Nikon Coolpix P7100 review at Digital Camera Review (Updated)

Canon managed to fix a much larger sensor into its comparable whale-sized G1X, and got the laws of physics on its side, so for those in the know, game over man. Maybe the P7100 is a viable solution for diehard Nikon fans:


"The P7100 features a large 3.0-inch LCD with four times the 230k-dot resolution that was the industry standard just a few of years . . . read more

Nikon Posts technical guide for D800 and D800E

From the guide:


This “Technical Guide” details the principal techniques used
to create two of the more technically advanced photographs
in the D800/D800E catalog. Enjoy this opportunity to admire . . . read more

The Naked sensor, by Sein Reid at Luminus Landscape.

There's a trend going on, involving ever weaker antialiazing filters in cameras, and the ultimate goal of non at all.

Sean Reid comments on this battle between detail and artifacts:

"The purpose of an AA filter, of course, is to slightly blur certain high frequency detail so that it doesn't create . . . read more

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G Review at Photography Blog

"Optically, the AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G is excellent, which given its reasonable price tag is a very nice surprise. Sharpness is excellent in the centre from f2.8 to f/11, with f5.6-f/11 producing the sharpest results at the edges of the frame. Bokeh is very good, vignetting is essentially a non-issue, and chromatic aberrations aren't too bad, either. . . . read more

Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight flash review by Ken Rockwell

I think Ken was way funnier when he was a hardcore Nikon fan. I guess the sweet moolah changes a Man's mind after a while...


"Unimpressive is how incredibly complex it is to try to use the SB-910's obtuse menu system. I mean, holy guacamole, a menu system in a flash? How stupid is this? All we need is a power switch (good), a mode slide switch (not a single button to have to hit . . . read more

Nikon NPS roadshow gear stolen in Ireland, including D4 and D800

Heist went down near Phoenix Park in Dublin past Sunday. So if you're in the area and see someone trying to pay for his Guinness Extra Stout with a Nikkor 400mm lens, you know what to do. The unmarked security van contained Nikon equipment valued at £100,000 ($156,000)

List of stolen candy, as provided by Nikon: . . . read more

Nikon 1 J1 Mirrorless and 10-30 mm VR Zoom Lens review at Macworld


"Nikon made some hefty claims about the J1’s performance and, for the most part, those claims are justified. Autofocus, particularly in good light, is fast thanks to a hybrid AF system that utilizes phase detection or contrast detect AF, depending on the lighting conditions (in low light, contrast detection is used because it activates an AF illuminator). Unfortunately, it sometimes locked AF in the wrong place, but most test shots were accurately focused.

Nikon Capture updated to ver.2.3.1, adds suport for D4 files, and more.

"Support for RAW images captured with the D4 has been added.

Extra High 1 (Extra High) and Extra High 2 items have been added to the Active D-Lighting pulldown menu under Camera Settings in the Develop section of the Edit List.  

Nikon ViewNX 2.3.0 released, supports D800 and D800E raw files.


Modifications made in this version
Support for the D800 and D800E has been added.

Why Does The Nikon MB-D12 Cost So Much? @ F-Stoppers

Oh Nikon, you and your 'increase the frame rate of your camera by buying a grip' scam. And now you're raising​ doubling the price of your newest grip? Right now, they must  be celebrating at sweatshops all over China. Leee Morris at F-Stoppers has a good editorial on this issue: . . . read more

Best flashguns for Nikon DSLRs: 8 flashes tested at Tech Radar.

Today i learned that Polaroid still makes flashguns. Really crappy ones, but still, Polaroid Flashes? Its either the name liscensing system at work (say hello to your future, Kodak) or they found a good way to maximize space usage in their 300sq.feet main and only office. . . . read more

Nikon issues new firmware for J1 and V1, updates Camera Control Pro

Modifications enabled in this version A 1.11, B 1.10 (Nikon J1)

- An issue that sometimes caused images captured using the built-in flash to be over-exposed has been resolved

Nikon D4 and D800 various tidbits.

First we got something titled 'Nikon D4 and D800 shootout' at Its more of a D4 user review, loaded with both cropped and full samples. As always, of special interest to us peepers are the 6.400 to 25.800 iso samples: . . . read more

Nikon D800 preview at Camera Labs.

"In yet another feature inherited from the D4, the D800 enjoys a powerful metering system with 91k pixels, a considerable boost from the 1005 pixels of its predecessor. This allows the new metering system to actually offer face detection and automatically meter for human subjects even when you're composing with the optical viewfinder (although you won't see frames around faces). This is very useful to compensate for strong . . . read more

Nikon D800 full size High (and low) ISO samples posted at Mansurovs

Not a lot of them, but the iso 25.600 sample is of special interest:

"Preliminary analysis: the high ISO samples look really good. As expected, there is some noticeable noise at very high ISOs (see the ISO 25600 . . . read more

The Nikon D800 – First Thoughts by Scott Bourne.

Too many megapixels Scott Bourne says? Only good for video? Betting a lot of money that the D800E will be noisier than its sibling? Well, every point about 36mp is only good for video is actually silly. But otherwise, he makes some good arguments on the other issues: . . . read more

Nikon D800 hands-on preview at Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource goes deep down on some aspects of the D800/E, like that of the missing (or not so missing) antialiasing filter:

"Anti-aliasing. Like almost all Bayer-filtered cameras, the Nikon D800 includes an optical low-pass filter, sited just above the image sensor.  . . . read more

Nikon D800 various resources and tidbits

Now that the dust has settled​ war has begun, and we've done with the press release and the obligatory DPreview preview, we have these little tidbits we'd like to share with you:

Nikon D800/E at our own Total ID page. Still under construction, but some functionality already in place. Compare, see ratings, reviews, compatible lenses and more.

Nikon D800/E brochure download (PDF link) Lots of meat in there. . . . read more

Nikon D800 preview at Digital Photography Review

Both Canon and Nikon are heading to the same direction: The ultra high-iso domain is to be reserved for Pro models only (Canon 1D X, Nikon D4), but instead their 'entry level' full framers will be rewarded with pixel bliss.In Nikon's case, the D800/E has enough pro features trickled down to it that makes it a formidable opponent to whatever Canon will release as a replacement to the 5D mark II in the near future. . . . read more

Nikon announces the D800/D800E

The D800/D800E is finally upon us. Most of the specs have been know beforehand, but still, some surprises managed to escape the leaky chorus. The cameras can already be pre-ordered at various places. (D800 and D800E preorder links at Amazon, D800E at B&H) We have included press releases from both Nikon UK and US. . . . read more

My camera is better than yours (Reddit comic)

Nikon 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Nikkor review at SLR Gear

"The Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G was one of the first "DX" (reduced image circle) lenses Nikon developed, to give shooters using cameras with APS-C size sensors a true wide angle capability.

When we first tested this lens, we were dismayed to see severe asymmetry in the blur results at the longer

Nikon D800 official images available, served with hot love from Brazil.

Never in the past have so many and important new products leaked to the extent we're seeing now. Coincidence? Probably not, even Canon joined in on the dance this time (see upcoming post). Serving us today is the Brazilian leak outlet. . . . read more

More Nikon D800/D800E specs @ NK

Ladies and Gentlemen, we live in the glory days of great leaks. The entire imaging industry is like a giant Japanese nuclear reactor right now...except for Canon of course, those guys really keep it tight. Poor Canon Rumors, the have to do with patent findings and hundreds of wacky rumors about upcoming Canon products. (hey cr, i have a dude who's girlfriends dad works for someone that knows this guy who claims that the new 5D Mark III will have 50 megapixls and a built-in lens washer!?! totally legit.). Nikon Rumors on the other hand, is rained upon with frequent, and mostly sometimes accurate leaks: . . . read more

Nikon posts Q3 2011 earnings, losses as expected.

Mother nature really took its toll last year, both on human lives and corporate balance sheets. What's amazing when it comes to the sheets, is that Nikon loses a very small amount compared to other megacorps in the imaging world like Sony, Panasonic et al. If you remember, Nikon was one of the most-if not THE most affected company with the majority of its plants under water in both Japan and Thailand during a good bit of 2011.

Nikon accountants predict good things for 2012 however, provided the apocalyptic events slated for 2012 do not show up. . . . read more

Nikon 1 J1 vs Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1 Review @ EPZ

Fight! The newcomer against the establishment, the newest versus the oldest and most mature compact camera system. The results are a bit..unexpected: . . . read more

Nikon D5100 Review @ DPinterface

Taking a break from all that mirrorless cuteness, here's a real man's camera review:


"The Nikon D5100 has a lot going for it; it’s easily one of the smaller (if not the smallest) digital SLR currently in the market yet has very pleasant

. . . read more

Nikon AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/3.5G ED VR review @ Camera Labs

"The AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/3.5G ED VR was Nikon's first macro-lens designed specifically for DX-bodies. And it's only the second macro lens that offers image-stabilization following its larger cousin, the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED. As an AF-S model, it'll autofocus on any Nikon body, but again it's only optically-corrected for DX-format DSLRs. . . . read more

Nikon to announce the first waterproof, shockproof Coolpix camera for kids @ Nikonrumors

"With the next batch of Coolpix cameras, Nikon will introduce also a new point and shoot product line for kids. The first camera will be waterproof, shockproof and will have some unique built-in features (probably some fun image editing). The US price is expected to be under $120. This will be the second Nikon Coolpix waterproof camera after the AW100." . . . read more

Tokina new AT-X 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II

Tokina Japan has released a new version of its 11-16mm wide-angle lens. The new AT-X 11-16 f/2.8 PRO DX II has an aspherical element, a new coating for improved performance and a AF-S equivalent Silent Drive Motor autofocus, usable with all Nikon DSLRs  that don't have an . . . read more

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