Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review at PhotoReview: This new full framer from Sony is loaded with tech and excels at everything it does, but the EVF and the limited amount of native lenses available may put some people off.

"The A99 is an exciting camera that will challenge most photographers but is enjoyable and very satisfying to use. Its ergonomics and high-resolution EVF make it better suited for shooting movies than its main rivals because you can record video while using the viewfinder.

Photographers who have an existing suite of A-mount lenses they are happy with will find the A99 provides the 'missing' full-frame body many have waited for.  For photographers considering the A99 body as the basis of a

DSLR system, considerations should be given to whether the lenses currently available will meet your requirements.

Sony currently offers three lens 'families', based on price (and build/optical quality). The Carl Zeiss T* are the leaders and priced between AU$1000 and AU$2500. There are three primes and three zooms, with the longest focal length at 135mm.

Extending the Zeiss range is the Sony G range, again comprising three primes and three zooms. However, these lenses extend focal length options to 300mm (RRP AU8699) and 500mm (RRP AU$14,999) and include a fast (f/1.4) 35mm prime.

Sony's 'budget' lenses include six zoom lenses, with the longest focal length being 250mm. There are also six budget prime lenses, including an 84mm f/2.8 'portrait' lens and a 50mm f/2.8 macro lens.

The total range is smaller than the ranges of rival manufacturers, Canon and Nikon, and it lacks those companies' depth, particularly in the super-tele and macro areas. No fisheye lenses are included and architectural photographers won't find any tilt-shift lenses.

Third-party manufacturers are filling some, although not all, of these gaps and Sony will probably add more lenses in the future. But it is also devoting resources to developing lenses for its E-mount NEX cameras, for which even fewer lenses are available, so it will be a big ask to expect deficiencies to be made up quickly in the current economic climate.

Buy this camera if:
  - You’re looking for a high-resolution DSLR that provides good ergonomics for shooting video and can record high-quality stills and Full HD video clips.
  - You want minimal noise at high ISO settings.
  - You want body-integrated image stabilisation that works with all lenses.
- The current range of available lenses meets your needs.

Don’t buy this camera if:
  - You don’t like electronic viewfinders.
- Essential lenses aren't available for the camera body."

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