Sony RX1 in-depth review by Richard Butler and Lars Rehm at DPReview: "If a fixed 35mm lens will fulfill any of your shooting requirements, then there's nothing to touch the RX1."

The Sony RX1 could be the ultimate 'Decisive Moment Camera' if it wasn't for some major niggles, like the lack of a built-in viewfinder, the subpar AF system, and that horrible orange bling ring around the lens. Common Sony, this isn't  a Hyundai Coupe, the owners of this camera already know they got a '35mm full frame CMOS image sensor' camera, no need to have a screamy text reminding them of it.

"At the start of this review we asked if the RX1 was a good enough camera to play in the same league as Leica. The answer is yes. The lens is excellent, as is the sensor (something that's not been true of digital Leicas so far), meaning it'll more than hold its own against the M-series cameras in image quality terms, even if it's not quite as engaging as a true rangefinder. Or, put another way, it's arguably the camera the Leica X-series aspires to be.

There are plenty of photographers who are likely to appreciate a camera with a fixed prime lens, precisely because it offers something that interchangeable lens cameras don't - in terms of size and dedication of purpose. So, if what you want or need is a fixed 35mm full frame camera, then the RX1 not only offers you that - it also offers a camera you can really love. And its combination of image quality and size make it one that will allow you to get photos you wouldn't get with any other camera."

 Conclusion - Pros

Excellent image quality in both JPEG and Raw
Full frame in a compact, well-built body
Dedicated aperture and exposure compensation controls
Exceptional build-quality - solid feeling without being too heavy
Superb high ISO output in both JPEG and Raw images
Essentially silent operation
Wide dynamic range Raw files
Pleasing metering and white balance results
Good level of customization to tune camera to your needs
Auto ISO and exposure comp. available in manual mode
1080p60 video with mic input
Clever Auto modes and processing features if you want them
USB charging is convenient

Conclusion - Cons

Autofocus speed not quick enough for fast-moving subjects
Autofocus struggles in low light
Significant vignetting, with any correction baked into Raw files
Multiple button presses required to move AF point
No built-in viewfinder (and accessory options rather expensive)
No focus guides for video shooters
Disappointing video quality even when in focus
Focus peaking in un-magnified live view would have been a major benefit
Rear shoulder dial makes it less engaging to shoot in shutter-priority mode
Can't shoot X.Fine JPEG and Raw
No option to re-process Raw in camera
Lack of included charger makes it harder to keep a spare battery charged
The standard Sony Alpha function screen seems simplistic and inappropriate for this camera
Laggy to engage magnified image review
Awkward separation of movie and stills in playback

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