Sony SLT-A99 review by Dave Etchells at Imaging Resource: For the first time, Sony has a full-frame SLR (more properly, SLT) to challenge Canon and Nikon, and even win a few rounds in the process.

If there's only one review you'll ever need to read about the A99, this is it. It may be slightly less technical than those of DPreview, but boy, does it deliver elsewhere. For one, it is 2 reviews in one: Famous photographer and extreme skier  Scott Rinckenberger ​writes a introductory pro users report, having taken the A99 to the places he usually hangs out, snow covered mountains, and breathtaking slopes. 

"The Sony Alpha A99 boasts some of the most impressive technology ever placed in a DSLR, even more advanced than what's found in many high-end pro models. It's a fast shooting, fast focusing, weather-sealed, video-friendly and eminently customizable camera, all in a smaller and lighter package than its competition. As such, the A99 marks Sony's first -- and long-awaited -- attempt at becoming a true player in the pro DSLR arena.  . . . read more

Sony A99 review by Mark Goldstein at the Photography Blog: The Sony A99 is a tour-de-force of the latest camera tech, and a great camera in its own right.

"The A99 is perhaps the most well-appointed full-frame DSLR on the market. A magnesium-alloy body with weather-sealed controls, two control dials, fast 6fps burst mode, a clever 3-way swiveling LCD screen, useful top LCD panel, innovative dual AF system, focus peaking, flash sync socket, uncompressed HDMI output, built-in GPS and an optional vertical grip. The only missing feature that we can think of is Wi-Fi connectivity, something that only the recent Canon EOS 6D offers out of the box. . . . read more

Sony 135mm f/1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* AF Lens review by Chris Gampat at the Phoblographer: The Sony 135mm f1.8 couldn’t be a better lens for Sony’s current lineup of cameras. Not only is it super sharp, but it is extremely well built and focuses fast.

"The Sony 135mm f1.8 exhibits some of the sharpest lens performance I’ve seen from any optic at f1.8 (wide open). With that said though, you’ll need to keep in mind a couple of parameters when shooting this wide open:

- Because you’re lens is so long, you’ll need to shoot at a higher shutter speed to compensate for camera shake despite the fact that the A99 has stabilization on the sensor. . . . read more

Sony SLT-A99 test at Digital Camera Review: By all means, this is a camera that can hold its own with the 5D Mk III and D800. Though its standard autofocus may not be as good as its competitors, where it excels is in tracking focusing.

"Beyond the autofocusing, the image quality is really very spectacular with skin tones being some of the best we've seen and white balancing also being very true to life. Part of this has to come from its excellent metering performance; which we rated as perfect when doing an old school Sunny 16 test and when using a handheld light meter.

High ISO results are a mixed bag with there being some loss of detail between 3200 and 6400 while beyond 6400 . . . read more

The Sony SLT-A99 stops by the DXO Mark Labs: Sony's best sensor yet, but still scores lower than current Nikon Dslrs (who also uses Sony sensors), thanks to the limitations of the SLT technology.

"The use of Sony’s SLT technology in its top-of-the-line full-frame shooter delivers both pros and cons. The obvious downside is low-light performance compared to its closest competitors, though Sony has done much to mitigate the SLT’s effect with new, targeted noise-reduction algorithms. The SLT also means the Alpha 99 uses an EVF, but again, Sony’s 2.4-million-dot OLED beauty offers 100 percent coverage, and compares well with the optical viewfinders of its . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review at the Phoblographer: I would buy it, but Canon still has a hold on me, thanks partly to Sigma's new lenses.

"Overall image quality with the Sony A99 is one of the best that the company has to offer. The 24MP sensor is capable of resolving lots of detail with the right lenses, and the overall feel to the images have a feeling of really good film to them. Tweak the image a little bit one way, and it looks like Portra. Tweak it another way, and it will come out looking like Velvia large format.

Sony did an excellent job on this camera’s sensor; and in the right hands it can create images that not only hold their . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review at PhotoReview: This new full framer from Sony is loaded with tech and excels at everything it does, but the EVF and the limited amount of native lenses available may put some people off.

"The A99 is an exciting camera that will challenge most photographers but is enjoyable and very satisfying to use. Its ergonomics and high-resolution EVF make it better suited for shooting movies than its main rivals because you can record video while using the viewfinder.

Photographers who have an existing suite of A-mount lenses they are happy with will find the A99 provides the 'missing' full-frame body many have waited for.  For photographers considering the A99 body as the basis of a . . . read more

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review at DPReview: Excellent picture and video quality, and the only full-frame camera that offers in-body stabilization, EVF, and an articulated lcd screen.

"The A99 gives very good image quality, particularly so at high ISO sensitivities, placing it among the best performing full frame cameras we've seen to date. And with 24MP resolution, only of the class-leading 36MP Nikon D800 resolves more detail. Dynamic range is equally impressive as well, easily on par with its peers. And the camera's multi-shot HDR mode provides JPEG shooters with an easy way to capture both highlight and shadow detail that exceeds single-shot capability. . . . read more

Pop Photo camera of the year: Canon 5D Mark III. Runner up(s): Nikon D800 and Sony SLT A-99. Honorably Mentions: Fujifilm X-pro1 and Olympus E-M5.

Since there's no entry in my lexicon for 'camera of the year methodology' will refrain from a rant flood, and pass you on to the article, as the Pop Photo editors explain the why and how of the whole thing:

"2012 proved a truly great year for cameras. In the wake of 2011’s devastating tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand, camera manufacturers released nearly two years’ worth of terrific models in 2012, all within a span of eight months.

But our Camera of the Year choice came down to just three real finalists—the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the Nikon D800, . . . read more

Sony SLT-A99 hands-on review at TechRadar: The world's first Dslt camera produces excellent images as is loaded with technology.

"We can see there being a lot of excitement and intrigue surrounding the Sony Alpha a99, which is the world's first full-frame DSLT camera. We also think that some people will be wary of the electronic viewfinder, but we're happy to report that it really is a very, very good device which is worth checking out even if you're skeptical.

Image quality at this early stage also looks to be very promising, with low levels of noise even in images taken at high . . . read more

Sony A99 gets blown up, innards exposed for all to see. (

"This week the new Sony a99 camera hit doorsteps and store shelves. To get in on the fun, we decided to show off the inside guts of the camera. From camera body to mirrorless sensor, SGNL by Sony uncovers it all. As an added bonus, we’ve also got a99 sample photos to share with you, complete with EXIF data in the photo descriptions. Check ‘em out below. Enjoy." . . . read more

Sony Alpha A99 video review by DigitalRev TV: Mostly monkeying around.

The Digital Rev TV reviews have seemingly turned a bit bizarre as of lately. In this review things revolve a lot about body gestures and silly comments about the look of the camera and its various bits and pieces. Still, it is shot in HD, and some parts are quite useful for the potential buyer. . . . read more

Description by Sony:

Sony finally updates its flagship DSLR after 4+ years, releases the Alpha SLT-A99

As expected, a lot of innovation and goodies has found their way to this new cam, but for some reason Sony decided against using the new 36 megapixel sensor that is in use by Nikon in the D800. Among the most impressive new features are the dual AF modules, and Full HD 50p/60p progressive movie mode with non-stop Continuous AF and pro level audio. . . . read more

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