The Phoblographer recommends Lenses for Micro Four Thirds, but don't read if you're a fan of m43 zoom lenses though, because they're deemed 'mediocre at best'.

Also recommended is the Tokina reflex 300mm POS IQ challenged lens (due to mirror/reflex technology limitations), that the writer obviously thinks is better than the Panasonic 100-300mm? Yeah, right.

"For those of us who like to take pictures of small things with great magnification, or close-ups of stuff like flower blossoms, a macro lens is a must. Panasonic has the Leica-branded 45mm f2.8 to offer, while Olympus recently introduced the 60mm f2.8 (which is much smaller in reality than it seems). Both allow for 1:1 magnification, and both . . . read more

Tokina Reflex 300mm MF Macro Lens Review at Ephotozine

A 600mm equivalent lens that boasts a constant f6.3 aperture, a diminutive size and mass, and costs just a bit more than a common kit lens? There's got to be a catch, and in this case, quite a few of them, like the issue of image quality:

"Far from being a viable replacement for a more expensive telephoto lens, what we have here is a lens that produces a certain effect, that may be of interest to some. The effect it produces can be used to great effect for the right subject, but can also spoil an otherwise good image.

. . . read more

Tokina Reflex 300mm F6.3 MF MACRO review at DC Watch

Being a Japanese site, we'll stick to the Google translate version, which is funnier than the actual lens:

"On a sense of resolution, contrast with those.  Not seen, such as coma, such as noticeable, but it is also the lesser limb darkening.  A vivid image of the periphery of the screen as well, is a depiction satisfactory as a mirror lens.  These materials . . . read more

Tokina Reflex 300mm f/6.3 MF Macro Lens hands-on at the Phoblographer

"Focusing the lens is fairly simple to do. All you need to do is keep in mind the 600mm focal length (equivalent) and just pay very close attention to your potential subject.

Oh also, it does this really cool doughnut-shaped-bokeh-thinger. That is characteristic of most mirror lenses, and it should be . . . read more

Tokina Reflex 300mm f/6.3 MF Macro Lens hands-on at the Luminous Landscape

"I spent an afternoon shooting with the Lumix 100-300mm at 300mm, and comparing results against the Tokina 300mm mirror lens. It was akin to a battle between the halt and lame. The Lumix shows a bit better resolution but also some significant chromatic aberration (purple fringing) while the Tokina has no CA but also lower contrast. The resolution of the . . . read more

Tokina Reflex 300mm f/6.3 MF Macro Lens review by Ivo Freriks: Compact size, limited resolution.

"Shooting with a lens with a focal length of 600 mm (converted to a full-frame sensor) is not easy. Focusing should be done very carefully. Handheld shots with such a lens usually lead to disappointing results. You justmust use a tripod. But even then you should keep in mind that you'll need very clear weather to create sharp images taken from a large . . . read more

Tokina Reflex 300mm f/6.3 MF Macro Lens review at DSLR Google translated edition.

"Throughout our testing Reflex Tokina 300mm f / 6,3 MF have learned to compensate for the idiosyncrasies taking advantage of what digital photography offers the one hand, and the special modes of the Olympus OM-D on the other: we set characteristic curve making the camera (possible in the OM-D), providing more density in the shadows and brightness and contrast in the lights. With this adjustment, the gain is very important acutance. Of course, each user will know . . . read more

Tokina 300mm f/6.3 Mirror Lens for Micro Four Thirds review at the Luminous Landscape

The ever growing lens line up of the micro four thirds family, has been expanded with a mirror tele lens:

"This is an MFT lens and thus will only work (at the moment) on cameras from Panasonic and Olympus. At the risk of pissing off Panasonic aficionados I'll simply state that this lens will work best with Olympus cameras because they have built-in image stabilization. The lens has . . . read more

Tokina AT-X Pro 12-24mm f/4 IF DX II review at Cnet Australia

The Tokina  AT-X 124 AF PRO DX II takes filters, is equipped with a nifty manual/auto focus clutch mechanism, internal focus, and sports Tokinas best and latest aspherical and SD glass, so what's not to like? 


"For a lens this wide, it's inevitable that there will be distortion, particularly at the extreme wide end. At 12mm it's noticeable, but it . . . read more

Astrodesign, Kenko Tokina and Tamron join the Micro Four Thirds group

Wow, we've got what, 6 lens companies in the micro four thirds camp now?  Surely good news for the customers.


  . . . read more

Tokina new AT-X 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II

Tokina Japan has released a new version of its 11-16mm wide-angle lens. The new AT-X 11-16 f/2.8 PRO DX II has an aspherical element, a new coating for improved performance and a AF-S equivalent Silent Drive Motor autofocus, usable with all Nikon DSLRs  that don't have an . . . read more

Tokina unveils AT-X 17-35mm F/4 lens for Full Frame DSLRs

Tokina is the first 3rd party lens manufacturer to add weaher proofing to ther lenses. Tokina PR:

Designed for Full-Frame cameras, the Tokina AT-X 17-35mm F/4 give photographers a new wide-angle option. With a focal length of 17mm . . . read more

Tokina AT-X 16-28mm F2.8 Pro FX @ Photography blog

"The Tokina AT-X 16-28mm F2.8 Pro FX lens has a rather noisy auto-focusing system, with an easily audible mechanical whirr. In use, we found the system satisfyingly quick and accurate on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with no complaints about speed or accuracy. . . . read more

Tokina AT-X Pro SD 12-24mm F4 (IF) DX review @ DPreview

"The Tokina AT-X Pro SD 12-24mm F4 (IF) DX is a member of an original triumvirate of third party wideangle zooms which were introduced just as affordable APS-C format DSLRs started to become mainstream products, along with the Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM and Tamron SP AF 11-18mm F4.5-5.6 Di-II LD Aspherical (IF). It first became available in 2004, and has since acquired a . . . read more reviews the Tokina AF 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX

This lens is among the top contenders in the ultra-wide zoom range and for good reasons: "  he resolution figures of the Tokina are highly impressive and the best that we've seen in this class (within the Canon scope). The lens did not show a single significant weakness throughout the range. The center resolution is excellent, even outstanding towards the long end, and the borders are easily on a very good level at large apertures and excellent around the sweet spot at f/5.6. The extreme corners are not much worse. This may show that a short zoom range can be actually very desirable when it comes to quality.  he field curvature is fairly moderate and not objectionable. Below is a simplified summary of the formal findings. The chart shows in line widths per picture height (LW/PH) which can be taken as a quantity for sharpness. If you want to know more about it you may check out the corresponding Imatest Explanations." Link 
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