The Leica M (type 240) hits the DXO Mark Bench: Finally, a Leica that can be proud of it's sensor.

Despite the impression given by Leica fanboys and girls, all, and including the previous generation Leica rangefinder cameras, the M9 (amd M9-P) sported a really horrible sensor-by any current standards. The new M Leica is manages to turn this trend around, coming with a sensor that is pretty much comparable to the best of today's cropped sensors by other manufacturerers, but as expected, is still far behind any current full frame sensor equipped camera: 

Featuring a new higher resolution sensor and updated functionality expectations are high for the new Leica M and it doesn’t disappoint. Although . . . read more

Steve Huff Reviews the new Leica M 240

Q: What's the difference between Steve and Ken? 
A: One of them is actually a descent photographer

"One thing I found is that it took a few days of using the new M 240 to realize what it can do. I had to relearn processing of the RAW files as they do not work like the M9 files did. Different sharpening levels are needed and there is so much more DR my usual tricks for the M9 files only made the M240 files look worse. Once I figured out my workflow it all started to come together. I started seeing the benefits of the new sensor. . . . read more

Dan Valicek: Is the Fujifilm X-Pro1 the Leica for the poor man?

I'd say its the camera for the Smart man and woman, the poor Leica snobs suckers usually go with a dented semi-functional Leica M4 they snatched off Ebay or Craiglist for a few hundred bucks. 

"Initially my choice fell with a Leica M9. I’ve dreamt of this camera for years, but the price always made me quickly stop and think. I wanted to give the Leica a chance, so I borrowed an M9. I was excited by the Leica, in fact a lot for me. So of course there was a 9,000 Euro start up cost, with only a 35mm lens. After intense consultations with my conscience and lots of sorrow on my brow, I came next to the M9 and engaged with the mirrorless system cameras. There were a good . . . read more

New Leica M (typ 240) first pictures surface, from a wedding in Kyrgystan. By Magnum photographer Jean Gaumy, at the Leica Blog.

My first impression: Meh. I really fail to see the fabled Leica magic, or the mythical micro-contrast and the whatnot characteristics of the whole system. Nice pics, bit over-saturated, bit under-exposed, nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly nothing you can't achieve with a nice mirrorless, or even a fixed lens camera like the Sony RX1. Heck, I'm sure I can lower the comparison bar even more and add a camera like the RX100, but i won't do it, or maybe i just did?

I'm sure Gurus like Steve Huff, Michael Reichmann and Diglloyd will have a totally different opinion. Surely, their trained eyes and minds will pick up and decode detail I cannot even fathom. Surprisingly, the Kyrgystanis, that live on a average monthly salary of 220 Euros, do not seem to be very impressed by the overpriced classic German picture (now with Video!) machine. Yes, the link to the Leica blog includes a video, taken with the Typ 240. Ever seen a Leica M video before? . . . read more

The new Leica M can shoot video, has live view, comes with a smaller (and cheaper) sibling.

It also comes with a new naming style. Gone are the numbered suffixes, like the M8, M9 etc, because in Leica's own words:

The Leica M also marks the beginning of a new era in the Leica product naming policy. In future, Leica M and S model names will omit the number suffix to emphasize the enduring and long-term significance of the respective systems. As for the sibling, it appears to be a slightly stripped down M9.  . . . read more

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