Kenny Good and the Weapons Of Mass Production try to find out the best Dslr-for video, under $1.000: Canon T4i with 18-55mm kit lens VS. Sony NEX-6 with 16-50mm kit lens VS. Panasonic GH2 with 14-15mm kit lens, both stock and with Flowmotion v2.02 hack.

Yes, the the very same nuts from Crisis Labs reviews with the bats, and semi-nude models and all that. They take on a slightly more serious and hi-tech tone in this review, with RC Helicopters, IR suits, and... bats.

"The Sony actually did quite well, and if size (for travel) is a concern, I'd suggest this one.  It's just a hair behind I think in the image metrics, but not in a huge way.  The focus issue did drive me crazy.  Maybe there's a menu option I didn't see that prevents it from going to sleep.  I actually had to reshoot the sharpness (helicopter) comparison because it did that same focus thing to me.  That's why when it did it again for the dancing, I decided to leave it in the video that way.  It has focus peaking (that shows you a highlighted version of in-focus areas on the display) which really helps with video, and I doubt this issue would ever come up when shooting stills.  It's a solid camera, very similar to Canon in image quality, great if you're a space-conscious traveller. . . . read more

Magic Lantern second alpha released for the Canon 7D, adds working intervalometer and advanced bracketing.

We'll remind you that Magic Lantern is available in various versions for the following Canon EOS cameras:
5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 650D/T41, 550D/T2i, 60D, 600D/T3i, 50D, 500D, and the veteran, 40D. . . . read more

Canon EOS M gets hacked, on its way to receive a Magic Lantern treatment and finally become a very exciting camera.

"With a little guesswork, we were lucky to notice that on the inside, the little EOS-M is very similar to the 5D Mark III. So, with a few tricks we were able to dump the firmware and print the familiar "Hello World" message – the proof that Magic Lantern will work on the EOS-M. In his review, Roger Cicala said the EOS-M is "a firmware update and a price drop away from being a great camera". We, the developers of ML, will try to address the first issue. . . . read more

Magic Lantern third alpha for 5D Mark III is out, adds lots of features and bug fixes.

"The most important change is a card test executed at startup. My 16GB (Kingston 266x) card has problems, and I'm trying to diagnose the issue: maybe it's just my card, or maybe it's related to this. If the test fails on your camera, please report.

There are also a few handy tweaks:
- Histogram and waveform moved to bottom
- New experimental display for focus peaking (extreme sharpness)
. . . read more

Prepare for a Canon 7D 'Mark III', Magic Lantern finally ported after 3 years of trials and errors.

7D owners al over the world, rejoice! If you think the major firmware update brought forth by Canon this summer was a big thing, wait until you see what Magic Lantern has in store for you. Just to mention a few of its highlights: HDR bracketing (up to 9 frames, intervalometer, bulb ramping, focus peaking (and other focus assist tools) adjustable spot meter, stack focus, and much, much more.  . . . read more

Magic Lantern moves out of beta, supercharges your EOS camera for the price of a pizza or two.

While the ferature set has been wildly expanded since the early days, the compatibility list has unfortunatelly not followed. As of now, only 5 EOS camera models are compatible (5Dmk2 2.1.2, 50D 1.0.9, 60D 1.1.1, 500D 1.1.1, 550D 1.0.9, 600D 1.0.2)

Magic Lantern is still freeware, sort of. A donation is required for instant download, ottherwise the download will be free for all after August the 13th. . . . read more

Panasonic GF-3 next in line for some Ptool firmware hacking love by Mr. Kiselev

Hot on the heels of the Lumix GF2 hacking, its already time for its successor to receive the same treatment. Let's hope the similarities between the GF2 and GF3 will assist the rapid development of the project. 

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