Pentax K-01 goes out of production, is the company withdrawing from the Aps-c mirrorless segment altogether?

Seems a sensible question to ask if you put together 2+2. On one hand no followup model has been announced, and on the other hand Pentax executives have time and again stated that the K-01 sold very poorly. That leaves the Q10 toy camera as the only mirrorless option offered by Pentax, hardly a presence worthy of its historic brand name. In any case, R.I.P Pentax K-01, we'll hardly miss you.

Pentax issues new firmware updates for for the K-5II/s, K-30, K-01, K-5 and K-r Dslr Cameras.

Not as sweeping update, here's what's new:

Optimized contrast AF when using [HD PENTAX-DA 560mmF5.6ED AW] lens.
Improved stability for general performance.

Get the update for your camera at the Pentax global software download page.

Pentax has found a way to finally sell the K-01 Mirrorless camera in high volumes, thanks to the old trusted formula of initial price divided by 2.

The K-01 was announced with big fanfare in February 2012, mostly due to the fact that it was designed by Marc Newson, a designer who thinks that cameras that look like bricks are a good thing. However, the K-01 didn't sell well, partially because of the quirky and at times abysmally slow focus, and partially because the buyers turned out to not be drawn to the brick design concept. Things changed recently however, when the K-01 found itself right on the top spot of best selling compact system cameras at Amazon: . . . read more

Pentax K-01 test images (jpegs and DNG raw) posted at Imaging Resource

Not that i expect any of you to actually buy this....thing, but for the sake of science and peeping, Imaging Resource has posted their  obligatory test images chart, to accompany their forthcoming K-01 review. . . . read more

The Pentax K-01 Camera Review – Design Masterpiece or Design Fail? by Steve Huff

Can't it be both? And more importantly, what about the image quality? But most important, the missing viewfinder issue:

"With new cameras like the Fuji X-Pro 1 and Olympus OM-D arriving any day now I am excited that the camera companies are FINALLY getting it when it comes to digital. With film, we had it easy. All we needed was a light box, a viewfinder and a lens to . . . read more

Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview @ Imaging Resource

Imaging resource usually publish the most meaty previews, and they didn't disappoint this time either, going full Jason into the bowels of this whale of a mirrorless camera: . . . read more

Crickey! Pentax K-01 hands-on mega roundup, British edition.

Blimey! Just sat to watch some telly and finish my eel and chips meal, when i was hit by this torrent of K-01 hands-ons. So, dear blokes, filtered down to the best:

  1. Ephotozine: The Pentax K-01 is a bold new camera from Pentax and is certainly different to anything else made by anyone else - and perhaps that's 

Pentax K-01 hands-on review at Tech Radar

Judging by the reactions at the fora, the opinions on the K-01 appearance are split between 'ugly' and 'hideous'

When it comes to its design, we can see the Pentax K-01 splitting opinion. While some will appreciate the chunky esthetics, there will be others who are less than appreciative. 

More images of the new Pentax K-01 @

Photographyblog goes Hands-on with the new mirrorless Pentax K-01. The month old rumors about a very ugly contraption very special design, thanks to Australian designer Marc Newson, who among other clients lists Apple and Canon. . . . read more

description by Pentax:

Pentax K-01 officialy released

Pentax Press Release

An interchangeable-lens digital camera designed in collaboration with designer Marc Newson

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY LTD. is delighted to announce the launch of the PENTAX K-01 interchangeable-lens digital camera in conjunction with the world’s thinnest interchangeable lens* - the smc PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 XS unifocal. This latest addition to the popular Pentax K series and the new lens were both designed in partnership with world renowned designer, Marc Newson. . . . read more

Pentax DA 40mm f2.8 XS lens unveiled


Pentax Press Release
The Pentax DA 40mm f/2.8 XS Lens is specifically designed for the APS-C sized Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera. The 40mm focal length is equivalent to 61mm on a 35mm format, and provides a slightly longer angle of view than normal. It features a maximum aperture of f/2.8 for low and existing light photography and greater control of depth of field. In addition to the wide aperture, the 9 rounded aperture blades help to 

B & H pre-announces the Pentax K-01 ahead of the embargo!

I do not believe B & H has made this error many times in the past. (or, it could be PRweb's fault) Anyway, i copied the whole text just in case it gets withdrawn. They also have product pages set-up, both for the K-01 and the new smc 40mm pancake lens.


  . . . read more

This is the Pentax K-01, picture galore!

Pentax, being more leaky than a waterbed on porcupines has very little information to add at tomorrow's official unveiling, than what is already known. Except for the corporate marketing and PR speak. At this point, we have no intention to sum it all up again, after all the official press release is less than 24 hours away. So let's gaze at the pics... . . . read more

smc PENTAX-DA 40mmF2.8 XS Specification


All credit for this goes to RiceHigh forum contributor 'OGL' Judging by the pics, Pentax has taken the Pancake philosophy to a new thin, this lens is just 9.2 mm in lenght.

Pentax new K-01 mount to be unveiled on February 2nd.

2012-2-2  is there numerology involved within this date? In any case, Pentax is holding a private preview to show of its latest products, designed in collaboration with Marc Newson, who according to his own site is ' is the most acclaimed and influential designer of his generation'

Interestingly, he lists Apple and Canon among his clients.  Maybe he's on designing Canon's mirrorless system too? . . . read more

New Pentax 'K01' compact camera system rumors round-up

So, let's see what we've got so far: . . . read more

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