Dan Valicek: Is the Fujifilm X-Pro1 the Leica for the poor man?

I'd say its the camera for the Smart man and woman, the poor Leica snobs suckers usually go with a dented semi-functional Leica M4 they snatched off Ebay or Craiglist for a few hundred bucks. 

"Initially my choice fell with a Leica M9. I’ve dreamt of this camera for years, but the price always made me quickly stop and think. I wanted to give the Leica a chance, so I borrowed an M9. I was excited by the Leica, in fact a lot for me. So of course there was a 9,000 Euro start up cost, with only a 35mm lens. After intense consultations with my conscience and lots of sorrow on my brow, I came next to the M9 and engaged with the mirrorless system cameras. There were a good . . . read more

Leica M9-P coming in white (too) for $30.000+ only 50 to be released, in Japan.

Good news if you're a rich Japanese photographer collector. The Verge has got a few more details on this white elephant/Storm trooper thing.

Leica M9-P review at Imaging Resource

The digital imaging industry moves at a pace perhaps too fast for Leica. The current standing reveals a situation where even aps-c sized small system cameras that costs around 1/10 of the Leica, outresolves (and outsmarts) the Kodak ccd equipped Rangefinder camera with its top iso of 2500. However, for those of us that don't care for trivialities such as auto focus, accurate viewfinders, video shooting, high iso capabilities, stabilizing systems, well, pretty much everything the technology gods have bestowed upon us for the past few years, the Leica M9-P is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, and coupled with some of Leica's sharpest glass, a capable tool in the hands of a good photographer. Unfortunately, at that price, many Leicas end up (most often in unopened boxes) as collectors/investment items in Asian vaults.  . . . read more

The Naked sensor, by Sein Reid at Luminus Landscape.

There's a trend going on, involving ever weaker antialiazing filters in cameras, and the ultimate goal of non at all.

Sean Reid comments on this battle between detail and artifacts:

"The purpose of an AA filter, of course, is to slightly blur certain high frequency detail so that it doesn't create . . . read more

Leica M9 (M9-P) test shots and Raw files posted at Imaging Resource

"The Leica M9 is based around a Kodak 18-megapixel CCD image sensor with approximately the same dimensions as a frame of 35mm film, making it the smallest full-frame digital camera. The M9 accepts most Leica M lenses built to date, and thanks to the full-frame sensor, all of these lenses offer the same field of view as they would with a 35mm film camera body. . . . read more

Leica unveils the M9-P

For the moment being, Leica enjoys some kind of exclusivity, using the custom designed Kodak CCD.  However, since Kodak is likely to go bust within the next couple of years, someone wonders as to where Leica is going to find the sensor for its next 'M' camera. The real choices are few: Sony, Panasonic, Canon...well, that's pretty much it. I bet my money on Sony. As a side note, the Leica M9-P costs as much as a complete m43 AND and a DSLR system.  . . . read more

Leica M9 review by Steve Huff

"One major complaint with the M8 and M8.2 was the HIGHER ISO performance. Trying to shoot the M8 in low light and high ISO meant trouble in most cases and many shooters would never go any higher than ISO 640. As for me, I shot at ISO 1250 on many occasions and had wonderful results. I feel if you can nail the exposure of the M8, then . . . read more

Description by Leica:

The LEICA M9, a camera that carries the legend of Leica M cameras into the digital age. It is the smallest full-format digital system camera the world has ever seen. In a nutshell: it is a contemporary tool for all who demand the highest standards in image quality and love freedom of composition.

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