Man arrested in Rochester NY, over Kodak bomb threat.

Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, Chris Cheesman from Amateur Photographer reports:

"Omer Fadhel Saleh Mohammed, 31, from Rochester, is accused of making 21 calls to emergency number 911, ‘claiming that a terrorist was going to bomb Kodak Corporation'. He was arrested and charged with making false bomb threats and could face up to 10 years in jail, according to a statement released by the FBI yesterday. The calls were made between 24 September 2012 and 24 January 2013, states Assistant US Attorney Anthony M Bruce. . . . read more

It's a Spaceship! No, It's a Time Machine: The Kodak carousel projector turns 50 years, Alice Rawsthorn at the NY Times remembers the time.

"When an Italian-American inventor, Louis Misuraca, showed Kodak his design for a circular tray, which fed slides into the projector automatically at the click of a button without jamming, the company offered to buy it. Misuraca sold his invention for a lump sum, and treated his family to a holiday in Italy. Kodak finessed the design and introduced the new projector in the United States in spring 1962 as the Carousel. “80 slides nonstop” was one of the advertising slogans. “It loads as easily as a piggy bank,” claimed the ad. “It locks against spilling. It lets you edit as you go. And it stores like a book when the show is over.” The projector itself looked cheerfully technocratic in a monochrome case with clearly visible . . . read more

5 new companies enter the Micro Four Thirds Group, we're checking them out.

A weird bunch this is: We've got the Australian maker of a manual Video Camera with severe supply issues, a joker, a German who makes machine vision systems, a Japanese company that specializes in (very, VERY) high speed professional video cameras, and someone-also from Japan-who markets Fleas, Grasshoppers, Fireflies and Ladybugs.  . . . read more

JK Imaging to market a Kodak branded Micro 4/3 camera lineup, first model will be named the Kodak S1 WiFi equipped camera with a Sony sensor, to be made available in Q3, 2013.

Story first uncovered by ePrice in Taiwan, and initially picked up by 43 Rumors and Mirrorless Rumors, but we'll change/add to their wording a bit. First, neither Kodak, NOR JK Imaging are capable of manufacturing anything, this will be a crappy (or semi-decent, depending on your Point of View) OEM story, similar to the 'Polaroid' interchangeable lens cameras.

Second, JK Imaging (boasting of maintaining sales offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, China, Dubai, and Jordan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela) is a company that literally came out of nowhere, represented by a single guy, and probably being just a front for JAACX distributors, a retailer with a presence mainly in Latin America. . . . read more

The vast Kodak intellectual property portfolio to (mostly) stay in America: Señor Perez finally manages to offload the bundle to a consortium, primary members are Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, but also Fujifilm and Samsung.

And this is actually the true end of Kodak as we knew it. The company is now completely out of digital consumer imaging and printing, focusing instead on commercial printing and packaging. Whatever imaging business left is film based, and it will sooner than later dwindle out of existence. 
Kodak Chief Executive Antonio M. Perez (the one with the private jets and millions in salary and bonuses) had this to say: "This monetization of patents is another major milestone toward successful emergence (from bankruptcy)," and then he went on to say: "Kodak remains a major center of invention and innovation." What's that thing the kids say these days? Oh yes, ROTFLMAO Thankfully for Mr. Perez, Rochester appears to be all out of pitchforks and torches.

However things are not all bad for the residents of Rochester. Kodak may not be anywhere near to being a 'center of invention and innovation" as Mr. Perez belies believes, but the University of Rochester and the Technical Institute of Rochester certainly are. These two Institutes have both a very strong presence in Optics and Digital Imaging, like for example, The Institute of Optics, one of the greatest optics research facilities in the world. A little known fact outside Rochester is that these institutes, together now employ more people than Kodak ever did. . . . read more

Apple and Google Gang up for common $500 million bid to acquire what good is left In Kodak's portfolio of patents.

Reuters Reports:

"Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. (GOOG) have joined forces to offer more than $500 million to buy Eastman Kodak Co. (EKDKQ)’s patents out of bankruptcy, said people familiar with the situation.

The two companies, competing for dominance of the smartphone market, have partnered after leading two separate groups this summer to buy some of Kodak’s 1,100 imaging patents, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the process is private. . . . read more

Kodak to discontinue three slide films: E100VS, E100G and Elite Chrome Extra Color 100

Kodak is continuing on its steady diet, this time the fat to be trimmed are 3 of the EKTACHROME color reversal films:

"Kodak Discontinuation Notice


Kodak's former sensor business is now Truesense Imaging.

Kodak sensor you say? They may not have been a mass producer of sensors, but here's some of the companies that still uses them: Hasselblad, Sinar, Pentax (on their 645 medium format) and Leica on the S2 (KODAK KAF-37500) and their M9 (KODAK KAF-18500). Limitation of current sensors include not so good high iso performance, no video capture, and no liveview ability.  . . . read more

Kodak to phase out digital cameras and digital picture frames.

When Kodak execs in Rochester claim Kodak is to be transformed into an 'All digital company" perhaps what they ultimately have in mind is a usb stick with whatever is left of Kodak's intellectual property on it, in a safe at some ip lawyer firm's office.  . . . read more

A Photographer's Eulogy for Eastman Kodak at Luminous Landscape

Is Kodak aware that people are writing eulogies left and right? Is the company even aware of its death? No, not really, according to them they are 'restructuring' and 'focusing on core strategies' and 'enforcing the transformation to an all digital company' and stuff like that. Kodak, welcome to the purgatory, Agfa and Polaroid will be your guides. . . . read more

Fujifilm: film sales decline is slowing @ Tech Radar

"It's fair to say that in recent months and years, there has been a serious resurgence in the popularity of analogue film, with companies like Lomography cashing on in on the trend with a range of plastic cameras that produce unpredictable results.  . . . read more

The Son of a 'Kodak Man' Remembers the Good Times and Bad @ DF

"My dad paid no attention. He would say proudly that Kodak spent a higher percentage on research and development than anybody. I knew his entire pitch by heart: With the top-ranked universities in town and down the road, Kodak was the place to work from Buffalo to Albany. If you went . . . read more

How Kodak Squandered Every Single Digital Opportunity It Had @ Mashable

"It’s no exaggeration to say Kodak invented digital photography. In 1975 Kodak engineer Steve Sasson created the first digital camera, which took photos with 10,000 pixels, or 0.01 megapixels — about a hundredth of the resolution that low-end cameraphones have today. Kodak didn’t stop . . . read more

Why digital printing is not the answer to Kodak’s woes

"Ironically, Kodak led the digital photography revolution, but failed to capitalise on it. Kodak invented the digital camera, but Japanese rivals like Canon, Nikon and Fuji did a far better job commercialising it. Kodak spent far too much time betting heavily on photographic film even as the rest . . . read more

"Film division is still profitable," says Kodak @ BJP

Using "Film" and "Profitable" in the same sentence sure makes Kodak stock owners feel comfy:

"In 2010, Kodak's marketing manager for professional film at Kodak, argued that there was a real resurgence for film across the world. But, . . . read more

Kodak Files for Chapter 11, sues Samsung

"Kodak has succumbed to its financial pressures and filed for Chapter 11 business reorganization in New York. The iconic photography company isn't dead yet, however, just very broke."

Kodak to sue Fujifilm

Kodak continues on its acclaimed business strategy of "suing while selling assets", this time the target is Fujifilm:


Kodak Alleges Patent Infringement Against Fujifilm

Cnnmoney writes about Twinkies, Polaroid and Kodak survival stories.

Given the ingredients, it must be a tasty read:

"Kodak's brand name (not its patents) could easily generate more than double Polaroid's sales price, said Jamie Salter, the CEO of Authentic . . . read more

Five ways the digital camera changed us @ BBC

"Photography firm Kodak has run into hard times, with critics suggesting it has failed to effectively adapt to digital. But four decades ago Kodak was credited with building the first digital camera, an innovation that has changed the world. . . . read more

Trouble developing at Kodak

"A filing could come as soon as this month or early February, one of the people familiar with the matter said. Kodak would continue to pay its bills and operate normally while under bankruptcy protection, the people said. But the . . . read more

Kodak Announces Agreement to Sell Eastman Gelatine Subsidiary

Soon, they'll only have the Learjet left.

KODAK DR: "ROCHESTER, N.Y., December 22
Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) announced today that, consistent with its previously announced intention to sell non-core assets . . . read more

Kodak Android print app

It appears Kodak has found a new future (and perharps its only future) in the Android app market. So far the app gets descent reviews, and it's free. Of course it only works with (select) Kodak printers: "Rochester, N.Y., December 05 -- Continuing to make printing from smartphones and tablets easy and accessible, Kodak today launched its free KODAK Document Print App1 for ANDROID OS Devices. Consumers can now send documents from their ANDROID OS device directly to their KODAK All-in-One Printer using Google Cloud PrintTM.

Kodak invents mother of all bad EULAs

Poor Kodak, almost never in the news for a positive thing lately. But between lawsuits and closed factories, this one takes the price:   "(i)  You grant to Kodak, and others with Kodak's consent, the right to edit, copy, distribute, publish, display and otherwise use your Contribution for purposes of the KODAK Moments program, without attribution, consideration or compensation to you, the photographer, your successors or

Trade court rules for Kodak in patent fight

Photo: Rick McGinnis, from his "The End of Kodachrome and the Death of Kodak Heights" piece.   WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Eastman Kodak Co has won a preliminary fight with Samsung Electronics, which the camera giant had accused of infringing its digital camera patents.

Kodak announces closure of labs

kooodakI guess there won't be any good news coming from Kodak anymore: DURHAM (Reuters) -- Eastman Kodak Company has announced that it will discontinue wholesale photofinishing.  Kodak's three remaining labs in the US and Canada and their headquarters in Durham are shutting down.  The closings were announced Tuesday to employees. The three labs employ a total of 300 employees, less than 100 are staffed

Kodak to focus on lawsuits and layoffs

kodak_logoThis is what our marketing-speak to plain english translator says. Quote from Kodak's press-release: " These actions, which the company has already begun, include more tightly focusing its portfolio of investments, intensifying its emphasis on generating cash, and further streamlining its cost structure. Additionally, today the company announced that where permissible by law its executives would not receive a salary increase in 2009 and that it would temporarily suspend for 2009 the company’s U.S. 401(k) match. Based upon the current outlook, company management also does not expect a payout

Kodak: Ouch, again.

With the former imaging giant's main bulk of products competing in the sub $100 segment with a myriad of Asian made crap stuff, it's time for some break(up)dance. TIMES ONLINE has the story: "Wall Street is forecasting that Kodak, one of the most famous names in photography, will be forced to break up as the industrial icon fails to cope with the collapse in demand for its digital cameras and printers. Kodak gave warning on Wednesday that revenues and profits for 2008 would fall well below
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