A new and exclusively designed wide-angle 18.5mm*1, f/2.8 fixed focal length NIKKOR lens. The rendering capabilities comparable to those of a digital SLR camera in a compact body. The first COOLPIX compact digital camera to be equipped with a DX-format CMOS sensor.

Nikon Coolpix A review at DPreview "while solid in most respects, it's not class-leading in any respect."

"The Coolpix A is a very good camera that, if it stood in isolation, would represent an interesting addition to the camera market. Of course the reality is that it doesn't exist in a vacuum and, while many photographers will be very happy with it, a considerable portion of its thunder is stolen by the Ricoh GR - a camera that achieves the unusual trick of being a touch better in almost every respect while also being significantly cheaper.

We're also not totally convinced about the price/size/performance balance that either of these cameras strikes, given their only moderately-bright F2.8 lenses. In the course of the review process we have increasingly appreciated their pocketability, though."

Nikon Coolpix A gets its DxO Mark "offers similar or better image quality to many entry-level or mid range DSLRs"

"Launched in March 2013 the $1097 Coolpix A is Nikon’s first compact camera with an APC-S sensor and features the same 16.2-megapixel DX sensor from Nikon’s D7000 DSLR but with its optical low-pass filter removed. Utilizing a fixed NIKKOR 18.5mm f/2.8 prime lens (equivalent to 28mm in 35mm terms) the Nikon Coolpix A has the right ingredients for great image quality so let’s see how it performs.       

Not wanting to undermine their DSLR sales Nikon have used a smaller 1-inch sensor in their 1 Series of Hybrid cameras but it seems with the Nikon Coolpix Athey’re looking to gain market share in the high-end compact market, too. With less versatile fixed lenses and high price tags it’s a niche segment of the overall camera market however and one that’s already brimming with options like the $1299 Fujifilm X100S,  $2798 Sony RX1 and $999 Sigma DP3."

Nikon unveils the Coolpix A, a DX sized fixed lens prosumer camera.

Nikon's much rumored DX entry in the prosumer segment is finally here, and if you ask me, its quite underwhelming. For $1100/£1000/€1200 a prospective buyer gets a metal prosumer body camera with a fixed yawny 28mm f2.8 lens, the same sensor that was used in the D7000, but sans the antialiasing filter, and that's pretty much it. Notably missing from this 1000+ camera are features like GPS, WiFi, and an articulated screen. Furthermore, Nikon does 'a Sony' here and prices the optical viewfinder at almost $500. I Can't see this camera selling in serious numbers at anywhere near its initial price, maybe Nikon chose to put the Coolpix A at this price to make its entry level Dslr cameras look cheap by comparison.  . . . read more

Nikon COOLPIX A Front View

Description by Nikon:

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