris Niccolls at the Camera Store TV

The Pentax retro styled, brass laden MX-1 prosumer camera is poised to take on such household names as the Canon G15 and the upcoming Fujifilm X20. Is it up to the task? Oh yes, Chris seems mightily impressed by the MX-1's optical performance and unusual array of features: 

"We weren’t planning on doing a video on the MX-1, the specs looked good but it didn’t stand out to us as a hugely exciting camera.  Then we had a chance to play with the camera for a bit, and both Chris and I were impressed with the quality of the camera in every respect.  Also, after a number of weird design missteps, the MX-1’s retro design does exactly what we’ve been hoping Pentax would embrace.  It brings back fond memories of great classic Pentax . . . read more

Pentax announces the brass-clad MX-1 prosumer camera a "classic design reminiscent of film cameras"

Denver, CO (January 7, 2013) — PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION (PENTAX) has introduced the MX-1, an advanced digital compact camera whose craft design and vintage lines appeal to a wide variety of photo enthusiasts. It’s fast F1.8-2.5 lens produces sharp and crisp imagery in a variety of settings and the camera’s 1/1.7 inch, 12.0 effective megapixel backlit CMOS sensor renders impressive low-light performance. . . . read more

Pentax MX-1 Front View

Description by Pentax:

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