The Panasonic Fz200 superzoom gets its DXO Mark badge: "It boasts a top specification but if image quality is more important the Canon SX50 HS or Nikon P7700 both rank higher in the DxOMark Sensor Scores and cost less on the high street too."

Panasonic is 'doing a Canon' here, and manages to spew out a flagship that ranks a bit lower than its predecessor, the FZ150. How on earth did they accomplish that? The sensor size is unchanged, and according to their marketing blurb the new one is better than the old, in every possible way:

"With an Overall DxOMark Sensor Score of 37 for the Lumix DMC-FZ200, compared to 40 for its predecessor the FZ150, this latest Panasonic Bridge camera maintains the good image quality of the DMC-FZ line. Despite the slightly lower score than its predecessor a difference of only 3 points equates to less than -1/3 of a Stop overall and in real world terms there’s no difference. The FZ200 also boasts some impressive specifications, the most notable of which is the fixed f/2.8 maximum aperture. If you’re after a compact style camera for sports and wildlife photography this is significant as it enables you to use lower ISO settings for better quality images when fully zoomed in. . . . read more

Canon Powershot SX50 HS Review by Jeff Keller at Digital Photography Review: If you're looking for a camera that can really cover some distance, then you should certainly be looking at the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS HS.

This review has all the hallmarks of a DC Resource Page review: There's Mickey, the night shot of the Frisco San Francisco Skyline, Melinda's Amarillo hot stuff, and Jeff's red eyes, its all there, wrapped in the hi-tech environment of DPReview:

"For photographers who just can't get enough telephoto power, there's the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS HS. This camera packs a whopping 50X, 24 - 1200mm lens, which is more than you'll find on any other super zoom on the market (at least for now). While having all that telephoto power sounds appealing, keep in mind that you'll need to either use a . . . read more

Canon SX50 vs Panasonic Fz200: Battle of the bridge-cameras by Franck Mée at Digital Versus.

"Photography is all about light. And when it comes to lens speed, the Panasonic Lumix FZ200 clearly leads the SX50. With its constant aperture, Panasonic's "faster" lens lets in more light, which in turn makes for a better autofocus and allows the camera to stay at reasonable shutter speeds and low ISO settings in all conditions. On the whole, it's a more reliable camera for shooting far-off subjects. On top of that, build quality is a cut above. There's no doubt about which model we'd choose. Even though it doesn't zoom as much, we think the FZ200 is worth that extra £100." . . . read more

Canon SX50 HS review at Camera Labs: The '50' part of the name stands for the zoom ratio, and that's a huge number. Everything else is nitpicking when you consider this kind of camera.

"With the PowerShot SX50 HS Canon clearly had one aim in sight - to outdo every other super-zoom manufacturer in the market with a longer zoom range. It has succeeded and then some. To put it in context the SX50 HS's 24-1200mm equivalent range gives it more scope in terms of available focal lengths than most DSLR owners have in their bulky and heavy camera bags. There's virtually no situation it doesn't equip you for.

The addition of RAW shooting is a smart, if belated move, Canon having finally woken up to the fact that its absence . . . read more

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS review at NeoCamera: A bridge camera is mostly about the zoom, and this is as zoomy as they get.

"As the flagship Canon ultra-zoom, the Canon Powershot SX50 HS sports the longest optical zoom ever built into a digital camera. With an equivalent focal-range of 24 to 1200mm, the SX50 HS is king of zooms. Even with this 50X zoom ratio, the SX50 HS is not the biggest ultra-zoom. To make this lens so compact, Canon had to limit the maximum aperture to F/3.4 at the wide-end and F/6.5 at the long-end. This makes a tripod more necessary than with any other ultra-zoom. Compare the SX50 with other flagship ultra-zooms here. . . . read more

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Front View

Description by Canoan:

A powerful 50x ultra zoom for extreme telephoto shots. Intelligent IS counteracts shake and Zoom Framing Assist helps keep subjects in the frame. A premium lens, manual modes and RAW give expert results.
50x ultra wide-angle zoom

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