First Fujifilm X-Pro1 RAW files and posted. Full jpegs from 200 to 6400 too. (UPDATED!)

Posted at the Russian site ProPhotos. Hurry up and grab them while they're still available :)  Page is in Russian of course, but no translation needed to find the files, scroll down and you'll stumble upon them. 

Update:  We now have full jpegs at our peeping disposal, all the way up to iso 25.600 thanks to Lens Tip . . . read more

The Fujifilm X10 and the White Discs of Doom at Digital Camera Resource Page

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you rush whatever your R&D departement has cooked up, to the market. Fujifilm is not alone with a blooper like this however, even Canon had an oopsie with the venerable 5D Mark II, but eventually they found a fix for it:


  . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Pocket-Lint

Wow, what a coincidence, almost all major reviews of the X-S1 have been posted within the past 48 hours. Pocket-Lint's review, is as always on the rather short side, no intricate iso-trains or elaborate comparison scripts here. Sort of, the TL:DR of reviews.

  . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Photo Review

We're going to put this bluntly: There's only one Superzoom/Bridge camera that acts the way it looks, The X-S1:


"Little noise was visible in shots taken at ISO settings up to ISO 800 and shots taken at ISO 1600  were printable at snapshot size (15 x 10 cm). . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Trusted Reviews

"Other physical controls and buttons are plentiful, allowing you to quickly access all sorts of regularly used settings without having to trawl through the in-camera menu. On the whole these controls are well spaced and quite easy to reach. In addition to all the pre-assigned buttons that access things like ISO, White Balance and Flash settings there are also two Function buttons that can be assigned as you see fit. . . . read more

Fujifilm releases new firmware for X10 (ver. 1.03) and Finepix X100.

The one for the X10 is quite extensive: The firmware update for X10, Ver.1.03 incorporates the following issues:

1. New function for "RAW" button can be applied by customer's preference

Fujifilm X-S1 Review at Photography Blog

Spoiler: as far as image quality go, this is the best 'superzoom' or 'bridge' camera far. Fujifilm really made a coup with this one. It combines a larger than usual 2/3" sensor, DSLR like reaction/lag times and the usual bridge superzoom (24-624mm lens) capabilities packed into one big body: . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 ISO better than Canon EOS 5D mark II?

Pompous title? I thought so myself, but after spending 10 minutes with a loupe and a bunch of full sized jpeg images taken with a X-Pro1 i truly stand behind my statement.  The X-Pro1 images in question are unprocessed jpegs taken at the launch event of the Romanian store 'f64' . . . read more

Fujifilm posts Q3/2011 earnings: more than 100.000 x100 sold, and more.

Overall, it is not such a gloomy report. Fujifilm came out as one of the least affected among the major major Japanese companies from the tsunami/nukepoof incident, and the Thailand floods. Digital imaging is up 7%, everything else is more or less down but we'll leave that to the analysts and shareholders. . . . read more

FujiFilm X-Pro1: 24 videos and more for your peeping pleasure

Can't have enough of the X-pro1? Ok, here's the manual, here's the x-mount lens manual, and a bunch of videos as a bonus. And don't forget our continous coverage of the X-pro1 here . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review @ Neocamera

Remember that Fujifilm superzoomer with a larger than usual 2/3" sensor? Time has come for it to meet its first reviewer, and the verdict is 'excellent':

"The Fuji X-S1 is defined by a combination of its unique mechanical lens and a larger-than-usual sensor. The optical zoom range with built-in 

. . . read more

Fujifilm: film sales decline is slowing @ Tech Radar

"It's fair to say that in recent months and years, there has been a serious resurgence in the popularity of analogue film, with companies like Lomography cashing on in on the trend with a range of plastic cameras that produce unpredictable results.  . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 review by Serban Mestecaneanu

Original review is in Rumanian, so we'll do with the Google translate version for now. Review contains lots of high iso images for you (and us) pixel-peepers :) P.S Google translate is fun!

"We were talking before the focus manually.  The camera can be switched to manual focus mode, focus on making fly-by-wire system, that lens  . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 – Hands on Preview by Vlad Dodan

This is the first user review posted in English, and as such is of enormous interest:

"The viewfinder is the main character of the show and If you loved the one on the X100, the new (v.2) will bring you joy. Honestly, I`m not a big . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Preview @ PDNonline

Article incudes updated info about the x-pro lens roadmap up to 2013:

"During the time I spent shooting with prototype versions of the X-Pro1, it was clear the camera was almost ready for prime time, though it still needed some fine-tuning. For instance, the lens focus was noisy and the aperture ring rotated roughly.  . . . read more

Fujifilm x10 review @ Reghardware


The X10 comes with an impressive, though non-interchangeable, 7.1- 28.4mm zoom lens equivalent in 35mm terms to a 28-112mm zoom. It’s impressively bright, with a maximum aperture of f2 in wide angle at f2.8 at the telephoto end. This is a versatile lens with a very close minimum 

Fujifilm considering supporting Olympus


TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Fujifilm Holdings said on Wednesday it is considering supporting scandal-hit endoscope maker Olympus Corp although neither side looks likely to move quickly on an equity alliance that Olympus needs to shore up its finances. . . . read more

Nikon J1 versus Fuji X10 by Ryan Brenizer

"Now, as a professional Nikon user, my initial gut reaction to the J1 was disappointment. I know from the X100 that mirrorless options can be helpful in even the most professional systems, and I was hoping for something that would change my working environment. The J1 isn’t designed . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs. Panasonic GX1 vs. Sony NEX-7 vs. Olympus E-P3 comparison @ SR

Stuff-Review has made a nice little chart that pits the newcomer against the almost established crowd. That's all pretty theoretical though, since 3 of the 4 cameras are practically not available in the majority of the western world:

  . . . read more

Fujifilm x10 gets DXOmarked, still looks good!

For a camera, this is like getting a Bar Mitzvah :)

"The X10’s results are really good for its category. It achieves scores close to 1/2 stop better than the Fuji F600. Its Color depth (20.5) and dynamic range (11.3 Evs) remain in the same range as the best camera in this segment (Canon Powershot G12 or PowerShot S100). . . . read more

B&H Pulse: The Biggest Stories from CES 2012

"As perhaps one of the most exciting announcements to come out of CES, the Fuji X-Pro 1 is, without a doubt, one of the most-highly-anticipated cameras announced. After loads of leaks on the internet, it was only a matter of time until the company decided to go public to journalists waiting . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Wins Four Awards At CES 2012

Fujifilm Press Release:

Valhalla, N.Y., January 16, 2012 – Fujifilm North America Corporation Electronic Imaging Division today announced that the new, revolutionary . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 hands-on review @ DCI

"Superzooms are treated like overpowered point-and-shoots, the happy medium between pocket cameras and DSLRs in terms of price and target audience. But they don’t make everybody happy. There are photo enthusiasts (not many, to be honest) who own a nice DSLR but would fork over . . . read more

Kodak to sue Fujifilm

Kodak continues on its acclaimed business strategy of "suing while selling assets", this time the target is Fujifilm:


Kodak Alleges Patent Infringement Against Fujifilm

Fujifilm x10 review @ Neocamera

"The Fuji Finepix X10 is truly an excellent digital camera. It shows a very good image quality, matching the best small sensor models and only lagging behind cameras with much larger sensors and more expensive price tags. Images show little noise, excellent metering, nice colors and . . . read more

TechRadar meets Fuji X-Pro1 designer

"One of the key requests for the X-Pro1 was that the shutter speed dial on the top-plate be given a lock to prevent it from being knocked out of the automatic setting. This was problem for photographers using the X100 with the shutter speed dial and aperture ring in their 'A' (for automatic) . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 preview @ CameraLabs


The X-Pro1 may be retro-styled and the lenses feature an aperture ring, but communication between the lens and body is entirely electronic. There's no mechanical couplings at all, so the aperture and manual focu . . . read more

Fujifilm: more X-mount cameras and X10 firmware coming @ DpReview

"Fujifilm has confirmed in a discussion with dpreview, more details about its plans for the X-system. It also said a firmware update for the X10 aimed at reducing the 'white-orb' problem is due in early February, if not before. The firmware update, . . . read more

fujifilm x-Pro1 hands-on (p)review @ TR

"Fuji claims this avoids the issue of moire patterning, which occurs as a result of the more regular grid structure that makes up the average Bayer pattern sensor. Consequently, the Fuji X-Pro1 doesn't have an anti-alisaing filter, which means it should . . . read more

Fujifilm X-Pro1 sample images posted

There are 3 images taken which each of the 3 new lenses. It goes to 1600 :)  Couple of them appear over-processed, maybe it is because they were shot as jpegs with film simulation on.  . . . read more

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