Kai Wong (Digital Rev) checks out the 'toy' category of micro 4/3 lenses: Lots of fun with minimum moolah.

Quite an interesting bunch here: 

- Lomography Experimental Lens Kit for Micro Four Thirds 
- SLR Magic 50mm f/0.95 
- Holga lens  . . . read more

Lensbaby Composer Pro for Micro four thirds with Sweet 35 Optic review at Phoblographer

The all-glass Composer Pro coupled with the Sweet 35 optic can produce some amazing results:

"In the time I had with the Composer Pro and Sweet 35, I found the combo worked best for close-ups. I’ve seen wonderful landscape pictures taken with the combo in Lensbaby’s gallery, but somehow mine never turned out as nicely. However, . . . read more

The Lensbaby Spark is plastic and cheap, promises tons of fun.

A new selective focus lens by Lensbaby, this time it is a stripped down to the essentials fixed f5.6 aperture story, but that makes it easier to use than its bigger stablenates, and cheaper too.

Lensbaby Press Release . . . read more

Lensbaby releases the Edge 80 optic.

If you're having a hard time to understand just what this new Lensbaby does, they have a very cool simulator here

Or, check out the numerous samples and examples at the Lensbaby Edge 80 hub.

  . . . read more

Lensbaby releases new macro converter set.


These macro converters come as a 8mm and 16mm kit that can be stacked to a 24mm converter. Actually they can be used with pretty much every LensBaby, including the existing macro kit and their single, double, plastic and soft focus lenses/kits. There are also one tiny bit of the reasons the Chinese will eat this industry up in the near future. Charging $50 for 2 small plastic tubes goes a long way towards that end.

New Micro Four Thirds 'Lo-fi' lens from Photojojo @ TR

"The new lens is focused manually, and features soft bokeh, vignetting, lens flares and low contrast for a 'lo-fi' feel. It also offers a very shallow depth of field for tilt-shift-like photo effects.  . . . read more

Lensbaby Composer with Tilt Transformer Review @ DCR

"While previous Lensbaby lenses are available in all standard DSLR mounts, the Tilt Transformer is only available for Micro Four Thirds and Sony α NEX cameras because of the short flange back distance on those cameras. In non techno-geek speak the Tilt Transformer sticks out from the camera's mount by almost an inch. If you move a lens mount that far forward on a Canon or Nikon camera then the lens can't focus. Since the . . . read more

Lensbaby soft focus lens review by Bob Atkins

The fun-loving LensBaby family is expanding, here's a take on the soft-focus module: "The Lensbaby soft focus optic is a 50mm focal length multicoated doublet with a fairly flat field and uncorrected spherical aberration. It covers a full 35mm frame. Having a flat(ish) field means that the lens doesn't really have a pronounced central "sweet spot" like some of the other Lensbaby optics.

Lensbaby Fisheye Review by Bob Atkins

Lensbaby has expanded to fisheye territory, and Bob Atkins gives it a go: "The Lensbaby fisheye is midway between the wideangle adapter and Peleng fisheye both in price and image quality as can be seen from the sample images. As I said, if you already have a Composer or Muse then it's certainly worth considering. The image quality is quite good if you use one of the smaller aperture stops.
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