Sony Cybershot RX1 review by Ken Rockwell: It looks good, built good, but the user interface is awkward, and compared to a Leica that satisfies for decades, this seems like a toy to play with-for a few months, until the next model comes out.

"Color rendition, as covered at the Introduction, isn't great. It tends towards yellow-green, and the colors just don't render as well as they do on my other brand cameras. For instance, most would be happy with the snap above, but if I had shot it on my Canon, Nikon or iPhone 5, the colors would be much more as I want them.

All brands are different, and tend to be similar within a brand. Sony's still cameras lack the chops of other makers. Look . . . read more

Sony NEX 6 review at Engadget: Just about everything you could wish for in a mirrorless camera for under a grand.

"The NEX-6 may be the best mirrorless camera Sony's ever made, but there's no doubt that its $1,000 kit price tag will be a turnoff to more than a few potential buyers. Still, we're growing ever more faithful in the E-mount ecosystem, and regardless of your budget, there's something for you at Sony. If cash is tight, we still wouldn't hesitate to pick up the NEX-C3. This may be last year's entry-level flavor, but it's a solid performer, and a fantastic value at under $400 with a lens (used). . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review at PhotoReview: This new full framer from Sony is loaded with tech and excels at everything it does, but the EVF and the limited amount of native lenses available may put some people off.

"The A99 is an exciting camera that will challenge most photographers but is enjoyable and very satisfying to use. Its ergonomics and high-resolution EVF make it better suited for shooting movies than its main rivals because you can record video while using the viewfinder.

Photographers who have an existing suite of A-mount lenses they are happy with will find the A99 provides the 'missing' full-frame body many have waited for.  For photographers considering the A99 body as the basis of a . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review at DPReview: Excellent picture and video quality, and the only full-frame camera that offers in-body stabilization, EVF, and an articulated lcd screen.

"The A99 gives very good image quality, particularly so at high ISO sensitivities, placing it among the best performing full frame cameras we've seen to date. And with 24MP resolution, only of the class-leading 36MP Nikon D800 resolves more detail. Dynamic range is equally impressive as well, easily on par with its peers. And the camera's multi-shot HDR mode provides JPEG shooters with an easy way to capture both highlight and shadow detail that exceeds single-shot capability. . . . read more

Pop Photo camera of the year: Canon 5D Mark III. Runner up(s): Nikon D800 and Sony SLT A-99. Honorably Mentions: Fujifilm X-pro1 and Olympus E-M5.

Since there's no entry in my lexicon for 'camera of the year methodology' will refrain from a rant flood, and pass you on to the article, as the Pop Photo editors explain the why and how of the whole thing:

"2012 proved a truly great year for cameras. In the wake of 2011’s devastating tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand, camera manufacturers released nearly two years’ worth of terrific models in 2012, all within a span of eight months.

But our Camera of the Year choice came down to just three real finalists—the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the Nikon D800, . . . read more

The Gritty Monkey reviews the Fujifilm X-E1, pits it against the Sony NEX-7 and Olympus E-M5, ends up choosing the smelliest one.

"So why the Fuji X-E1 then?

- This might sound crazy to a lot of people, but one of the first reasons why I ended up choosing the X-E1 is because that camera just looks beautiful. It smells like photography, It’s like it’s calling you to take it with you and go shoot something! Whether ugly tools are as good as nice looking ones to craft beautiful art is a tough question, I’ll leave it up to you  All I know is that the form of this camera is almost inspiring.
- I love the dedicated dials to set the shutter speed and exposure compensation, and the aperture settings directly on
. . . read more

Steve Huff does a mega double review of the Sony NEX-6 and 5R, compares them to the E-M5 and X-E1, and throws in the new 35mm f/1.8 OSS and 10-18mm f/4.0 OSS lenses in the mix.

"Sony is having a huge 2012 and as we approach 2013 I have a feeling they will be very successful with their latest and greatest camera releases. The RX1 made “Camera of the Year” for me and I stand behind that one 100%. As for the NEX cameras, well, they are NEX’s! You know what to expect if you have ever shot with one and these are basically the same as the ones that came before with some refinements, enhancements and new lenses.

They are more mature but at the same time they throw in even more features which make them feel like mini . . . read more

Sony Nex 6 Review at Gizmodo: The best all around NEX to date, sits tightly between the best Olympus and Fujifilm cameras when it comes to still pictures and bests them on the video front.

"The NEX-6 elevates itself from the NEX-5R and the NEX-F3 by offering more refined physical controls. It has a mode dial on top, and two wheels for adjusting shutter speed and aperture. You don't have the "tri-navi" interface of the NEX-7, but after using both, we don't think you will miss the extra dial.

Sony has retained its crappy menus, but you should rarely need to use them, because the function button gives you . . . read more

Backscatter's holiday shopping guide for 2012: Did you know there's a 'Lightroom 4 for underwater photographers' book out there?

"Lightroom 4 for the Underwater Photographer features over 10 hours of in-depth video tutorials, covering Lightroom's entire workflow from downloading images, to editing and showcasing them. Geared specifically toward the underwater photographer, the movies offer a complete workflow solution to help you efficiently manage your ever-growing photo library and handle your post production work too. This year's tutorials will be delivered on a USB thumb drive, so you can resuse it as storage media." . . . read more

Having a hard time choosing between the OLYMPUS E-PL5 and the SONY NEX-6? Just read what David Taylor Hughes has to say, he owns both of them:

"Though I love the look of the E-PL5 and it does take better looking pictures for my purposes, I have to say that in terms of use when I'm out shooting, I do prefer the NEX-6. It just works better for me. Recently there have been several days of bright sunshine, but very cold temperatures and the NEX-6 has proved much more comfortable to use. The Pen range as a whole is a stylish retro recreation that looks good and takes great pictures, with a superb lens range to go with it.

But the NEX-6 seems to me to be much more about what photographers find useful and comfortable (Well this . . . read more

DSLR-Check (Japan) runs the Nikon D800E, Fuji X-E1, Nikon D3200, Sony NEX-6, and Olympus E-M5 through ISO noise tests with interesting results.

Clearly the D800E outresolves all others, at any iso sattings, even base iso. However, the interesting thing is how close all the other entries are to each other. This test appear to be in no way scientific, so take it with a grain of noise salt. Click on the chart to see it in full resolution. Here's what Google pransklate has to say:

"The fact that even with only (it almost single-focus) lens angle of view of the standard, personally, but there can be no choice as X mount status quo, because the problem is almost the only lens lineup this happens, fast I just want you to . . . read more

Gizmodo chooses the 10 most important cameras of the year, proves that apparently they slept through a great part of it.

Yes, we know. Choosing the top 10 in a hallmark year like the 2012 was, is not an easy task. But for heaven's sake, when some of the cameras (like the Sony RX1 and RX100) have been hailed by most reviewers and people in the know as truly outstanding, you ought to include at least one of them. And speaking of Sony, what's the deal with preferring the NEX-5R over the NEX-6? And why, oh why include a half-baked experiment like the Lytro light field crapmera?

It is a known fact that Gizmodo was hit with an outage lasting some 7-8 days following hurricane Sandy, but no cameras were released during those days. And Sandy can't explain why they chose to include digicams like the Canon S110, a minor update to previous year's not-so-hot S100. Other notable omissions: The Fujifilm E-X1 (and affordable and modern AF version of the X-Pro1), and Panasonic GH3. Anyway, criticism is easy, so let's keep it at that, and . . . read more

Sony Cybershot RX1 review at Pocket-Lint: It has its shortcomings, of which the steep price is the most serious one, but does other things so brilliantly it is enough for many people to fall in love with.

"Rating the world's most expensive fixed-lens compact camera is no easy task. For some it won't ever make it on to so much as a wish list, while for others it'll be what they've been waiting years for. But it's not without some bumps and blips.

The camera's 35mm fixed focal length may be a touch wide for some, though, who knows, perhaps there'll be a future version with a 50mm lens. Still, what the RX1's 35mm Carl Zeiss lens does get right it does so staggeringly well. The build . . . read more

Sony Nex 6 Review at PC Mag: Good, but not much better than the entry-level NEX-F3.

"The biggest flaw of the NEX-6 is its startup time—the camera requires 2.8 seconds to start and take a photo. The first thought when seeing this result was that it was due to the extra time that the power zoom lens takes to extend, but the boot-and-shoot results were similar when other lenses were mounted. The other NEX cameras that we've tested this year—the F3 and 5R—start and shoot in about 1.3 seconds. The camera does do well in shot-to-shot time, grabbing a . . . read more

Sony NEX 6 review at ExpertReviews: Except for a few minor niggles, this is very nearly the perfect compact system camera.

"Along with the sharp screen and viewfinder, up to 9.6x temporary magnification and a peaking mode that highlights high-contrast (and thus, sharply focused) parts of the image, this is as good as it gets for manual focusing with a compact system camera. We only wish that there was a hardware button for toggling between auto and manual focus. As with other CSCs, Sony NEX cameras don't include switches on their lenses, but whereas the NEX-7 has a physical manual focus switch on the back of the camera, the NEX-6 requires a trip to the menu." . . . read more

Ongoing Sony NEX-6 Review and user experience log at SoundImagePlus.

If you like images, a whole lot of images embedded in reviews, well, this is made for you. Clearly this guy loves photography, and his NEX6:

"I will do some ISO tests and comparisons for the NEX-6, but only when the sun stops shining. Yesterday I managed three (very cold) locations with my newly arrived Sigma 19mm f/2.8 and Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5 Apo Lanthar lenses. The Sigma is my second, and as is the way I bought a new one for less than I sold my old one for. The princely sum of £99. . . . read more

Steve Huff goes Tom Cruise at Oprah's Couch over the Sony RX1, declares it the best camera of 2012, uses the same defence strategy as Tom did: 'But i AM in love!'

"To be totally honest, there has not been any camera that I have tested or owned  in recent times that has given me the visual rewards like the RX1 has. What I mean by this can be explained with a few reasons..1st one is ease of use. The ease in which it gives you beautiful quality and rich images huge in Dynamic Range is pretty sweet to have.

I also say this due to the size of the camera. No camera of this size can give you results like this. Period. You can get it with a Nikon D800 and Zeiss 35 f/2 but that combo would be much much larger, much much heavier and much much more expensive! After shooting with the RX1 for a few weeks I have grown to appreciate what it does and I seriously do not want to be without it! With most cameras, after I review them I am fine with sending them back to the manufacturer but not this time!" . . . read more

Sony NEX 6 review at Trusted Reviews: A pretty solid middle road in the NEX lineup.

"he Sony NEX-6 bridges the gap between the flagship NEX-7 and the more consumer-orientated NEX-5R, borrowing features from both models. From the NEX-7 it takes the bright and highly detailed electronic viewfinder, while from the NEX-5R it takes the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Coming in around £140 cheaper than the NEX-7 and yet sporting a similar feature set, the NEX-6 certainly represents good value for money. If, however, an EVF isn’t a ‘must-have’ feature for you then the NEX-5R probably represents a better investment. Image quality from the NEX-6 can be excellent at times, . . . read more

Sony Cybershot RX1 review at What Digital Camera: One of the finest digital cameras ever.

"The RX1 is, for many reasons, a remarkable camera, and one which has been very difficult to score on account of it not having any obvious immediate rivals. While it's certainly true that it's expensive, it'd be difficult to find a full-frame DSLR and optic of equivalent performance for less. Its compact size and reasonably discrete styling means it also presents a very real advantage over full-frame DSLRs with similar lenses; for the reportage photographer in particular, there are many reasons why it should be the most desirable option currently available. . . . read more

Sony Nex 6 Review at Camera Hoarders: Excellent shooter, with a quirky menu system and a not so speedy AF system.

"Battery is a classic NP-FW50 unit used in all NEX bodies and in many SLT cameras. It is good for around 300 shots what is an average for mirrorless cameras. Keep in mind, if you intent to use the new motorized E 16-50mm lens, it will last even less. 16-50 is very power-hungry and in my experience will suck the battery dry after around 200 shots.

The one thing I really hated about NEX-6 is USB charging. By itself, it is a good option but many users will probably have . . . read more

Sony NEX-5R Review at Not as stylish as a some others, but comes loaded with goodies and excels in its photo and video taking duties.

"With its tiny body, boxy styling and big lenses, the NEX-5R still lacks the charm of the Olympus PEN series or the futuristic styling of the Panasonic G range, but don't let that put you off what is otherwise and excellent camera that delivers fantastic stills and videos. While the touchscreen interface feels almost entirely natural, especially with the addition of the touch shutter function, it is still entirely possible to use the camera fully via the external controls, so much so that you may not realise that the NEX-5R can be controlled via the tilting screen at all." . . . read more

Sony NEX 6 goes the DXO Mark way, found to be using the same sensor as the NEX 5R/5N.

"The aim of the NEX-6 is to offer customers the performance of a DSLR in a compact system camera body. Compared to the NEX-5R below it, the NEX-6 provides an OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 2.359k dots and a useful built-in flash with a Guide Number of 6, to help when you need a little extra light. The viewfinder is the same as the one found on the NEX-7 model and it saves you having to rely on the LCD screen when taking pictures or reviewing what you’ve captured.  While the camera is provided with an external flash as well, having a built-in flash means you can leave the external flash at home . . . read more

Digiloyd pounders on the actual cost of the Sony RX1, versus the competition.

"The RX1 is a super premium camera, but it ought to be $2999 with all the accessories below except perhaps the EVF (which ought to be built-in)— upping profit margins by charging for all the stuff any serious shooter needs is a game I don’t like to see played, not to the tune of ~$1000. Don’t forget the Sony RX100 as an accessory (a bargain at only $648).

The brutally competitive camera market will speak its verdict soon enough. But for this chunk of change, a Nikon D800E . . . read more

Dpreview chooses and picks the top 5 compact cameras of 2012: The usual suspects and absentees (we're looking at YOU, Nikon)

"In this short article, we've selected five of what we think are the best zoom compacts on the market right now, spanning the market from point-and-shoots to Raw-capturing high-end cameras. By 'zoom compact camera', we mean cameras with non-interchangeable zoom lenses, regardless of size. Of our top 5 selection we've summarized their major strengths, with links to previously-published content, including samples galleries. Here are the cameras we've selected (in alphabetical order). You can click to go directly to the camera you want to read about or just start at the top:" . . . read more

Sony Nex-6 Video review by DigitalRev TV: We're both kiss ass and too harsh, and this is the way this review will be done in.

Is it just me, or do the Digital Rev TV reviews have a sort of Ken Rockwell aurism all over them, married to some rude attempts to being funny?  Anyway, here's the official title of the review:

"In this video, we take a look at Sony's latest NEX camera - the NEX 6 - and take a look at it from two extremes: in a nice way and a not so nice way." . . . read more

Sony SLT-A99 hands-on review at TechRadar: The world's first Dslt camera produces excellent images as is loaded with technology.

"We can see there being a lot of excitement and intrigue surrounding the Sony Alpha a99, which is the world's first full-frame DSLT camera. We also think that some people will be wary of the electronic viewfinder, but we're happy to report that it really is a very, very good device which is worth checking out even if you're skeptical.

Image quality at this early stage also looks to be very promising, with low levels of noise even in images taken at high . . . read more

Shocker: Fitch downgrades Sony and Panasonic debt rating to 'Junk" status, shares tumble to all time low.

Panasonic has even mentioned the possibility of dumping loss inducing core business sectors, and the imaging division is unfortunately one of them. Edmonton Journal reports:

"The two companies, along with Sharp Corp, racked up combined losses of $20 billion last year, leading them to axe jobs, sell assets and close facilities. “Both Sony and Panasonic are struggling to generate operating profits, but each is restructuring and I don’t envision the current situation continuing,” said Masahi Oda, Chief Investment Officer at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank." . . . read more

Sony NEX-6 Review at the Tech Radar: In many ways fantastic, but, as this is a Sony, we want more toys included.

"Sony has produced a very likable, capable camera that is complemented well by the new powerzoom lens. Its controls can be customised to suit the photographer, it has helpful technology borrowed from a smartphone and it delivers images of impressively high quality.

For many photographers that is more than enough, but some like us may look at the likes of the Panasonic G5 and ask . . . read more

Sony NEX 5R gets DXO marked, sensor measures eerily identical to the Olympus E-M5

"During our tests of the Olympus OM-D E-M5, we found that the manufacturer’s new 16Mpix LiveMOS 4:3 sensor had largely caught up in every category, starting with a dynamic range that allows it to rejoin the field of APS-C compact hybrids in terms of image quality (though with the Sony NEX still ahead). . . . read more

Sony A99 gets blown up, innards exposed for all to see. (

"This week the new Sony a99 camera hit doorsteps and store shelves. To get in on the fun, we decided to show off the inside guts of the camera. From camera body to mirrorless sensor, SGNL by Sony uncovers it all. As an added bonus, we’ve also got a99 sample photos to share with you, complete with EXIF data in the photo descriptions. Check ‘em out below. Enjoy." . . . read more

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