First full pictures taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020 (codenamed EOS) mobile leaked, looks amazing.

The Lumia 1020 is on the path to become a legend among mobiles (and by the looks of it, a milestone in mobile imaging too). The official unveiling date is set for July the 11th, but the spec leaks have been on a steady roll since early April. . . . read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review by Lars Rehm at Connect.DPreview: "The Galaxy Camera is a great device for those who are planning to make good use of its connectivity features and have $600 to spend."

3 years ago I downloaded Rovio's 'Angry Birds' game for some fun my daughter to play with, and never ever would i imagine then, that the ability to play this game would count as a good point on a camera reviewed at DPreview. Good or bad, progress it certainly is. But there are valid points, even for hardcore avid photographers, to have an open operating system like Android on a camera: 

"Despite being a first generation product the Samsung Galaxy Camera works surprisingly well. The camera interface could be a little sleaker and more responsive and the image quality is average at best but the huge number of available apps, the smoothness of Android 4.1, the excellent screen and the flexible zoom range make up for these flaws. The Galaxy Camera is a great device for those who are planning to make good use of its connectivity . . . read more

Nikon Coldpix S800c review by Jeff Keller at DPreview: "Photo quality, battery life, and Wi-Fi reception are all things that need significant improvements"

This must be the very last device to be released with the Victorian era original Android version. Heck, even shacks in Asia putting together 49.99 toys have been putting at least Android 4 on their wares for the past year or so. I spent some quality hours with the S800c myself, and I honestly believe that the 'c' in the name stands for 'crap'. Jeff is a lot kinder than me however, he actually likes some aspects of the camera:

"Camera performance is good in most respects, with two notable exceptions. First, startup times. The camera takes 1.8 seconds to extend its lens and prepare for shooting. If the camera's been off for a while, then you'll have to wait for an additional 30 seconds for Android to boot up before the S800c is . . . read more

How far can you go with a mobile camera? Check out the stunning Mobile Photography Award 2013 gallery.

"Congratulations to all of the worthy winners, runners up and honorable mentions.  You guys are all incredible and did a fantastic job! Thank you for making the Mobile Photo Awards the world’s biggest competition for mobile photography and art! The competition was a huge success this year with a record number of entries – the quality was extremely high and the jury worked long and hard to determine a slate of winners and runners up.  We know that we will never please everyone – we realize that even judges disagree on an image so it’s obvious that entrants and viewers of this site will also take issue with certain choices. That said, every winning image and runner up along with the honorable mentions are chosen with  careful thoughtfulness.  We hope you . . . read more

11 tips for better mobile photography at IstockPhoto.

Istockphoto recently announced they'd start accepting stock photos taken with a mobile device, and seeing the flood of crappy pics coming their way, they decided to educate their users a bit:

Mobile photography has made huge strides in a short time. We have this great powerful device in our hands or pockets now with all the extra tools and software needed to capture, edit and distribute our images in an extremely efficient and flexible manner. These devices output high enough quality images for commercial stock applications — provided the person looking through the viewfinder understands the fundamentals of what makes an image work. . . . read more

Apple Unveils 128GB version of iPad 4, deliveries to start February the 5th.

Apple Press release

Apple Increases iPad with Retina Display to 128GB

Offers Twice the Storage Capacity to Create & Enjoy Even More Incredible Content

CUPERTINO, California―January 29, 2013―Apple today announced a 128GB* version of the fourth generation iPad with Retina display. The 128GB iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular models provide twice the storage capacity of the 64GB models to hold even more valuable content including photos, documents, projects, presentations, books, movies, TV shows, music and apps. . . . read more

Slightly Off topic: Apple iPhone 5 Rated Worst Top Smartphone by Consumer Reports

maybe not so off topic, after all it is one of the most popular imaging taking devices. 
Valerie Sarnataro at Brighthand reports:

"Despite its running title of "best smartphone in the market" for the past five years, Apple's iPhone seems to be losing traction among critics, as Consumer Reports has rated the company's iPhone 5 as the worst of the top smartphones. . . . read more

Coolest thing since Moses did the split sea thing: Cycloramic app makes your Iphone 5 dance around while it takes a 360° video.

This is something you have to see in order to believe. Cycloramic rotates the iPhone 5 by using only it's vibration sensors. Simply put your phone upright on a level and slick surface like glass, laminate or marble, choose number of turns, press 'go' and pick up your jaw while the Iphone cirles around itself shooting a panoramic video. . . . read more

Bye Bye Lytro: Toshiba to produce a sensor that will allow users to refocus after the shot, will work with video too.

While the idea of refocusing a picture after it has been taken is mesmerizing, the first camera that does this, the Lytro light field camera is just a piece of crap. It is a slick but laggy, restrictive, and half-baked contraption whose ultra low-res camera and tiny lcd screen are throwbacks to an era when listening to Björk howling was concidered cool. Now Toshiba, changes all that with a sensor that comes with a usable resolution, can be had in usable devices like smartphones and tablets, and will work with video: . . . read more

Curiosity review: The Samsung Galaxy Camera tested at Photography Blog, deemed Jack of all trades, master of social networking, but no real camera substitute.

"By compact camera standards, though, the Samsung Galaxy Camera's image quality isn't that great, suffering from obvious noise at relatively slow ISO speeds and chromatic aberrations, with the photos somewhat misleadingly looking much better on the excellent LCD screen than when downloaded onto a computer and viewed more closely. Still, its more than perfectly fine for cropping and resizing for posting on Facebook or Instagram, or for making regular-sized prints.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a large and eye-catching device, certainly more so than the ubiquitious . . . read more

Instagram camera 3.2 (3.3 on Android) brings redesigned app, new filter, improved tilt and shift, and more.

"Instagram 3.2 - Improved Camera with a New Filter

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the largest upgrade to our Instagram iOS camera since it was revamped just over one year ago. The camera has been the core part of the Instagram experience since the day we launched and as a result, we’ve made significant improvements to its look and speed. . . . read more

Twitter lashes back at Instagram, will launch filters for photos and other media: This war will be broadcast in sepia colors.

After Instagram has withdrawn support for image previews within Twitter in the past several days, it is now the little blue bird's time to respond: A new service called Twitter Cards will make it possible for users to attach media to their tweets, media that can initially be enriched by a selection of photo filters. More functionality and features will be added along the road. Here's an (slightly morbid) example posted by the Twitter Dev team: . . . read more

Google releases Nik Software's Snapseed for Android, offers the IOS version for free, and some really tight Google+ integration.

Full story at the Verge:

"This is not a head-to-head battle with Instagram. Google's strategy here is to go after the photo geeks, the prosumers, the folks who resent how 90 percent of images now have the same retro filter. "It’s not like Instagram with one click filters," says Josh Haftel, a 12-year-veteran of Nik Software now working out of Google's Mountain View HQ as a product manager on Snapseed. "You’re not in and out in 5 seconds. You do more customization, from color saturation to light leaks." . . . read more

The Iphone SLR mount for Canon and Nikon lenses by PhotoJoJo, a fun novelty gizmo for those with $250 and some sense to spare.

There are just a few caveats however, none of them pretty serious for the Iphanboy that wants it all: For starters, this is just for manual focusing, as there's no electrical coupling between the lenses and the iphone at all. But even then, you may have to tap your screen a couple of times to convince your iphone's camera that the image it sees is actually focused. 

Then there's the real bummer for Canon lens owners: The mount is not compatible with the slightly smaller EF-S lenses, but only with the EF beasts. The reasoning here seems to be 'if you're gonna do it, do it all the way'.
Nikon users are luckier, the SLR mount is compatible with pretty much all Nikon Nikkor SLR lenses of the past several decades. 

Images on the screen can (and will) appear darker than usual, that's because there's a 1-2 stop light loss due to the focusing scree, However, the same screen is pretty exposed to the elements, so a frequent cleaning might be in order, as to avoid dirt and dust showing up in your images. 

For those of you really wanting this after reading all the above, PhotoJoJo throws in two loop holes on the mount so you can carry your Iphone with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens hanging from your neck, in style. . . . read more

Eye-Fi branches out with new photo sync and cloud storage service called Circ, available to all major platforms except for Linux.

AllthingsD has the story:

"Yuval Koren, CEO of Eye-Fi, said the company came from a consumer perspective when designing the app, which has been in development for about a year.

“We didn’t want to build just another cloud service,” said Koren in an interview with AllThingsD. “We didn’t want the customer to have to think about the technology behind it, or worry about how much storage space they had left before . . . read more

Triggertrap mobile camera remote trigger review at Imaging Resource: So fun and easy to use we've had a hard time quitting it.

"OK, so we wish it had a longer cable and smile recognition. But really, that's all we could come up with to complain about. Mainly it's just fun. Lots of fun. More fun than we've ever had with a shutter. Sure, our dSLR has interval timing but the setup requires an advanced degree in physics. We look at screen after screen of settings and have no idea how to set what. But with Triggertrap it was obvious.

And another thing. These electronic cameras just won't respond to a plain old mechanical cable release. So we often resort to . . . read more

Perfectly Clear v3.0 for iOS released, promises one click fix for the 'purple haze' issue.

Athentech Press Release

Athentech announces Perfectly Clear® v3.0 for iPhone & iPad

Leader in Intelligent Image Correction updates popular iOS Apps . . . read more

DXO mark: Today's smartphones are better than yesterdays digital cameras.

That also includes prosumer class cameras, like the Canon Powershot G5. And when it comes to video, things look even better for the smartphone camp:

"Like the iPhone 5, most of today’s competitive smartphones sport a camera with a sensor of at least 8megapixels. This is a . . . read more

Lots of reports and buzz around town about Iphone 5 'purple haze' camera issues.

Remember when Leica had the same issue with the M8 some years ago? The culprit was the missing IR filter, and Leica initially 'fixed' the issue by sending screw-on IR filters to its customers. Unfortunately, there's no such threaded mount on the Iphone 5 camera. . . . read more

Samsung Galaxy camera review at TechRadar

This camera is pretty much a milestone in the ever changing landscape of digital photography, and other manufacturers need to keep a close eye, or they'll lose the train:

"Even better news for many, is that the 16 million pixel CMOS sensor inside the camera is a 1/2.3 inch device, the same size as . . . read more

Nokia pureview 808 reviewed at DPreview, the results may surprise you.

So, what do you get when you pair cutting edge imaging photography with an obsolete OS in a sleek format smartphone?  . . . read more

The bigger picture: the Nokia 808 PureView's massive 41 mpixel sensor compared, at Mobot

Yes, we're all shocked by the extreme specs of this sensor, Mobot tries to make some sense out of it:

"Pixels, of course, we're familiar with. The pixel count is the first thing we want to know about any camera, and it's what we're playing around with when we crop, edit and resize images digitally. . . . read more

Want a 41 mpixels camera with a Carl Zeiss lens? Get a Nokia 808 Pure View Phone.

It's funny, each time someone predicts the end of the megapixel race​ total war, some company comes along and totally blows things (and false prophesies) up.  All the imaging specs of this phone are truly mind boggling:  A 1/1.2" sensor (larger than the Panasonic LX5, Canon S100 and Nikon P7100, and only slightly smaller than the one in Nikon's 1 series) 41 megapixels that max out at a 7728x5368 resolution, all aspherical Zeiss optics at f2.4, zero shutter lag, mechanical shutter with neutral density filter, and more, MUCH more. Links to Nokia white paper and hands-on after the press release. . . . read more

Seal Shields waterproof cases for Ipad 2 and Iphone now available

Great for hiles, or for extended location shoots, especially for those hooking up their Ipad 2 for hdmi/tethering purposes.


Seal Shield Press Release

SEAL SHIELDS allow touch screen devices to be washed, in order to prevent cross contamination infections in healthcare. . . . read more

Snapdragon S4: Mobile imaging takes huge step towards and beyond entry level point and shoot cameras.

And by huge, we're not just thinking of the megapixel count, that currently stands at 16, thanks to monster phones such as the HTC Titan II.  No, even though the quad core S4 can support up to a 20 Mpixel sensor, it also adds features such as 1080p 30fps video shooting, zero shutter lag, support for up to 3 cameras, image stabilization, and more. These features combined with the ever more extensive array of sensors, and common-day specs such as big touch screens, gps, and wifi, make for a very potential weapon directed to the whole range of point and shoot cameras: . . . read more

KeepLoop turns your mobile into a microscope, a real one.

This is not your average add-on lens gizmo, crapgadget, visual expander or whatever you may call those things that stuck to your phone's lens and turn it into a real 'camera'. No, this  device, transforms a regular mobile phone to a usable microscope. Some technical aspects: It attaches itself to the phone magnetically. The lens/sensor usable area of view becomes 2x3 millimeters. Surrounding leds allow illumination from different angles. The detail of the image produced ranges from 1/100 to 1/1000 of a millimeter, but accuracy suffers as the resolution increases.  . . . read more

Gerber Steady Tool, built for the Iphoneographers among us.

Yours for a measly $64. Iphone & Hipster attitude not included:

Built for the weekend adventurer, the Gerber Steady combines the utility of a multi-tool and the functionality of a camera tripod. It comes equipped with an adjustable cell phone and screw-in camera mount and two foldable legs that serve as a tripod. The rest of the tool is all Gerber ingenuity

Magix Camera MX app for Android released

MacPhun FX Photo Studio Review @ Bright Hand

No, its not a new MC Donald's happy meal line, but an app that helps you share, add effects, and do some basic editing on your precious pics.


London College offers course in iPhoneography

"The course, in 'iPhoneography' at London's Kensington and Chelsea College, is thought to be a UK first. 

The college says many iPhone owners struggle to use the camera properly. 
Students will create images using the iPhone camera and a range of "apps". Tutor, Richard Gray, said: "all you need is a passion for 
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