EIZO ColorEdge CS230 Monitor review at Photo Review: A good choice, if you're not after 100% Adobe RGB gamut coverage.

The EIZO ColorEdge CS230 is an entry level photography oriented 23 inch monitor that features a in-built SelfCorrection sensor and a few other goodies:

"ColorEdge monitors represent the cream of Eizo's line-up and provide the most advanced features, highest build quality and best performance available. They are also the only models in Eizo's range that include direct hardware calibration, which uses high bit depth processing through built in ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) and LUTs (look-up tables) in the monitor itself. Because the calibration is monitor-specific and carried out with high-order calculations, it can encompass a wider range of hue and tonal levels and produce smoother calibrations, particularly in deep shadows and for subtle gradients. If you're serious . . . read more

A good introductionary guide to lens adapters, by Ian Plant, at Pop Photo.

These guides don't come often. Ian has written an extensive introduction and tutorial on the how and what of lens adapters, and has also included a rundown of his favorite lenses: 

"These days, there seems to be no shortage of lens adapters available on the market—some good, some not so good. There are a number of reputable manufacturers making adapters, including Adaptimax, Bower, CameraQuest, Fotodiox, Novoflex, Vello, Voigtländer, and others. You can find cheap adapters on places such as eBay, many of which are quite good—but you can also find many adapters that will be inadequate for critical use. . . . read more

Dell releases trio of photography oriented Ultrasharp series monitors, and the Ultra-Wide U2913WM.

Dell has just announced the availability of 3 new monitors, the 30-inch Dell UltraSharp 3014 ($1499), the 27-inch U2713H ($999) and the 24-inch U2413 ($599). All feature 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB coverage, a 14-bit Look-Up Table (LUT) and a 12-bit processor, calibrated at the factory. Each monitor comes with a certification with calibration details. Its good to see Dell retaining the 1920x1200 pixels resolution in the 24-incher, whereas most other manufacturers (except for HP, EIZO, and maybe Lacie) have moved down to the common 1920x1080 deal. These must be the lowest introductory prices for monitors with such delicious specs.

Dell Press Release . . . read more

Apple Unveils 128GB version of iPad 4, deliveries to start February the 5th.

Apple Press release

Apple Increases iPad with Retina Display to 128GB

Offers Twice the Storage Capacity to Create & Enjoy Even More Incredible Content

CUPERTINO, California―January 29, 2013―Apple today announced a 128GB* version of the fourth generation iPad with Retina display. The 128GB iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular models provide twice the storage capacity of the 64GB models to hold even more valuable content including photos, documents, projects, presentations, books, movies, TV shows, music and apps. . . . read more

Canon Pixma Pro 100 review by Anno Huidekoper at Camera Stuff Review: Excellent value and printing quality, even for black and white, but ink cost is rather high.

"The Canon PIXMA PRO-100 is a unique printer due to the combination of dye ink and gray inks. The color range is wide, bronzing and gloss differential are completely absent, and the colors are displayed faithfully. The grays are displayed neutrally but the maximum density is somewhat limited. I also miss an easy adjustment of the color tone in black and white printing. The ink cost per print is high and if you take panoramic photos, you will miss the possibility to print from roll. Despite my observations and comments, to cut a long story short, the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 is 60 Euros cheaper . . . read more

Giotto's launches a new major tripod series, the YTL series enables a 30% space saving while maintaining full strength and stability, adds graduated leg markings and a new quick lock system.

"Giotto’s launches patented brand new design for its core tripod range

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of tripods – Giotto’s has launched a brand new range of tripods featuring a totally unique, patented design – enabling a 30% space saving while maintaining full strength, stability and weight capacity.

The NEW Giotto’s Silk Road YTL Series replaces the entire range of Giotto’s MTL tripods and features a . . . read more

Do you find your Sony RX1 unbearable to use without an EVF? Sony makes one (FDA-EV1MK in the lingo) and Tim Ashley has posted a review of it.

"The EVF both could and should have been better. Not enough thought has gone into the way in which it or its case have been designed, nor into the way that it works as part of the system: the firmware tweak I suggest above is one example of this but another is the fact that neither the thumb-grip nor the flash  can be used in conjunction with the finder.

Those gripes aside, the finder does its job very well. It fulfills all of the major requirements a user will have of it and it unlocks . . . read more

Canon Pixma Pro 100 review by Ben Andrews at The Tech Radar: The Canon Pixma Pro-100's real trump card is its price, costing around a third less than the Canon Pixma Pro-1, considering the print quality of the two is so close.

"Although Canon's Pixma Pro-1 still offers the ultimate in A3+ (13 x 19 inches) print quality, we've been impressed at how close the Canon Pixma Pro-100 comes to matching the performance of its considerably pricier sibling. Despite being around 30% lighter than the Canon Pixma Pro-1, build quality is superb. And though the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is no featherweight, we'd sooner trade portability for robustness. . . . read more

Canon Pixma MG6320 Wireless Photo All-in-One Printer review by Tony Hoffman at PC Mag: The MG6320 may not be the fastest, nor the most cost-effective printer, and there are others that surpass it in output quality

"verall output quality was typical of an inkjet, with text quality a little above average, graphics quality on the low side of average, and photo quality average for inkjets. Text quality may be good enough, depending on how picky you are, for documents such as resumes with which you want to create a good visual impression, but not for uses that require very small fonts such as demanding desktop publishing applications.

As for graphics, some of the illustrations looked a bit muted, with under-saturated colors. Very thin colored lines were barely . . . read more

Can't afford some descent filters for your Dslr? Then get some crappy ones, how about 18 filters for $40? As a bonus your precious camera will look like someone stuck a hippified telephone dial pad from the seventies on it.

'Crappy' is sometimes also defined as 'artistic' nowadays, so, depending on your viewpoint this may not  be such a bad thing after all. The responsible culprit for turning your mega pixels into mega pixies is once again, Photo Jojo:

"Filters are magic: the right one can take an already good picture and make it ... abracadabra ... great!But what if you want to change filters without fumbling around with color gels and juggling multiple lenses? All you need is the DSLR  . . . read more

Nasim Mansurov takes on the 'How to Build an Affordable Photo Studio', manages to put it together for less than a grand.

"If you are getting paid to do photography work, it is your responsibility to know how to work in various lighting situations. And the best way to learn flash photography and get good at it, is to continuously work and experiment with it. Building a small, affordable photo studio at home is a great way to get started. You can learn a lot just from photographing your family and kids at home. That’s how I got started with flash.

Even if you do photography for fun, why not experiment and learn something new? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to do in . . . read more

Triggertrap mobile camera remote trigger review at Ephotozine: Excellent value and features, despite some minor setup and usage complications.

"The Triggertrap mobile is packed with features within the app. It's currently available for free, previously you had to pay for the app. We would like to see the app stay available for free, particularly as it doesn't seem right that you buy the kit and need to pay to be able to use it. We didn't have time to test all the features in the field, but those we did, we achieved great results and found it easy enough to use, although it's well worth familiarising yourself with it before heading out, particularly in the cold. Packed with features and available for around £25.00, the Triggertrap Mobile is highly . . . read more

84.5mm (the company) releases New Line of Professional photographic Filters, actually sized 84.5mm x 150mm.

84.5mm Press Release

84.5mm presents new series of photographic filters: Professional line

European producer of photographic/cinematographic filters 84.5mm presents new series of filters: Professional line, intended mainly for outdoor photography (landscape, architecture, nature or fashion photography)

Professional line are square shaped filters fully compatible with holders of „P“ type square filters (width 84-85mm) . . . read more

Who said the Chinese can't innovate? Yongnuo presents the first Led array lamp that adjusts brightness by it self.

Blurb and specs by Yongnuo:

Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video Light for SLR Camera and DV Camcorders with Remote Control . . . read more

DIY affordable panning timelapse device build tutorial at Talk Urbex: all you need is a Mechanical Water Timer and some nuts and bolts.

This, should be easy to do, user "abandoned-not-forgotten" has included detailed descriptions and pics for each step:

"This is a video I made using my homemade panning time-lapse device from a mechanical water timer. I got the idea from something I stumbled upon online, but can't for the life of me find the article or video. Credit goes out to whomever posted the idea on the internet . . . read more

Joby 3-Way Camera Strap Review at SCBP: Wrist, neck, and shoulder strap in one.

"So where does the name 3-Way Strap come from? Well let’s think about this. We start off with the strap fully retracted into the base. In this configuration it works perfectly as a wrist strap. No more wrapping or coiling your camera neck strap around your wrist to make a sloppy wrist strap. Just use the 3-Way as a wrist strap. How about as a shoulder strap? 
Just extend the cabling to the length that feels comfortable and lock it into place. Done. And that third configuration? Neck strap of course! Since we are replacing the weak one that comes with your camera you’ll not want to go without a 

. . . read more

Beware of fake Sandisk memory cards being shipped by Amazon itself: Damien Douxchamps shares his experience with a counterfeit Sandisk Extreme 16GB CF card.

Damiens extensive article (with lots of fake vs real pics) and the links he shares are a great aid for those questioning whether they got the real deal or the dupe stuff:

"Unfortunately most of you will read this page after buying counterfeited CF cards, but hopefully my story will help you find the truth about what you bought. And maybe even prevent you from clicking the wrong "buy now!" button. The first thing to realize is that no one is safe. Obviously buying from Ebay is not the brightest idea, but major (online) stores are . . . read more

DataColor Spyder Capture Pro Review at Ephotozine: It is a tried, tested and complete solution, and it comes with a nice metal case.

"If you have a need for all four product then this saves you money, however we would probably just purchase the Spyder4Elite for monitor calibration, the SpyderCube for white balance and exposure, and the LensCal for lens calibration, making it cheaper solution from some of the products. If you don't shoot with a Digital SLR, then you may not need the LensCal, and could just use the Cube and Spyder4Elite to noticeably improve your images both at a capture point and processing them on the computer."

Variable Neutral Density filters shootout, 6 ND filters compared by Dave Dugdale.

"Next up is my Bokeh test using my 70-200mm at 2.8 without any ND filter you can see the small light source out of focus creates clean bokeh.

The Genus adds some texture to the bokeh
And the Lightcraft adds way to much texture, at this point I am taking the LightCraft out of the running.
The Tiffen looks pretty much exactly the same to the Genus
. . . read more

The Iphone SLR mount for Canon and Nikon lenses by PhotoJoJo, a fun novelty gizmo for those with $250 and some sense to spare.

There are just a few caveats however, none of them pretty serious for the Iphanboy that wants it all: For starters, this is just for manual focusing, as there's no electrical coupling between the lenses and the iphone at all. But even then, you may have to tap your screen a couple of times to convince your iphone's camera that the image it sees is actually focused. 

Then there's the real bummer for Canon lens owners: The mount is not compatible with the slightly smaller EF-S lenses, but only with the EF beasts. The reasoning here seems to be 'if you're gonna do it, do it all the way'.
Nikon users are luckier, the SLR mount is compatible with pretty much all Nikon Nikkor SLR lenses of the past several decades. 

Images on the screen can (and will) appear darker than usual, that's because there's a 1-2 stop light loss due to the focusing scree, However, the same screen is pretty exposed to the elements, so a frequent cleaning might be in order, as to avoid dirt and dust showing up in your images. 

For those of you really wanting this after reading all the above, PhotoJoJo throws in two loop holes on the mount so you can carry your Iphone with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens hanging from your neck, in style. . . . read more

Eye-Fi branches out with new photo sync and cloud storage service called Circ, available to all major platforms except for Linux.

AllthingsD has the story:

"Yuval Koren, CEO of Eye-Fi, said the company came from a consumer perspective when designing the app, which has been in development for about a year.

“We didn’t want to build just another cloud service,” said Koren in an interview with AllThingsD. “We didn’t want the customer to have to think about the technology behind it, or worry about how much storage space they had left before . . . read more

Canon adds Pixma MG6320, MG5420 and iP7220 printers with wi-fi for all, plus a welcome surprise for us film scanners, the new CanoScan 9000F Mk II

Canon Press Release:

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., December 4, 2012 – In a world where images are instantly shared, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced three PIXMA printers and a CanoScan photo scanner to 

. . . read more

Manfrotto ML840H LED Light Review at Ephotozine: Good for both photography and video, but has issues with wide-angle lenses and costs several times more than similar OEM units.

"I certainly had fun using the Manfrotto ML840H, especially for the close range fungi shots. It would be good if the spread of light was more rectangular to increase the number of uses and a more realistic price would be helpful for many who could currently use the money to buy a more powerful flash unit with diffuser or video light. The variable output control and daylight correction comes in really hand when balancing the flash with daylight and for close up nature subjects it's great fun to use." . . . read more

Spyder4Elite Color Calibration Tool review at the Phoblographer: It is too much for most people, for who the Spyder4Pro is a better bet.

"Elite calibrates projectors. And it has a near infinite number of white point target choices, including numerical choices by little x, little y value. It as a near infinite number of gamma settings, and the ability to use non-gamma tone response curves as well. This includes L-star, as well as any curve you care to build yourself (say for a film writer, they are the most non-linear device I still deal with). And there are lots of other controls in Elite, like black point, matching of displays in a . . . read more

Triggertrap mobile camera remote trigger review at Imaging Resource: So fun and easy to use we've had a hard time quitting it.

"OK, so we wish it had a longer cable and smile recognition. But really, that's all we could come up with to complain about. Mainly it's just fun. Lots of fun. More fun than we've ever had with a shutter. Sure, our dSLR has interval timing but the setup requires an advanced degree in physics. We look at screen after screen of settings and have no idea how to set what. But with Triggertrap it was obvious.

And another thing. These electronic cameras just won't respond to a plain old mechanical cable release. So we often resort to . . . read more

Samsung S27B970D Series 9 Monitor Review at PhotographyBlog: A photographers monitor that comes with a very glossy panel.

"On the front bezel of the bottom of the height-adjustable stand are an array of soft buttons for controlling the monitor's configuration, which glow white when in use and fade away when idle. There's an Enter button, a Menu button, and up and down navigation buttons that double as volume and preset shortcut buttons, plus a power in the bottom-middle. . . . read more

Olympus OMD EM5 Memory Card Test By Giulio Sciorio: Eye-Fi X2 Pro is good, Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB 95MB/s is best.

"As you can see a quality card makes a big difference in write speed which translates to less photo opportunities lost and the cost differences are minimal. With the exception of the Eye-Fi card the only card I could suggest is the Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB 95MB/s. The 45MB/s version is still available but is discontinued and don’t even bother with a Class 4 card.

Of all the card I do have the most fun with the Eye-Fi card. Shooting wirelessly to my iPhone while its in my pocket is great! I’m able to go from the Pen or OMD to the iPhone or iPad for a quick edit then to Instagram to share in no time at all. I’m . . . read more

Switronix Bolt LED light review at the Digital Photography School

"I love LEDs. I have an unhealthy amount of LED flashlights. It’s a sickness. But there is a problem inherent to all LED lights that use an array (over 97% of LED video lights use an array). Because the light is coming from several places at once, it casts multiple shadows. It’s not just the Bolt, and it’s something you can manage as long as you know it’s there. Again, this is down to the multi light tech, not a fault of . . . read more

Wacom Intuos5 Review at the Photography Blog

Jon Canfield lays his hands on the best seller of the series, the medium sized tablet:

"The Wacom Intuos5 comes with a pen that can be used to draw with one end or erase with the other. On the barrel of the pen are two buttons that works the same as mouse buttons for left or right clicks. The included pen stand doubles as a holder for 10 extra nibs that come with the pen, simulating different types of pens, . . . read more

Wacom Intuos5 touch review at Engadget

Every new tech that's the first of its generation comes up a bit wonky. The intuos 5 is no exception to this rule:

"Here's where one of our lone issues with the pen tablet lies: the touch gestures. Don't get us wrong, the ability to use our fingers on the active surface is a welcome addition and works quite well in some instances. Pinch to zoom, scrolling and simple navigation work great using

. . . read more

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