Nikon Capture updated to ver.2.3.1, adds suport for D4 files, and more.

"Support for RAW images captured with the D4 has been added.

Extra High 1 (Extra High) and Extra High 2 items have been added to the Active D-Lighting pulldown menu under Camera Settings in the Develop section of the Edit List.  

Canon releases firmware upgrade ver. 1.01 for Powershot S100

Only one minor fix:

Resolved the phenomenon where the AE flickers when shooting movies of a subject with brightness level that sets the ISO speed to between ISO200 and ISO400.

Nikon ViewNX 2.3.0 released, supports D800 and D800E raw files.


Modifications made in this version
Support for the D800 and D800E has been added.

Cnet: Outgrowing Instagram? Alien Skin releases Exposure 4.

"Version 4 of the $249 software brings new abilities in reproducing defects such as light leaks or dust and scratches that film-era photographers usually strove so hard to avoid. And it's got hundreds of new presets for styles such cyanotypes and wet-plate photography. . . . read more

How to Reduce Moiré in Lightroom 4 by Nasim Mansurov.

The weaker antialiasing filters become on cameras (and it IS a trend) the more important moiré handling in software is:


"As you may have noticed, I used the word “reduce” instead of “remove” in the header of this article. That’s because the moiré pattern often cannot be completely eliminated with a non-destructive editing application like Lightroom (except for mild cases of moiré), especially when moire . . . read more

Nikon issues new firmware for J1 and V1, updates Camera Control Pro

Modifications enabled in this version A 1.11, B 1.10 (Nikon J1)

- An issue that sometimes caused images captured using the built-in flash to be over-exposed has been resolved

Instagram 2.1 updates UI, adds new filter, and more.

What's New in Version 2.1 

- Lux: a new way to enhance your photos

Fujifilm releases new firmware for X10 (ver. 1.03) and Finepix X100.

The one for the X10 is quite extensive: The firmware update for X10, Ver.1.03 incorporates the following issues:

1. New function for "RAW" button can be applied by customer's preference

Magix Camera MX app for Android released

MacPhun FX Photo Studio Review @ Bright Hand

No, its not a new MC Donald's happy meal line, but an app that helps you share, add effects, and do some basic editing on your precious pics.


Breeze systems updates NKRemote, DSLR Remote Pro, PSRemote, and Webcam Photobooth.

New versions: NKRemote v2.3.2, DSLR Remote Pro for Windows 2.3.2

The Pros and Cons of Watermarks @ Insight Blog

I believe the question 'to watermark or not to watermark' has been around since the middle ages. Surely, there's something rotten in the state of Interwebs, when in this brave new world anyone can appropriate someone else's photos. Don Peters looks into the pro's and con's, and comes up with the conclusion that The better part of valor is discretion: . . . read more

Tiffen Dfx 3 review @ Pblog

Tiffen dxf3 is a filter simulation suite that works as a standalone or as a Photoshop plugin application. It can, to various degrees of satisfaction, emulate almost every kind of filters;except of course for polarizers. . . . read more

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X @ BJP

"Version 10.0.3 can now automatically syncs clips from a shoot using audio waveforms, time and date, or timecode "to create a Multicam Clip with up to 64 angles of video, which can include mixed formats, frame sizes and frame rates," says Apple. "The powerful Angle Editor allows you to dive into your Multicam Clip to make precise adjustments, and the Angle Viewer lets you play back multiple angles at the same time and . . . read more

Canon Updates EOS Utility to v.2.10.4, works on OS X Lion

Actually, this is a OSX Lion ONLY update. "Supports Mac OS X 10.6.8 to 10.7" . . . read more

How to Manually Create a HDR Photo in Photoshop @ PetaPixel

"Here’s a tutorial on how to do non-automated HDR for real estate photography using Photoshop CS5. The first thing you’ll need is a sturdy tripod with a level. The closer you are to a leveled image, the less correction you’ll have to do later. . . . read more

5 Ways for Photographers to use an iPad to Jumpstart their Business @ DPS

I've got a 6th tip: Let's petition Apple to come out with a better, unrestricted iPad, like say, unlocked WiFi and ports, a real battery and a bigger model for those of us that think the current iPad looks like an oversized iPhone. Things like they enjoy over at the Android camp. . . . read more

AKVIS Sketch v.13 released

Olympus: apps on cameras are coming @ Tech Radar

So, in the near future, we'll go to Oly's app store, and buy stuff like "9 extra filters", "add x functionality" and such? Woohoo! :(

I think what photographers need foremost is all encompassing firmware updates that really fixes every fixable bug.  . . . read more

Qimage Ultimate 2012.215 update released

What's new: Version 2012.215 improves compatibility of saved/converted JPEG and TIFF files and adds support for raw photos from the following new cameras: . . . read more

Deal Alert! Acdsee 5 pro for only $99

Or, $69.99 for owners of an existing ACD Systems product. (check your mailbox for that) . . . read more

Corel PaintShop Pro X4 review @ TechRadar

"Cloning, cropping, red-eye removal, selective lightening and darkening, adding gradients and making colour adjustments: you can do it all and much more besides.  . . . read more

Topaz labs reveals Star Effects

Topaz Labs Press Release

Topaz Labs Announces Topaz Star Effects(TM), a Lighting Enhancement and Star Creation Software

Canon developing 4K RAW video format

"Canon are developing their own RAW codec for 2K and 4K video. In a patent filed in July 2010 and published yesterday, Canon describe a codec which stores raw sensor data from a 12bit high resolution RGB sensor with Bayer colour filter array. . . . read more

Lightroom 4 and Windows XP

Short story: Forget about it. Long story: You can still forget about it, but Adobe is sorry for you.

"As many have noticed, the Lightroom 4 public beta we released last week does not support Windows XP.  This decision did not come lightly and . . . read more

Your Burning Lightroom 4 Beta Questions Answered! @ Photoshop.Blog

Just one of the answers: . . . read more

Adobe camera raw 7 sneak peek video

"In this video taken straight from the laptop of our Senior Product Manager, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, get an early look at some of the things the Photoshop team is working on for Camera Raw." . . . read more

DxO Optics Pro 7.2 now available


DXO Press Release
New version features greater stability.

Map-A-Pic for Android 1.21 update

Photoshop touch for Android quick hands-on @ NikonDigital

"There is one other wrinkle, at least for now. Tablets don’t make great cameras. Most mobile photos are still taken with phones or small point and shoots. So having an editor on your tablet is fun, and possibly a convenience, but you still need to get the image onto the tablet – and resized to . . . read more

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