Adobe postpones new CS6 upgrade policy, for now.

"So, all you folks with CS3 or CS4 can now rest easy if your plans have been to upgrade to CS6 all along, as this will give you the chance to do it with lower prices as you had been expecting. For those customers now on CS5 or CS5.5, it should cost . . . read more

Free presets for Lightroom 4 and more @

"Lightroom 3 brought us the ability to add video to the Lightroom catalog and a crude way to preview them. Previews where made though Quick time, by popping the video up as a separate video file. Thankfully all that has changed. Lightroom 4 provides the ability to preview video . . . read more

Lightroom 4 beta top 10 new features @ FGI

"Probably one of the most-requested Lightroom features is the ability to soft proof for screen and print output. The tool bar in Develop is your ticket to a check mark that will enable a proofing dialog beneath the histogram.  The ability to create a Virtual Proof Copy . . . read more

Adobe Carousel renamed to "Revel"

New Update: Adobe Carousel Now Named Adobe Revel!
January 10, 2012 9:01 PM By: Chris Quek | 20 Comments

A big thanks to all of our fans, followers and customers who have brought the number of Adobe . . . read more

A slew of updates by Breeze Systems

NKRemote v2.3.1, DSLR Remote Pro for Windows 2.3.1, PSRemote v2.2.1 and Webcam Photobooth v1.3.1 released These releases include the following enhancements to photobooth mode:

Lightroom 4 Public Beta: What's New @ DpReview

"The Lightroom 4 beta introduces quite a list of features, including a completely new book-creation module, expanded support for video, soft proofing capability, and geo-tagging of still and video images via a Google Maps-powered module. Image editing tools have also been significantly updated, with a new . . . read more

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 beta initial preview @ DPNow

"Adobe has released the first public beta of the fourth generation of Lightroom. We don't know when Lightroom 4 will be on sale yet and going by previous public betas it could be some months away yet. There are no restrictions on the beta release and you don't need to already own Lightroom to download . . . read more

What's new in Lightroom 4 @ LL

"But, what's a public beta, you ask? It's very clever actually. What it means is that anyone can download LR4 for the next while (maybe a couple of months). No cost, no need to have owned a previous version of Lightroom. Then, when the commercial version of LR4 ships your public beta version will cease to . . . read more

Adobe releases Lightroom 4 beta

Another year, another LR beta.  Some hots & nots: Lots of video functionality added, like cropping and effects, geo-tagging and soft-proofing, but face detection didn't make it. And its still bad at making cofeee:

"New tools to enhance and share your digital photograph library . . . read more

Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.2


Phase One Press Release
World’s best digital visual assets manager just got better

Bibble 5 is now Corel Aftershot pro

What's an "aftershot", a coctail gone bad?  I wonder how Bibble (the cat) feels about this.

"Corel® AfterShot™ Pro is a fast, flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive adjustments and complete RAW processing. Organize your photos in catalogs or folders. Find images quickly with extensive Metadata tools that let you . . . read more

Bibble Labs sold to Corel!

And not just recently. It was a hush-hush operation, announced only in a forum post by Bibble Labs founder:

"As you have seen in these forums, things have been a little quieter around here over the last several months. We’ve just posted the final version of Bibble 5.2.3 – including support for 15 additional camera models and many additional improvements and bugs fixes. But that’s not the big news… . . . read more

ThumbsPlus Digicam Raw Plug-in version 4.6 released

Supported version of ThumbsPlus . . . read more

Nik Snapseed -Image Editing for iOS review @ IR

"As editing software, it enjoys a remarkably simple framework. The company can add features just by releasing a new plug-in, which shows up as filters on the left side of the screen. . . . read more

2011 Post Processing Software of the Year @ Photofocus

"One of the best things about all Topaz products is that you can download them and try them for free. Topaz offers 30-day, unlimited trial keys. The company regularly updates its software and offers free training. This stuff works and in my opinion, since it’s so easy and affordable, and can be easily purchased in individual or bundle form, Topaz has earned the post-processing software of the year award."

My Lightroom Workflow @ Beyond Megapixels

"- This first pass is very simple – I decide whether it’s a “keeper” or not. If I know I absolutely do not want to keep the photo or bother editing it, I click on the “reject” flag while the photo is highlighted (as in the screen shot – I rejected the photo on the right, and you can see the reject flag in the top left corner of that photo). . . . read more

Adobe Photoshop Touch For Android review @ DPreview

"Unsurprisingly, Photoshop Touch doesn't offer the same level of flexibility as the full desktop version, but its feature set is impressively 'deep' nonetheless, and includes support for layers, a decent array of familiar Photoshop selection tools, effects and filters. Also available is a range of image acquisition options including synching to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Facebook and Google Images. . . . read more

Best iPhone Apps of 2011 @ NYTimes

"PHOTOSYNTH This extremely cool panorama technology from Microsoft is highly refined and a breeze to use. Stand in place and point the phone’s camera straight ahead, and Photosynth (free) snaps a picture. It then prompts you to drift in different directions and to stop when it . . . read more

Manifesto Wants Metadata to be Permanent, Unremovable @ PopPhoto

Wow, just wow. FTA: "As photographers, metadata like EXIF is invaluable. It provides insight into how a shot was taken, it allows you to add copyright information without an unsightly watermark, and it can even be used to recover stolen cameras. Now a consortium is pushing to have that embedded data made permanent, with a document called "the Embedded . . . read more

Dotti, a new photo app, emulates single-use camera @ PMA

Dotti is balancing a fine line between neat, stupid and practical, depending on your viewpoint.

"The free app lets users take and keep 12 pictures — unlike a film camera, unwanted pictures can be deleted — and then the roll is “developed” by sending to the pictures to Sincerely, who prints and mails them for $4.99 (in the United States) and $5.99 outside the United States). The company . . . read more

Serif PhotoPlus X5 Review @PhotographyBlog

"The layout is similar to other tagging/editing systems so there's nothing new but compared to the filter gallery, it works like lightning. Adjustments can be made using typical features such as curves and sharpening (which is very accurate and sympathetic to the shot) as well as a few more creative features such as lens vignetting and chromatic aberration adjustment. It's a great window and we wager that when using this system, you'll do 90% of your work in there." . . . read more

Sigma announces SIGMA Capture Pro 1.0

Sigma Press Release:

"SIGMA Capture Pro 1.0

Camera control software dedicated for the Sigma SD1 . . . read more

ACDSee Pro 5 Review @ PhotographyBlog

"In a similar way to Lightroom, ACDSee Pro 5 is laid out in different sections: 5 to be precise. The layout of all sections is simplistic with no large flashy icons. Instead, ACDSee have opted for text and plenty of it. In the Manage section, which is the first one that opens up, to the left is the navigation system and although it's reminiscent of opening My Computer on Windows, there's a nice white band striking through the selected folder. To the right are a number of organisational options such as number ratings for importance, coloured labels as well as metadata."

DxO Optics Pro v7.1 update availabe

"The new version features enhanced stability and even faster processing speed.

 Special 33% discount good through December 24, 2011.
 More than 150 DxO Optics Modules have been added in DxO Optics Pro, allowing surpassing the landmark milestone of 5,000 DxO Optics Modules.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 3 beta open for participation.

Cyberlink PR:


Multimedia Leader Offers Consumers an Exclusive Preview of the New Dimension in Photography Workflow Software
 Taipei, Taiwan—December 15, 2011—CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) today unveiled a new public beta program of its industry-leading photo workflow software, PhotoDirector 3. PhotoDirector 3 Beta can be downloaded for free and includes a wide array of new and improved featu

Oloneo Releases Oloneo HDRengine v1.0

I guess owners of current Sony cameras might not need this :)

OLONEO Press Release

Oloneo® Makes HDR Photography Accessible to All

With the Launch of Oloneo HDRengine™ . . . read more

Leica launches magazine ipad app

"S-Magazine is a new platform for professional photographers to freely publish their latest pictures. In the first issue, renowned fashion photographers Joachim Baldauf, Straulino, and Manuel Pandalis present powerful images, unusual facets and surprising perspectives: the camera system they used was the Leica S. . . . read more

Scott Kelby picks his favorite ipad/iphone apps for 2011

Article includes extra free tip :)
"By the way: you can send an iPad or iPhone App to someone as a holiday gift: just tap the “Gift this App” link in the top right corner of the App Store screen. You just type in their email address and then Apple does the rest (including . . . read more

Alien Skin Photo Bundle Price Drop

"We want more people to get the benefits of all of our photography tools. So, we have permanently decreased the price of the Photo Bundle to $495. That is less than half the cost of buying each product separately.

You can get the Photo Bundle for the upgrade price of just $295 if you . . . read more

Best iPhone photography apps @ Pocket-lint

Although it missed Instagram and a few others, it remanis a good list:

"Cast your mind back to the first camera phone you had - rubbish, wasn't it? Thankfully technology has moved on since then, and the cameras on our phones are actually decent enough to take usable snaps with. And with the increasing number of people now uploading photos directly from their phone to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, this . . . read more

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