Sony releases new firmware for NEX-5n

This utility updates the NEX-5N Camera Firmware to version 1.01 and provides the following benefits:

Improves the AF response for situations where the distance of the subject changes considerably
Improves stability when operating the camera using the [Lens Compensation: Distortion] "Auto" and [Picture Effect] "Miniature" settings at the same time
Improves camera operations when using the [Exposure Compensation] and [Intelligent AF] settings . . . read more

Sony NEX-5N Review at The Mansurovs

If you prefer fantastic high iso performance and very good color rendering over sluggish AF performance and minimal external controls, then the Sony NEX-5n might be the camera for you:


"Overall, I am very impressed by the Sony NEX-5N – it is a high-quality camera with excellent image quality characteristics. As you can see from the previous page of this review, the Sony NEX-5N easily beats the Nikon 1 V1 and the Olympus E-PL3 in terms of . . . read more

Sony NEX-5n review at Trusted Reviews

"With the AF switched on, point-of-focus options extend to Multiple (determined by the camera) and Central, along with a Flexible Spot setting that allows you to move a single AF box around the screen as you wish with excellent screen-wide coverage offering plenty of scope for creative focusing. Our only minor gripe is that there’s no way to switch between these point-of-focus options quickly without having to trawl through the in-camera menu.  . . . read more

Sony alpha NEX-7 reviewed at EOD HD

EOS HD is a video oriented site, and as such puts those capabilities of the NEX-7 to the bench. While it may be a very good camera for photography, the video is another story, especially when it gets constantly compared to the GH2 and the 5D mark II.



"The NEX 7 is a real mixed bag. At times it has wowed me with a dynamic range and colour that seemed to be the best on any . . . read more

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Review at Outback Photo.

"Many things are shared with the NEX-5N. We only cover features that are different.

What we like
24MP is not what we really wanted but it is nice to have (more on this later)

Sony NEX-5n review by the Phoblographer

"So is the NEX 5N worth its weight in gold? In my honest opinion, yes it sure is. The image quality combined with overall size, excellent high ISOs, extreme good video, and simple to use menu along with a touch screen makes this a winner in my book. . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A77V DSLR review at Ephotozine.

The is the camera Sony recommends you to hook up your new $12.000 Sony 500mm lens to, so read on:


"The Sony Alpha A77 is an enjoyable camera to use that is capable of producing some excellent photos, with great colour, detail and extremely . . . read more

Sony unveils $12.000 500mm F4 G SSM telephoto lens

On the same day Sony had its rating slashed by Finch to a BBB+ with a negative outlook, they release a $12.000 super tele 500mm lens. Any connections? probably no direct ones, after all the downgrading was mostly due to the performance of the TV sector. But with a NEX system sorely lacking in the lens department, and even the alpha mount having big holes in its basic line-up one cannot help but wonder why this lens was such a priority for Sony. Do they really think pro photogs will sport this lens during the London Olympics? Lens collectors? Rich Saudi princes? Or am I just incapable of fathoming the greatness in Sony's marketing strategy? That must be it. . . . read more

Sony roadmap shows 8 lew lenses coming during 2012 and 2013.

Sony's NEX mount, the one with more cameras (and roadmaps) than active lenses is finally about to receive a healthy dose of new glass in the next 2 years. Specifically, Sony promises 8 new lenses, using vague terms like 'mid-magnification zoom' and 'large-aperture standard' to describe them. . . . read more

Sony Alpha NEX-5N review at Digital Camera Info.

"Put the Sony NEX-5N and its predecessor, the NEX-5, next to each other and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Like a “spot the difference” comic in the newspaper, the NEX-5N’s aesthetic changes are few and far between. Once you see the shots that the 5N produces, however, it’s clear that the NEX-5N delivers on the promises that accompanied the debut of Sony’s mirrorless NEX system. . . . read more

Sony NEX-7 review @ Engadget.

Does the NEX-7 have what it takes to impress the uber-geeeky Engadget crew? 

"As you may have gathered, we're quite smitten with the Sony Alpha NEX-7. The camera offers many features previously only accessible to full- . . . read more

Sony: Howard Stringer out, Kazuo Hirai new CEO

Right after Canon it is now turn for Sony to rid itself of its CEO for a new one. Kazuo Hirai made a big name for himself in the gaming division. 

LA Times reports: . . . read more

Sony posts Q3 2011 earnings, losses everywhere.

The outcast for next quarter ain't luminous either. Sony puts the blame on the usual culprits (mama nature and the strong Yen). The report keeps a gloomy a pessimistic tone thorough, like it was almost written by an emo accountant. . . . read more

Sony HVL-F43AM flash review by Moht Sulhan at Alpha Strobist: Surely we would love to have this little flash to be part of our wireless flash setup due to its physical features and flash capability.

"Finally we have a flash that sits nicely in between the Sony HVL-F58AM and the Sony HVL-F42Am that can provide the following features:

- Function as a controller for wireless flash
- Offer quick bounce head design for easy switching form landscape to portrait shooting orientation
. . . read more

Sony announces trio of Cybershot cameras, ups the race to 18 megapixels

Two of the new cams are just 'me too' digicams, and as such, WE won't bother with them. The one (DSC-TX200V) that stands out however, is a different kind of beast, a shiny, glass covered hipster beast. . . . read more

Using Pentax FA Lenses on the Sony NEX-5n by Tord Eriksson

Tord S Eriksson is a buss driver from Gothenburg Sweden, the town where Hasselblad has its roots, and the locals nick-named 'little London' due to the constant drunkenness  almost constant fog and rain. He's also an avid photographer: . . . read more

Sony α NEX-7 review by DigitalRev

DigitalRev is back with a video review, this time the NEX-7 gets the treatment, and they take it for some ice-skating.






  . . . read more

Sony Alpha NEX-5N Review DCRP

"Overall, the NEX-5N's photo quality is very good. The only issue I ran into is a very consistent tendency for the camera to underexpose by 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop. Thankfully, that issues is pretty easy to get around (use exposure compensation or bracket). One exposure-related problem that . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A77 @ Cnet Asia

The iso samples in this review really show off the huge fall in overall image quality starting at iso 3200. What would have been exceptional by Aps-c sensor standards just a couple of years ago, is now in the "mediocre to good" class, eclipsed by among others its own sibling, the NEX-7.

. . . read more

Sony CyberShot DSC-HX9V review @ TechRadar

We don't normally cover point'n shooters, but this one claims "a DSLR-like performance"  Gavin Stoker from TR tries to find out:


"Most effective is Sweep Panorama mode, which automatically generates a single elongated image as an MPO image file, viewable in its fullest . . . read more

Sony NEX-7 Review @ Digital Photography School


I wonder what the market would look like right now if the 2 big natural disasters of 2011 didn't occur. There will be another couple of months until Sony can move these babies at significant numbers.

"Why you’d buy the NEX-7: access to E-mount lenses, Carl Zeiss and (via an adaptor) Sony A-mount optics.
Why you wouldn’t: you prefer external control of exposure modes; with lens attached the camera is not pocketable; pricey.

. . . read more

Sony NEX-7 and Sony A900 ISO comparison @ Photo Jottings

"For those of you wondering about how the NEX-7 handles high ISOs as compared to the A900, look no further.  I’ve made some comps of both RAW and jpeg images, cropped from the center, with no changes other than converting the RAW (using ACR 6.6) to jpeg for posting.  I shot the . . . read more

Three new Sony NEX cameras coming within the next eight months @ SonyAlphaRumors

"The past weeks months Sony changed the product for 2012. So it hasn’t been easy to get reliable info about their camera and lens release. Finally I got a more reliable overview of Sony’s strategy. There will be three new NEX cameras within the next 8 months. Sony will announce the . . . read more

Sony Alpha A65 review @ Pocket-Lint

"The A65 may look a lot like a DSLR, but it’s different by design: a translucent mirror removes the need for mechanical mirror movement when each shot is fired. Instead light is fed to the sensor and an autofocus sensor simultaneously and without interruption which means this nifty bit of . . . read more

Sony Nex-7 video capabilites review @ Luminous-Landscape

"The NEX-7 (and NEX-5n) are interesting to anyone wanting to shoot video because unlike most video-capable DSLS and CSCs there are almost no restrictions on what "mode" you need to be in to shoot video. Indeed, with the NEX cameras there isn't a video mode. If you press the red . . . read more

Sony NEX-7 review @ Imaging-Resource

" The NEX-7 offers significantly improved performance over the NEX-5 in a couple of key areas. Sony claims prefocused shutter release lag of just 0.02 seconds (we measured 0.022s in the lab), which it says is not only five times faster than that of the NEX-5, but the fastest of any . . . read more

Comparing Sony NEX-7 and A900 @ Luminous-Landscape

"use a shorter lens than one would with the A900 or use the same lens and move back. In actual practice, I would use a shorter lens. So, most of the testing followed that path. . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs. Panasonic GX1 vs. Sony NEX-7 vs. Olympus E-P3 comparison @ SR

Stuff-Review has made a nice little chart that pits the newcomer against the almost established crowd. That's all pretty theoretical though, since 3 of the 4 cameras are practically not available in the majority of the western world:

  . . . read more

Sony NEX-5N field performance review by Kent Photography.

"Over the New Year holiday, I have been shooting with the NEX-5N. You can find out my first impression here.

Since then, Canon has announced the G1X and Fujifilm has announced the X-Pro 1, both are very capable cameras based on specs, but
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