Description by Olympus:

Kai W. tries to find the worst lens in the world, is it the Olympus 15mm Body Cap lens?

Digital Rev TV takes a step back from reviewing expensive lenses and now jump on a camera body cap, with a hole in it: 'It makes you smile, part laughing, part amazement, but the best feeling is that it works'

Olympus 15mm f/8 body cap lens review at Camera Hoarders: "If you have an Instagram account, listen only to bands that sold 15 records or less and ride a fixie, the 15mm lenscap is the thing to have"

Ivan doesn't think very highly of the 15mm body cap lens:

Compared even to “low-end” Olympus 14-42 F/3.5-5.6 kit lens, the 15mm is nowhere near sharp. In all samples below, 14-42 used at the F/8 aperture gives clearly sharper images in center. Corners are even worse, where 15mm sometimes looks bad even when viewed scaled to my monitor’s size (24″). But keep in mind at all times, Olympus 15mm costs $ 40 and is smaller than smallest available lens for micro 4/3 system. There had to be a trade-off somewhere. There’s another issue though… when set to infinity, the lens has sharp corners, but somewhat blurred center; set at hyperfocal center . . . read more

Little Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm f/8.0 go to the DXO Mark playground, gets called 'cute' by the grownups.

Why read a review of the body cap lens? It costs less that some of Oly's lens hoods, is comes at around the same size as a regular body cap, but is a lens. Excellent for photography training too, as every prime lens it makes you use your feet instead of a zoom range.  I gave it as a Christmas gift to a fat relative of mine, and now he's looking healthier than ever!

"No photographer buying a $49, 9mm long body cap lens is expecting optical perfection. Instead this lens is a bit of fun, a curiosity, a point and shoot option that’s a bit quirky and doesn’t cost much money.  The limited focusing, fixed 15mm focal . . . read more

Olympus 15mm f/8 Body Cap lens review by Thom Hogan: It is manual focus only and has less than stellar optical characteristics, but you should buy one.

Buy one. Simple as that. If you've got an m4/3 camera, buy one. Use it as your main body cap (though note that the BCL-15 should have its rear lens cap mounted when it's not on the camera, to protect the rear element).

Indeed, so many people have opted to buy this body cap lens that it's mostly sold out and some places that still have it are charging more than list price for it as I write this.

It's really a no-brainer purchase for those of you trying to go small and pocketable with your m4/3 system (e.g. GF5 and  . . . read more

Thoughts on the Olympus Body Cap Lens, by Simon Goldsworthy

Maybe this idea Olympus had about a body cap lens ain't so bad after all:

"Optically this lens is a little bit pants. The corners are soft and a little smeary. There is also quite a bit of vignetting. However, it’s enjoyable to shoot with because you have to shift your shooting style to compensate for the narrow (fixed) aperture and manual focus. To be fair the centre is sharp even if the corners are not." . . . read more

Pekka Potka tests the Olympus 15mm f8 'Body cap lens'

But he has run out of colour, so, only black and white pics. He doesn't like it a lot either:

"Aperture f/8 is far too dim to be usable (without flash) casually in a traditional P&S style whenever, if you expect normally sharp images. You really have to set your eye and mind to f/8 and work with the consequensies of it, namely blur. Or then . . . read more

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