Nikon AF-S DX 55-200mm F/4-5.6G VR Zoom Lens Review @ DigitalReview

"Although the Nikon AF-S 55-200mm F/4-5.6 VR telephoto zoom is designed to be light and portable, the lens provides a solid feel when attached to a camera like the Nikon D3100 SLR. . . . read more

Nikon 1 J1 review @ photo-i

"The autofocus worked very well, although on a couple of frames the camera did have difficulty in finding the correct focus. Manual focus is activated from the menu screen, focus is then controlled by the rear multi-selector dial. The image display can be zoomed in using the LCD . . . read more

Nikon P7100 review @ Imaging-Resource

"Overall, however, the Nikon P7100 feels more evolutionary than revolutionary. But that's not really a bad thing. The camera still only offers 720p HD -- not full 1080p HD -- and if you put the P7100 side-by-side with the previous model (or the Canon G12, for that matter), you'd be hard . . . read more

Best Nikon Lenses for Wildlife Photography by Nasim Mansunov

"When hand-holding a telephoto lens with no VR, you always have to make sure that your shutter speed stays fast enough not to cause camera shake. Always remember that the longer the focal length of the lens, the more prone it is to camera shake. . . . read more

Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED Lens Review @ Ephotozine

"Similar to Nikon's other mid-range lenses, the lens barrel is constructed from high quality plastics with a metal lens mount. It has a slighty textured finish, which doesn’t show marks easily and a large rubberised zoom ring, which stays put when set as desired. At only 460g, it is a quite a . . . read more

Nikon Coolpix P7100 Review @ Imaging-Resource

"There are upgrades and there are updates, and the Nikon P7100 seems more like a much-needed update to a camera that was great, but not quite up to its full potential. The P7100 delivers greater speed where it's needed, and the optical and image quality are about where you'd . . . read more

Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review @ DPReview

DPreview has posted its megareview of these siblings. Is the verdict a bit surprising?

"The differences between the J1 and V1 are important - the V1 has a built-in 1.4M-dot LCD viewfinder, while the J1 does not. However, despite . . . read more

Yes, I pre-ordered a Nikon D4! by Terry White

"Usually when something big in tech or photography happens my friends start asking me "did you order one?" This time the big news is the newly announced Nikon D4 DSLR camera. Let me start by saying that I've always had Nikon D3 envy, but just couldn't justify the price. I don't need the . . . read more

Nikon D3 vs D4 - ISO Test

"The first High ISO test of Nikon D4 with D3 published at mgphotographer, Before you jump to any decision please note that the D4 used in the comparison is loaded with a BETA firmware, so final firmware version of Nikon D4 may have some better performance, the images taken with the . . . read more

Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX Nikkor Lens Review @ EPZ

"Sharpness in the centre portion of the frame at 18mm is already excellent at maximum aperture and the quality towards the edges is good enough. Stopping down improves clarity across the frame and peak sharpness is achieved at f/8, where the clarity is excellent across the frame. . . . read more

Nikon 1 System J1/V1 field review @ DOP

"It may turn out that this move by Nikon is smart after all. They tried to avoid to compete with a mirror-less camera directly with their established DX line of cameras. Sensors of the CX size have a huge potential to improve over the next few years. Also Nikon made it clear that this is a whole . . . read more

Nikon J1 versus Fuji X10 by Ryan Brenizer

"Now, as a professional Nikon user, my initial gut reaction to the J1 was disappointment. I know from the X100 that mirrorless options can be helpful in even the most professional systems, and I was hoping for something that would change my working environment. The J1 isn’t designed . . . read more

Live Q&A with Nikon reveals D4 video shortcomings @ EosHD

"The downsampling of the sensor is similar to the Nikon J1, a $499 mirrorless camera. According to Nikon, “subsampling is only along each horizontal video line; there’s no sub-sampling between video lines. ” Frankly this is bloody ridiculous. I’ve seen the results of this on the J1 and it . . . read more

Bill Frakes on Shooting The Nikon D4 @ PI

"The camera is amazing. The high ISO files exceeded my expectations, and after the D3S I had huge expectations! The new video and audio functions have transformed this camera into something beyond what we have seen before. . . . read more

Nikon AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor 40mm f/2.8G review @ CL

"The AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor 40mm f/2.8G is the most affordable macro lens for Nikon's range of DX format DSLRs, and as an AF-S model, it'll autofocus on any Nikon body. Yes you read this right: it's even cheaper than any lens capable of 1:1 magnification from Sigma or Tamron. . . . read more

B&H Pulse: The Biggest Stories from CES 2012

"As perhaps one of the most exciting announcements to come out of CES, the Fuji X-Pro 1 is, without a doubt, one of the most-highly-anticipated cameras announced. After loads of leaks on the internet, it was only a matter of time until the company decided to go public to journalists waiting . . . read more

1 Nikkor VR 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 PD @


Unlike on the other current zoom lenses, the extension mechanism is motorized. As soon as the camera is switched on, the lens extends by itself and retracts when powered down or if the camera goes into standby. Since this procedure takes a while, 

The Nikon 1 V1 Experience @ FAB

"The lenses in the kit, are great. The first thing you will notice, if you’re a Nikon SLR shooter, is the size and, of course, the new lens mount. Given the camera is mirrorless, it means the lens can be smaller and sit closer to the sensor than the F-mount lenses, hence the new CX sensor . . . read more

Q&A with Nikon D4 engineer Toshiaki Akagi by RG


Q. How would you compare the high ISO image quality of the D4 to the D3S?
A. Overall, D4 high ISO noise levels are very similar to the D3S, though photos shot with the D4 will have reduced colour noise (thanks mainly to 

Nikon 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR Nikkor review at SLR Gear

"The Nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6 VR is a very popular optic, thanks to its convenient focal length range and its use of Nikon's "VR" (Vibration Reduction) technology. The VR technology lets you hand-hold shots in low light conditions, at shutter speeds as much as three stops slower than you'd be able to otherwise. - . . . read more

A late night walk at ISO 3200 with the Nikon J1 by Steve Huff

"You have seen my review of the Nikon V1 and I have said that I prefer it over the cheaper J1 due to the build, the EVF, better battery life, larger buffer and better LCD but I still had many of you asking me about the little J1. Well, I managed to get my hands on . . . read more

Nikon 1 J1 review @ Letsgodigital

The 10.1 megapixel Nikon 1 J1 system camera is a compact, stylish and robust camera with good hand placement. The camera has an internal flash and a fast processor and autofocus system. The image quality is good and there are several unique functions available such as the . . . read more

Nauticam NA-V1 Housing for Nikon V1

The NA-VI will be available from 31 January at a retail price of $1650/1400 euros

Nauticam Press Release.
Innovation Underwater.

Nikon D3s Review @ Mansurovs

"Handling-wise, the D3s is superb, with the exception of two issues. The first one is its heavy weight and bulk. As I have already pointed out, Lola does not like the D3s because of this reason alone. At over 1.2 kilos without a battery, the camera is very heavy, approximately 20% heavier than the D700. While 20% might not sound like a lot, once you add a pro lens and a flash, it all adds up. This difference is . . . read more

Nikon D4 vs D3s detailed spec & feature comparison By Nasim Mansunov

Interesting read for a D3s owner:
"There are things I really like about what Nikon did with the D4 back layout/design and things I don’t. Let’s start from what I believe are good changes. Compared to the D3s, there is one extra button on the back of the D4. Finally, Nikon adapted . . . read more

What Does the Nikon D4 Mean for Nature Photographers? @ Earthbound Light

"As a still photography camera the D4 is a much more modest advance over its predecessor. Announced in October 2009, the D3s had a resolution of 12.1 megapixels while the new D4 comes in at 16.2 megapixels. Not bad, but also nothing like the 20 MP some had been hoping for. The Cannon EOS 1Dx has an effective 18.1 megapixel sensor. . . . read more

Nikon J1 vs Sony NEX-C3 Review @

"A more direct competitor to the Nikon J1 is the Sony NEX-C3 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The Sony NEX-C3 differs from the Nikon J1 in that it incorporates a larger APS-C type sensor, the same size found in Sony's Alpha SLR camera's like the SLT-A65, and approximately the . . . read more

Nikon D4 first impressions review @ DCI

"For a professional camera, however, the D4 is inviting and sophisticated, with minor tweaks to an established design. The control layout is nearly identical when shooting in either portrait or landscape orientation, with familiar access to the control joystick, top and thumb control dials, shutter . . . read more

Hands on with Canon PowerShot G1 X and Nikon D4 @ dpreview

"The PowerShot G1 X handles much like the PowerShot G12. However, its fixed 28-112mm (equivalent) zoom and fully-articulated rear LCD are coupled with a sensor only slightly smaller than that used in Canon's APS-C format EOS DSLRs. [...] " . . . read more

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