Fujistas, Rejoice! Capture one 7.02 final version to be released today.

Set Yourselves free from Silkypix Crappy interface, and Lightroom's crappy rendering of Fujifilm RAF files, Patrick from Fuji Rumors (and others) reports: "Here is the email I received yesterday from Lionel of the Capture 1 team: Let’s see what the final version of C1 can get out of the X-Trans RAF files.

“Dear Beta Customer.
The beta of Capture One 7.0.2 has now ended. The terms of the beta will terminate on Monday Jan 14, 2013, at 14.00 CET, where Capture One 7.0.2 will be officially released. Thank you all very much for the participation in making Capture

One an even better piece of software. In particular I want to thank all who contributed with comments and raw images.
Lionel Kuhlmann Ph.D.
Phase One”
C1 offers the possibility to download a 60 days free trial version, for all those who prefer to try it out first."

As a reminder of what version 7.02 of capture 1 does to the Fujifilm RAW files, check out the link to the Serious Compacts furum, where user TDP writes:

"I've been shooting through the week and testing various files between these two pieces of software, images will be added to the set above as I go along. While I understand certain types of images accentuate the problem with RAF files in LR, I'm not trying to create those situations (example: I could walk 2 minutes to the edge of the jungle and take a shot that is 100% vegetation, push the sharpening a bit and LR would destroy that shot. I don't take 100% jungle shots so why bother...). I'm just shooting like I always do, things I shoot the way I like to shoot. Also when I do actual edits to images in LR/C1 for this test, I state when I made edits. Some files are just in and out, some I edit to try and get the result I want. I also completely understand people that are more than happy with their current workflow and have no intention on changing anything. I'm not trying to sway a person one way or the other I'm just showing what results I'm getting with the two pieces of software on my photos taken with a Fuji X-E1.

I have not added Silkypix to the mix (LR vs C1 vs SP) because for me, Silkypix is far from being usable software."


Cody Hatch has also done some extensive Fuji RAW files comparison between Capture one and Lightroom:

"I have been using the Capture One beta version 7.0.2 for a bit and wanted to share an example of the difference in processing RAW files from the X-Pro1 between Adobe Lightroom and Capture One’s beta.

Yes, yes, I know the Capture One is beta. I’m not going to speak to the details of its stability, any errors, etc. Anything like that I would report to Phase One. Since I mainly shoot landcapes, I’d like to illustrate the difference between the two RAW processing engines using an image with a bunch of foliage.

The image I’m showing is one I shot at North Fork near Ogden, Utah during autumn. There was great light but I wasn’t too happy with the lack of foreground interest when I took the photo. Since there is mainly foliage and grass in the shot, it’ll serve to illustrate the stark difference between Lightroom and Capture One.

The image was shot using the 35 mm prime lens, ISO 200, 1/15 second, f/16, with a polarizing filter. In both Capture One and Lightroom, my standard sharpening was used. I cannot push the Lightroom sharpening much at all or details get even more mushy where it seems I can push Capture One as far as I’d like. Amazing."


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