First video presentation of Olympus OM-D/E-M5

Ooopsie, Cnet breaks the embargo (by 'mistake', I'm sure) just two hours ahead of the official release by Olympus. For images and full specs we have complete coverage here.

Edit: Video removed by Cnet . . . read more

Last Olympus OM-D/E-M5 update before official launch. (UPDATED) full specs!

Ok, promise, last rumor and pic roundup before this thing goes officialy live within 20 hours. Gobbled together from a variety of sources:

NEW SENSOR INFO: The source “European Lady” (cool name!) sent me some interesting tidbits about the sensor:

Olympus OM-D/E-M5 first full images appear, fitted with grips and lens. (Updated!)

Dials! Dials everywhere, OM-D=Oh My Dials? Olympus really means business with this one. No fancy designer needed here, just the best example of retrography this editor has ever seen, and yes, i include all the recent Fujifilms, and the Panasonic GX1. . . . read more

Olympus OM-D/E-M5 latest rumors roundup

Today, we got something that *could* be the brochure or an ad, eve though the text in it appears written by someone too enthusiastic about the E-M5, in a too simplistic tone. However, there HAVE been Olympus ads in the past written in a not too formal English. The text reads:

  . . . read more

New Olympus OM-D/E-M5 images appear in the wild, designer of camera revealed.

Wild=The Hungarian blog MLZphoto. Not very much to see here, except for the photos and the identity of the designer. While Pentax used the services (and for some reason, paid for them too) of designer Marc Newson for their K-01, the Olympus E-5M bears the unmistakable design traits of Darth Vader. As a matter of fact, we're 100% positive the E-M5 is just a Tie-Fighter instrument reworked into a camera. This goes a long way to explain the sometimes outlandish claims in the rumoured E-M5 spec list. Now we can just replace the 'best this', tweaked that' and 'revolutionary these' with a simple 'bestest camera ever'.  . . . read more

Olympus OM-D to be named E-M5, use same sensor as Panasonic GX1


A recoup of last days leaks..someone needs to plug that roof at Olympus. Source is mostly m43rumours, formatting, ours. :)
Here are the new and old specs, in no particular orders: 

Latest Olympus OM-D rumors: 9 frames per minute, and a picture.

Also, we've got something that COULD be the picture of the whole OM-D camera, has (according to some) proven to be a reliable leak source in the past. More tidbits from . . . read more

Olympus E-PL3 review @ Lunchtime doubly so

"When the screen is tilted, the camera rests on the left hand which holds the lens, and the right hands operates. It’s both better and worse than using an EVF: as I don’t have to bring the camera to my eye when shooting it’s less conspicuous on the street and easier in the composition, but when focusing manual lenses or shooting in the strongest light the EVF is better. Visibility is actually quite good in midday light, and versatility in . . . read more

Olympus: apps on cameras are coming @ Tech Radar

So, in the near future, we'll go to Oly's app store, and buy stuff like "9 extra filters", "add x functionality" and such? Woohoo! :(

I think what photographers need foremost is all encompassing firmware updates that really fixes every fixable bug.  . . . read more

Nikon 1 J1 vs Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1 Review @ EPZ

Fight! The newcomer against the establishment, the newest versus the oldest and most mature compact camera system. The results are a bit..unexpected: . . . read more

Olympus OM-D more details, 2 stop better iso? @

Ok, the leaks about this camera are becoming something of a Chinese water drop torture. Are olympus and 43rumors both into this? 

"A new source (Thanks!) had the chance to test the new OM-D camera. He says “the 12800 ISO performance looks similar to the E-P3′s 3200 . . . read more

Astrodesign, Kenko Tokina and Tamron join the Micro Four Thirds group

Wow, we've got what, 6 lens companies in the micro four thirds camp now?  Surely good news for the customers.


  . . . read more

Olympus PEN E-P3 review @ Imaging Resource

"The Olympus E-P3's full-autofocus shutter lag in single-area AF mode (center AF position) was only 0.222 second with the 14-42mm II R kit lens at wide-angle. At full telephoto, AF shutter was even lower, at 0.205 second. That's faster than many SLRs! In 35-point "All Targets" AF mode, this . . . read more

Olympus OM-D camera to launch in February, according to leak @ Pocket-Lint

"Even Olympus itself is getting into the act, posting a teaser advert in Amateur Photographer magazine that starts with "Oh My Goodness!", with the "O" and "M" in a bolder font. The next paragraph underneath reads (as reported on Photography Blog): "Was all we said when we first saw . . . read more

Another small piece of the upcoming Olympus OM-D dSLR @ 43rumors

Piece by piece we will soon have a full image of the new Olympus OM-D. Or whatever it will be called. 


Olympus 12mm f/2 Lens Review @ SansMirror

800 $/e with just a cap and no hood? It better be the best darn 12mm lens on the market:

"Sharpness for a wide angle is good wide open, but the corners have at least twice the blur circle as the central area, and thus have a touch of softness to them. Stopping down to f/4 makes this an edge-to-edge winner, though: decently sharp across the frame. In between, f/2.8, is very usable for me, even into the corners, but again, you'd need to get to f/4 to pull everything up to the highest level this lens is capable of. Overall I expected a sharp lens, and that's basically . . . read more

Olympus going even more retro with OM-D camera @ Cnet

"In the film days, Olympus' OM line was one of the majors in the SLR (single-lens reflex) world--indeed, I learned photography with my first camera, an OM-10 I used for many years. With the digital-SLR revolution, Olympus started over with a new brand, the E series line, that came . . . read more

Olympus releases PEN E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1 firmware update

This update fixes just one thing, "Improves focal length display for electric zoom lenses."

First Olympus OM-D leaked image @ 43rumors

"This will be the first digital camera of the prestigious OM series that this year will become 40 years old. The first film camera was the M-1 (launched in 1972) that was than renamed OM-1 because Leica put some pressure on Olympus to change the name (to not confuse it with the . . . read more

Fujifilm considering supporting Olympus


TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Fujifilm Holdings said on Wednesday it is considering supporting scandal-hit endoscope maker Olympus Corp although neither side looks likely to move quickly on an equity alliance that Olympus needs to shore up its finances. . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs. Panasonic GX1 vs. Sony NEX-7 vs. Olympus E-P3 comparison @ SR

Stuff-Review has made a nice little chart that pits the newcomer against the almost established crowd. That's all pretty theoretical though, since 3 of the 4 cameras are practically not available in the majority of the western world:

  . . . read more

New details leak aboud Olympus new OM-D camera @ m4/3rumours

  1. Priced at $1.100 or 1.000 Euro in Europe
  2. Width 121mm, weighs 425g
  3. New in body stabilization and AF system

Olympus new OM-D camera to use a new 16 mp sensor @ m43 rumors

"A couple of years ago Olympus said that 12 Megapixels were enough and there was no need to increase the Megapixel number on the Micro Four Thirds sensor. I tend to agree with them but I would have been happy to see some sort of new “version” of the current über-used 12 MPX . . . read more

Mirrorless Mania–Which one should I buy? Nikon 1, Micro 4/3, Sony NEX by Steve Huff

"It really is a tough decision because like I said, all of these little machines are pretty damn good but NONE are perfect in every way, NONE. As of today, if you want the perfect mirrorless it would have to be a mix of four cameras. If we mixed the speed, metering and responsiveness of the . . . read more

Olympus will soon announce digital revival of OM DSRL line?

Despite Olympus current woes, the development and unveiling of the new OM line appears to be on track.  Release date is said to be at February 8th. Olympus put out a full page ad at the back page of next week’s Amateur Photographer magazine. And they higligted the letters “O” and “M" . . . read more

Olympus finally finds partner? @ Reuters

Seems a groom partner has shown up at last. Still, this is rumor territory, so take it with a pinch of salt:

"Olympus remains a thorny takeover target for potential bidders because the multinational remains . . . read more

Olympus Sues President, 18 Other Executives Over Fraud

Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Olympus Corp. said it is seeking damages from its president, Shuichi Takayama, and 18 other current and former executives over their roles in a $1.7 billion cover-up of losses.

The Japanese camera maker’s auditors . . . read more

Olympus PEN Lite (E-PL3) review @ LGD

"The Olympus PEN system camera series is known for its creative filters. There are six artistic filters integrated into the Olympus PEN Lite: pop-art, soft-focus, grainy film, pinhole, diorama and dramatic. I personally used Pinhole most often, as this is applicable in most circumstances. Pop-Art and Dramatic also give fun effects. Diorama was a bit of a disappointment. The Art filters are a very fun addition to the camera. " . . . read more

Do Panasonic and Olympus Know About Each Other? @ Sansmirror

Well, maybe they have a hint or two about each others existence. FTA:
""One thing that struck me once again while unboxing some new m4/3 lenses is that Panasonic sure seems to not mention the word "Olympus" in their m4/3 materials. Other than acknowledgement of Olympus' trademark of the Four Third and Micro Four Third names . . . read more

Olympus PEN Mini (E-PM1) review @ LGD

"By looking at the menu, it quickly becomes clear that the Olympus PEN Mini is ideal is for beginner, enthusiastic photographers. For each menu item, if desired, there is an extra explanation available. You can easily read all photo tips and the Live Guide menu gives direct access to important settings, such as aperture and depth of field. The camera itself . . . read more

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