The Sigma DN (Digital Neo) line of lenses is designed exclusively for mirrorless interchangeable lens mounts, like micro four thirds, NEX, Nikon 1 series and Fujifilm X mount.

Sigma 30mm EX DN lens for Sony NEX mount review at Photozone: Excellent performer, we know it, because we sell them....downunder!

I learned something today: now sells Australia? Anyway, the Sigma lens seems to be an excellent performer, to the point of outresolving the NEX-7. I wonder how much better the new 'Art" series 30mm DN lens will be:

"The Sigma AF 30mm f/2.8 EX DN is capable of delivering an outstanding center performance straight from f/2.8 - it even broke the existing record for the Sony NEX 7 as of the time of this review. The lens is basically "diffraction-limited" in the image center so stopping down has no effect on the center performance anymore. The outer image regions reach a good level at f/2.8 and improve to very good (just) figures at f/4 to f/8. The overall performance diminishes from f/11 onward - this is a typical diffraction effect and no problem of the lens. . . . read more

Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 ASPH VS 30mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens sharpness comparison by Fredrik Gløckner

From my own findings, there's the issue of Sigma's much lower CA and purple fringing when used on Olympus bodies. In any case, the Sigma is an automatic buy anyway, due to its current very low price.

"We see that the Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 has an impressive level of sharpness, even wide open. The Sigma 19mm, on the other hand, needs a bit of stopping down before reaching the same level of sharpness. At f/2.8, the 19mm lens is a tad bit dull, even in the centre of the image frame. This finding is consistent with other tests I have seen. Generally, it is observed that the Sigma 19mm lens is not the sharpest at f/2.8, and improves when stopped down to f/4 and f/5.6. Stopping down beyond f/5.6 does generally not add anything to the overall sharpness, but does give you more depth of focus (DoF). If you need a deep DoF, it may still be wise to stop down to f/8 or even further, but this will give you slightly worse sharpness at pixel level.

. . . read more

Sigma Super lens deal comes to Europe too: 2 Sigma primes at 99 Euros each, the 19mm f/2.8 EX DN and 30mm f/2.8 EX DN, available in both micro 4/3 and NEX mounts.

Sigma extends its 'prime lenses at half the price' deal to Europe, too, prices start at just 99 Euros per lens!
The lenses on offer are the Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN and the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN, available in micro 4/3 and NEX mounts. Their reviews have generally been very positive ones, and sure as heck they're worth their price. Most of the European dealers have updated their prices, in case you cannot find one, check this link on Sigma's page for a dealer list.

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN lens review by Jordan Steel at Admiring Light: I should't like it, but I love it.

The lens was tested with an Olympus E-M5 camera, and Kudos to Jordan for not stripping the EXIF information from the images.

"The Sigma 19mm is a lens that frankly, I shouldn’t like. I’ve been using pretty much nothing but high end lenses for the past 6 years, and generally a budget lens like this wouldn’t even ping my radar. Then there’s that somewhat odd focal length, it’s relatively slow aperture and unremarkable size . But the fact of the matter is, I do like this lens. Sigma managed to make an affordable lens that is well built with a fast and silent autofocus motor. They then made it . . . read more

Sigma Super Duper deal at B & H: Two E-Mount lenses for the price of one.

The lenses in question are the Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN and 30mm f/2.8 EX DN for Sony, and there seem to be no hooks attached. Lucky 'Muricans :)

Sigma patents a whole bunch of prime lenses for mirrorless mounts, all with optical stabilizers.

Ok, it's time for Google translate to derp shine once more:

"Σ is the DP Merrill NEX , Myu4 / three for 19mm F2.8 and 30mm F2.8 have issued.  This 50mm or 55mm if join (Rolleiflex in terms of focal length 50 mm / 55mm , 75mm / 80mm , 135mm (or Minolta CLE) 28mm , 40mm , 90mm near lineup) is completed ( Myu4 / 3 is the angle of view I is different). Antivibration It would also be useful in portrait photography with a flash I would be so easy if Handheld, because the lens shutter if DP. Anti-vibration with a telephoto lens in the NEX and I 50 mm F1.8 OSS, Myu4 / 3 macro it 45mm F2.8 Although OIS, Sigma 55mm F2.8 OS is show me what does the depiction or not."

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Review at the Photography Blog

"For the modest financial outlay, the new Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN lens is definitely worth considering, especially for Sony E-Mount users looking for an affordable wide-angle lens. It's less attractive for Micro Four Thirds owners, though, with smaller rivals from Panasonic and Olympus available that deliver better image quality, although the Sigma offering undercuts them all in terms of value."

Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN review at SLR Gear

"The Sigma 30mm ƒ/2.8 EX DN is a fairly pedestrian lens, small and light with a matte black finish. The lens is made of primarily plastic components, weighing only 128 grams (4.8oz), with plastic 46mm filter threads and a metal lens mount. The lens has only one control on it, the manual focus ring. There is no depth-of-field scale, distance scale or infrared index. . . . read more

SIGMA 19mm F2.8 EX DN lens for m4/3 and E-System mount

Price and availability TBA. Sigma Press Release: . . . read more

SIGMA 30mm F2.8 EX DN lens for m4/3 and E-system

Price and availability TBA. Sigma Press Release: . . . read more

Sigma announces "DN" line of lenses for m4/3 and E-system mounts

DN = Digital Neo.  Sigma Press Release:

New lenses and product line designed for Micro Four Thirds, E-mount systems

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 9, 2012 – Sigma Corporation of America today announced the launch of its

new line of Micro Four Thirds system and E-mount lenses for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.
. . . read more

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