Sony Nex-6 review at Ephotozine: A camera with downloadable apps.

"Images are free of noise at ISO 100 and there is very little at ISO 200 and 400. You can see a small amount at ISO 800 and more so at ISO 1600. ISO 3200 is where you can see a significant reduction in image quality with images becoming softer. There is a further loss of detail at ISO 6400 but image quality is still decent. At ISO 12800 some areas of the . . . read more

Sony Alpha A99 video review by DigitalRev TV: Mostly monkeying around.

The Digital Rev TV reviews have seemingly turned a bit bizarre as of lately. In this review things revolve a lot about body gestures and silly comments about the look of the camera and its various bits and pieces. Still, it is shot in HD, and some parts are quite useful for the potential buyer. . . . read more

Sony Nex-5R review by Ken Rockwell: The camera thinks it's smarter than you.

Ken does not like his Nex-5R a lot: 

"Personally I prefer my Fuji X100 when it comes to mirrorless cameras. The X100 has the same size sensor, a bigger effective-sized LCD, and it's smaller, lighter and performs better with built-in flash and two different viewfinders!

. . . read more

Sony NEX-7 Review at Admiring Light

This is one of those 'from photographers, for photographers' reviews:

"The NEX-7 is a very fine camera, and for many will be the ideal Compact System Camera.  I think that due to the APS-C sized sensor, excellent EVF with focus peaking and small size, it’s the perfect camera for those looking to use adapted . . . read more

Sony RX100 named among 'best 50 products of the year' by

We'd name it the 'best expensive prosumer camera with a lens stuck on it' :)

"Digital cameras have been getting smaller and more capable every year, but that trend took a huge leap forward in 2012 with the Sony RX100, which bridges the gap between point-and-shoots and pro-quality digital SLRs. Sony’s innovative design . . . read more

2012 DigitalCameraInfo Best of Year Awards

Yes, its this time of the year, the 'award and predictions (that mostly fail) for the next year' time. DCI is first, with, in some categories, slightly peculiar selection:

"2012 has been one of the most exciting years yet for the staff here at, as the photographic industry put the woes of 2011 behind it to release some truly amazing cameras. From flagship DSLRs to incredible compacts, there . . . read more

Sony Nex-5R review at Engadget

"Picture and video quality, even at higher ISO settings, was stellar. The camera's exposure was typically spot-on, and we never found a need to venture beyond the automatic white balance setting, with each shoot yielding accurate results. We've had some issues with past NEX models when shooting in tungsten or vapor light, but we were quite pleased with the . . . read more

Backscatter chooses the best underwater cameras for 2012, the year of the mirrorless.

Splashy times!:

"In 2012, we've studied a landscape that has changed considerably from previous years. Point and shoot options are fewer and further between, but exciting new low-cost options such as the GoPro and interchangable lens mirrorless cameras like the Olympus PEN now provide alternate options for the shooter who is not interested in traveling with a bulky SLR system. . . . read more

Sony RX100 review at Camera Labs: Mostly genius

"The genius of the Sony RX100 is that it manages to squeeze a comparatively large 1in sensor into a compact form that you really can slip into your shirt or jeans pocket. Its small size doesn't mean the RX100 is lacking in features either. With great quality 1080p50/60 HD video, built-in stereo mics, face tracking AF, 10fps continuous full resolution shooting, RAW . . . read more

Reuters: Sony set for $642 million investment in Olympus for a 10% stake.

"Rocked by an accounting scandal over falsified financial statements and hidden investment losses, camera and endoscope maker Olympus needs cash to fix its finances. In the year to March 31 it booked a net loss of 49 billion yen.

In June its ratio of shareholders' equity to total assets fell to 2.2 percent, from 4.6 percent in March. The figure is a . . . read more

Sony Nex-6 VS Olympus E-M5 comparison at Ephotozine

"The Sony NEX-6 has built in Wi-Fi, as well as Sony PlayMemories apps, to allow additional features such as Picture Effects+, Bracket Pro, Multi-frame NR, Remote Control / Mobile App, Direct upload to Facebook / PlayMemories, Timelapse, Cinematic Photo (portion of the photo is animated), with additional apps likely to be available on the Sony PlayMemories website. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 has some features that no other cameras have such as the LIVEBULB mode that shows you the photo developing on-screen when shooting in low-light." . . . read more

Sony unveils the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1, a compact full frame camera without a lens mount. (but with a lens)

Maybe the biggest surprise of this years PhotoKina edition, this compact (relatively speaking) 24 Mpixel full frame camera, comes with a fixed Zeiss 35mm f1.4 lens, and many other goodies:

Sony finally updates its flagship DSLR after 4+ years, releases the Alpha SLT-A99

As expected, a lot of innovation and goodies has found their way to this new cam, but for some reason Sony decided against using the new 36 megapixel sensor that is in use by Nikon in the D800. Among the most impressive new features are the dual AF modules, and Full HD 50p/60p progressive movie mode with non-stop Continuous AF and pro level audio. . . . read more

Sony RX100 review at the Verge

"Sony thinks it's found the right mix with its new RX100. Fresh from success with its popular NEX range of mirrorless cameras, the company's now trying to one-up Canon's S100 with a larger sensor and faster lens in a very similar body. It uses a 20-megapixel, 1-inch sensor — the same size employed by Nikon in its V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras — and pairs it . . . read more

Sony RX100 review at Imaging Resource

Just in time to capture your precious summer moments, here comes Sony's new wondermini:

"Sony nailed it in the physical simplicity department, largely by conforming to an already popular, well-thought-out design. Though there's no grip on the front, the Sony RX100 is thick enough to hold easily. The larger lens ring leaves a little less . . . read more

Sony RX100 review at DPReview

"The RX100's lens control dial is the first we've encountered that moves smoothly, rather than clicking between positions. This works well for setting focus or zoom, which are (essentially) continuous variables, but it's disappointing when used for discrete variables such as ISO, exposure compensation, aperture or shutter speed. Turn off the camera sounds (all of which are controlled from a single setting) and you don't get any real sense that anything's changing in response to turning the dial . . . read more

Sony RX100 review at Digital Camera Info

"The excellence of the RX100 is two-fold: a great lens, plus a great sensor; same as every decent camera. Let’s start with the lens. Resolution test scores were astounding, and included some of the most impressive sharpness data we’ve ever recorded, compact camera or otherwise. Chromatic aberration is slight, plus any barrel distortion is corrected away automatically. And did we mention the aperture maxes out at f/1.8? Because it does." . . . read more

Sony Sal20tc AND SAL14 1.4X Tele converters review by Kurt Munger: Expensive and limited functionality, but very good optics.

"I like the 1.4X TC, it does what it's supposed to do, and that's providing extra focal length with real resolution increases.  It comes at a cost though, and that's not just one stop of light loss, it's really two stops (or 3 with the 2.0X) as you can see above.  You need to stop down one extra stop to clear up the spherical aberration.  The 2.0X isn't so useful on the zoom lens, maybe it is on the 300mm F/2.8, I haven't been able to review that lens yet. . . . read more

Sony RX100 review at Photography Blog

"As the RX100 is a Sony camera, it boasts a long list of other stand-out features, particularly excelling in the speed department. Auto-focusing is very quick and reliable, shutter lag only notable by its apparent absence, and image processing times thankfully non-intrusive, even for the large Raw files that the RX100 produces. This camera really does deliver DSLR-like performance and image quality in a pocketable format, music to the ears of most enthusiasts." . . . read more

Sony RX100 review by Michael Reichmann.

Rarely does a prominent reviewer label a camera as 'best in its class' but the RX100 has proved to be too strong to resist on more than one occasion: . . . read more

David Pogue reviews the Sony DSC-RX100, falls in love with it.

The RX100 is of course the 'game changer' camera he was referring to a little while ago. Many at the time thought he was foretelling the mythical Canon mirrorless system, but, no, this is what all the fuss is about:

 But every time you transfer a batch of its pictures to your computer, you’ll understand why you spent that money. You’ll click . . . read more

Sony SLT-A77 review at Imaging Resource

"The Sony Alpha A77 is a major leap forward for the company in DSLR design, features and image capabilities, finally putting Sony into the competitive mix with Canon and Nikon in the prosumer DSLR marketplace. The A77's 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, Translucent Mirror Technology and 12 frames-per-second capture rate changed everything for Sony. I found the Sony A77 to be solidly built, with a comfortable, familiar feel very reminiscent of the ergonomics of past Canon DSLRs-- which is a good thing. The A77 is very fast on almost all accounts, including autofocus, shutter lag and shot-to-shot speeds. . . . read more

Sony issues firmware updates for SLT A65 and 77,

The firmware updates fixes the same things on both cameras

"Improvements over version 1.04:
Provides support for the following automatic compensation compliant lenses:
. . . read more

'Sony SLT-A99 prototype with an all cross 102 point AF', at Sony Alpha Rumors

The leaky boat that Sony is, has once again started to spill its secrets. Known so far, is a 24 mp sensor, 100-25.600 iso sensitivity, and the desire by the folks at Sony City in Minato to beat the **** out of the D800 and the 5D Mark III:

"Until know we know that the prototype has a new kind of 24 Megapixel FF sensor with base sensitivity of 100-25.600 ISO that can be . . . read more

Sony is developing full frame square sensor camera?

Makes sense if the want to honor the full Minolta heritage, since they've been in this business since the 1057 Minolta Autocord TLS series
Sony Alpha Romors has the story:

"According to two different sources Sony has a working prototype which one of my sources told me is called “A1S“. The real incredible news is that it has a Full Frame square sensor. Don’t know if it is 36mm x 36mm or a bit smaller. The source said that “will change the . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A57 full jpeg samples at Lens Tip

Wow, that was quick. Lens Tip has a couple of iso trains of full resolution Jpeg images up to iso 12.800 made with a pre-production SLT A57:

"At today's Sony press conference we had the opportunity to play with perhaps the most interesting novelty presented by the Sony . . . read more

Sony SLT α57 previews, and comparison to α55

First up comes Phoblographer, where Felix Esser does a a57 vs a55 spec comparison, and also, tries to explain the 'auto portrait framing' that newbies will love and others will loathe. And then there's the 2 big gun previews, the lads from Imaging Resource are impressed by the 8/12 frames per second capture, and Richard Butler and Lars Rehm from the Digital Photography Review have . . . read more

Sony reveals new SLT-a57 fixed mirror evf DSLR

One of the two original SLT mirrorless cameras, the Sony SLT-a55 has just received a successor. priced in the entry DSLR range this newcomer ups the ante in the category, while adding a new twist: In a first for any major camera manufacturer, a dedicated video light has been announced together with a DSLR, the HVL-LE1 1800lux/0.5m 5500K 60 led light video light. . . . read more

Disassembling a Sony NEX camera, at Lens Rentals

Not, for the faint of heart, this is camera surgery at a high level. Roger Cicala takes a Sony NEX C3 apart, and guides us along the perilous journey:

"For those of you who want to ask, no, there was no reason to put the camera back together after water submersion. We wouldn’t . . . read more

Sony NEX-7 review at Camera Labs

Are you contemplating a Sony NEX-5n, NEX-7 or a Canon 60D? If yes, then check out this NEX-7 review and extensive comparison by Camera Labs:

"The NEX-7 noise crops generally reflect what we saw in the outdoor test crops: the higher resoution 24.3 Megapixel sensor is, as . . . read more

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