A simple way to improve your OM-D's FL-LM2 or FL-LM1 mini flash, by Henavs at the Club Snap forum.

Ok, photographers of all levels have been doing variations of this theme for as long as I can remember, so this is just a reminder for anyone less antique than me. Club Snap furum user Henavs has made this nice little tutorial, complete with a with/without bounce card shot:

"The more reflective the surface, the less loss of light. I use glossy photo paper on this, it can be improved with mirror (as dereth mentioned below) or gold/silver reflector. You can make the bounce card any size you want & keep the card in your pocket or bag. For me, I just keep it small & stick it on top of the flash when not in use, easier to store."

The Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You Should Know, by Dan Richards at Pop Photo.

Nicely laid out lighting tips, each one accompanied by an example image. Great for beginners.

The closer the light source, the softer the light. The farther the source, the harder the light. This stands to reason: Move a light closer, and you make it bigger—that is, broader—in relation to your subject. Move it farther away, and you make it relatively smaller, and therefore more narrow. Think about the sun, which is something like 109 times the diameter of the earth—pretty broad! But, at 93 million miles away, it takes up a very small portion of the sky and hence casts very hard light when falling directly on a subject. . . . read more

Print your own Ring Flash with the Ringflash template creator, at DIY Photography. (Don't get overexcited though)

"From Paper To RingFlash In Few Easy Steps. If you're into ring-flashes, this should be one of the most fun projects ever. It mixes together some paper, glue, scissors and, of course a strobe to print and then fold your ring flash. The original template is pure generosity created by Diego Billi, and brought to web perfection by the good guys at Sylights. (Sylights is a supercool web2.0 way of sharing lighting diagrams).

. . . read more

Nasim Mansurov takes on the 'How to Build an Affordable Photo Studio', manages to put it together for less than a grand.

"If you are getting paid to do photography work, it is your responsibility to know how to work in various lighting situations. And the best way to learn flash photography and get good at it, is to continuously work and experiment with it. Building a small, affordable photo studio at home is a great way to get started. You can learn a lot just from photographing your family and kids at home. That’s how I got started with flash.

Even if you do photography for fun, why not experiment and learn something new? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to do in . . . read more

Who said the Chinese can't innovate? Yongnuo presents the first Led array lamp that adjusts brightness by it self.

Blurb and specs by Yongnuo:

Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video Light for SLR Camera and DV Camcorders with Remote Control . . . read more

Manfrotto ML840H LED Light Review at Ephotozine: Good for both photography and video, but has issues with wide-angle lenses and costs several times more than similar OEM units.

"I certainly had fun using the Manfrotto ML840H, especially for the close range fungi shots. It would be good if the spread of light was more rectangular to increase the number of uses and a more realistic price would be helpful for many who could currently use the money to buy a more powerful flash unit with diffuser or video light. The variable output control and daylight correction comes in really hand when balancing the flash with daylight and for close up nature subjects it's great fun to use." . . . read more

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash Mini Review at PhotoFocus

"The main thing I like about this flash (other than its amazing power) is it’s ability to zoom from 20-200mm with a Canon lens and to do so automatically. This is quite an improvement over the 580EXII and if I were to buy the 600, that’s the main reason I would do so. The built-in radio control is also a big deal since it eliminates the need to buy third-party flash triggers. . . . read more

Switronix Bolt LED light review at the Digital Photography School

"I love LEDs. I have an unhealthy amount of LED flashlights. It’s a sickness. But there is a problem inherent to all LED lights that use an array (over 97% of LED video lights use an array). Because the light is coming from several places at once, it casts multiple shadows. It’s not just the Bolt, and it’s something you can manage as long as you know it’s there. Again, this is down to the multi light tech, not a fault of . . . read more

DIY Fluorescent Photography Studio Lighting, by Joe Edelman

"Why spend several thousand dollars for hi-end kino-flo's when you can build your own fluorescent studio lights for less than two hundred dollars?"

Canon announces the 600EX-RT Speedlite, ST-3-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter, WFT-E7 Wireless Transmitter,GP-E2 GPS Receiver and BG E11 Battery Grip

Except for the 600EX speedlite, everything else in not compatible with the 5D Mark II. And although it is very nice to see a native Canon radio-trigger, the prices have gone wild too:

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT: $629.99 / €699 / £679.99
Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT: $470 / €320 / £309.99
Canon Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7: $849.99 / €759 / £789.99 . . . read more

PocketWizard Plus III announced, features, and reviews roundup.

And a big update is is. Just to mention a few new treats: Smaller and sleeker appearance, new user interface, backlit lcd, faster frame rate and so on. Actually, every aspect of the old PW IIs is enhanced and/or overhauled. The reviews are already trickling in, first by Joe McNally himself, Strobist, and Fstoppers. The pocketwizard  blog . . . read more

Phottix Strato II Wireless Flash Triggers review at The Phoblographer

These are basic triggers, that really do the job they were designed to do (at a fraction of Pocket Wizards price). As an added bonus, their huge range makes for some serious pranks :)


"Another amazing point to make is that all of these images were in sequence. I didn’t have a misfire at all even at the furthest . . . read more

Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight flash review by Ken Rockwell

I think Ken was way funnier when he was a hardcore Nikon fan. I guess the sweet moolah changes a Man's mind after a while...


"Unimpressive is how incredibly complex it is to try to use the SB-910's obtuse menu system. I mean, holy guacamole, a menu system in a flash? How stupid is this? All we need is a power switch (good), a mode slide switch (not a single button to have to hit . . . read more

Best flashguns for Nikon DSLRs: 8 flashes tested at Tech Radar.

Today i learned that Polaroid still makes flashguns. Really crappy ones, but still, Polaroid Flashes? Its either the name liscensing system at work (say hello to your future, Kodak) or they found a good way to maximize space usage in their 300sq.feet main and only office. . . . read more

How to balance strobes with Sunlight @ PictureCorrect

"After a the brief rundown of exposure details, Morgan explains to viewers the strobe light setup he used, detailing the location of each strobe and the effect it gave the photograph. His setup is as follows: . . . read more

How China Changed the American Lighting Industry @ F-Stoppers

In this extensive, well written article by Jaron Schneider, he explores the tip of the iceberg in the "China taking over the X industry" story.

The X industry in this case is the sometimes greedy, sometimes naive, American (and European i might add) lighting industry. Read this in light of the recently announced Chinese made APS-C sensor: . . . read more

Strobe triggers, what's what @ Lensrentals blog


Radio-signal triggers are useful for long-range triggering. Radio triggers are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They generally work very reliably and have a much longer range than infrared triggers. Depending on which type you choose, they can be used with  . . . read more

Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder Review @ Mansurovs

"I have been using the Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder for some studio work during the last couple of months and I am very pleased with it. It is relatively sturdy, lightweight, portable and inexpensive – exactly what I have been looking for when using reflectors/flags and . . . read more

Litepanels Croma: LED lighting that offers variable color temperature

"The Croma™ is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output. It is a versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, event videographers or still photographers who move rapidly . . . read more

Impact 1-Floodlight Umbrella Kit @ PentaxForums

"Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and start looking at off-camera lights you’re faced with a multitude of choices. You can go big and purchase a commercial strobe system which can run upwards of $3,500.00 dollars. If you don’t have that much money to spend, you can get a . . . read more

GoDox Lighting Kit @ DigitalPhotoSchool

"You can see the Nasty Clamp attached to the right hand end of the railing above and the shadow of the front porch light headed up and left. This is pretty much out of the camera with a little perspective correction (I couldn’t stand in front, there’s a tree!) So the sky is nice and blue and the . . . read more

Environmental portraits with Speedlights, tutorial series @ Learn.Canon


Learn about the techniques, equipment, and skill levels covered in the Canon Digital Learning Center's tutorial series on environmental portraits with the Speedlite flash system. . . . read more

Nissin launches MF18 Macro Ring Flash

Press Release - Nissin launch ring flash - MF18
by Kenro Ltd on Friday, December 23, 2011 at 12:41am

Nissin launch ring flash - MF18

5 Essential Upgrades for the Modern Wedding Photographer at the Phoblographer: You no longer need oxen to carry around your gear for you.

"Have you ever been to a wedding, looked at the photographer, and thought to yourself, “What the hell is he thinking?” Judge Joe Brown has, and so have some of our readers. Even if you’re forced into shooting the wedding, you should consider a couple of modern upgrades. This post was inspired by my recent trip to a wedding where the photographer used a Nikon D700, 18-200mm lens, and an SB-900 on a flash bracket plus two White Lightning strobes in umbrellas. And the photos? . . . read more

Phottix Strato II Multi Flash Trigger review at Flash Raw

"Just like the Strato, the Strato Multi trato, Phottix includes “TTL pass through” capabilities, which basically allows you to use a hotshoe flash on top of the Strato’s transmitter with full TTL capabilities. What does this feature mean for photographers? Flexibility and freedom.

Taking advantage of the TTL pass through of the Strato, you can use a hotshoe flash on-camera to provide fill, bounce, or . . . read more

Phottix Strato II Multi Trigger review by Martin Pot

"Using the Strato II Multi Trigger

As mentioned in the intro to this review, the Strato II Multi trigger can be used
wireless flash trigger
wired shutter release . . . read more

Sony HVL-F43AM flash review by Moht Sulhan

"The Sony HVL-F43AM comes with (A) the built-in bounce card and the (B) wide angle diffuser that keeps itself snuggly on the top part of the flash head. The bounce card is proportionally smaller compared to the one found on the Sony HVL-F58AM. The bounce card can be quickly deployed by sliding out the card and its bounce area adjustable by pushing the card back in as required.  The wide angle diffuser allows the flash to support wide angle  field of view of a 16mm lens." . . . read more

Looking at the Phottix Strato II Multi, review by Craig Ferguson

Backwards Compatibility

This is a biggie. As David Hobby recently pointed out on Strobist, it’s quite common for flash trigger manufacturers to re-engineer each successive model of trigger so that you have to go and buy a complete new set each time a new release rolls around as there is no backwards compatibility. Well, I can happily point out that Phottix don’t do this. The Strato II Multi will quite happily . . . read more

Sony Hvl-f58 flash review by Templar Tan

"My conclusion is short. The F58 is value for money, and yet it has some room for improvement. The rotary head is cool ! But if you want a left bounce or right bounce under landscape orientation, the twisted head may cause some un-balance to my camera. The build in white card reflector is normal in my opinion. This option had been included in almost all non-Sony flashes. Sony should include this add-on into the 42 already. So far, I haven't test out 58's power consumption, but I had predict this would be a batteries eater."

Painting with Light! tips & tricks @ Beyond Megapixels

"3.      Set your camera to manual focus, and pre-focus to the approximate position of your light source plane i.e. where you’ll be standing with the light. If you don’t have manual focus, then get someone to hold the light source (ON) at the position you plan to hold it, then half press the . . . read more

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