Canon 5D Mark 2 review by Ken Rockwell

P.S The new, Serious and more business conscious Ken Rockwell appears to have changed the wording, the context, heck, everything in his review of this camera. It is no longer "less responsive than his kids toys", and not worse of all Nikon DSLRs ever made. It (the Canon EOS 5D Mark II) is now better than any Nikon at almost everything, and overall, one of the best cameras ever made. Go figure. Quote of his old review, and our comment at the bottom of this post.


"The 5D Mark II is also the world's best camera for when you're shooting more than one kind of thing. If I'm shooting in Yosemite Valley, and suddenly my kids do something cute, I can keep my eye on the finder as I turn the camera, and in one click of the mode dial by feel, I've reset everything about the 5D Mark II to my own preset settings for for kid's action pictures, as opposed to the settings I was using a second before for grand landscapes. 


Sure, if all I shot were sports, news or action, the Nikon D3s is a much faster, tougher professional camera with better low-light AF in the corners for twice the price, and if all I did was shoot in a studio all day the Nikon D3, D3s or D3x are better because they allow easy in-camera 4:5 cropping, and if all I did was shoot in very low light even the D700 has better autofocus when using the side AF sensors, and if just want family pictures, the D40 weighs even less, but when I want take one camera to do the work of all these at the same time, the Canon 5D Mark II is unbeaten. 


The 5D Mark II is more than fast enough for action shots of family, it doesn't weigh much, and it has unbeaten technical full-frame performance. You can't get this combination anywhere else. 


No Nikon at anything less than three times the price comes close to the high technical image performance of the 5D Mark II. For nature and landscapes, the 5D Mark II is way better than anything from Nikon at even three times the price, and even if someone gave me an $8,000 Nikon D3X, it's so heavy that I wouldn't want to carry it all day out in the woods."

Our old comment, and a snippet from his old review follows:


This is Ken Rockwell, so eh, a typical quote:  "m*th*rf*ck*ng*ss*l*ck*ng*sh*t!"  He also claims that the camera is less responsive than his kid's toys.


Fun aside, there are some positive remarks too:


"The front control dial is still in the wrong place, at the wrong angle, and made of the wrong material. It's a hard, thin knob that you have to turn using the inside of your pointer finger, right on the side of your joint. It hurts if you shoot with it for a while. 


By comparison, Nikons that cost one-third as much have nice, big, soft, perfect-feeling dials right where my fingers naturally land. They feel good, they are at the right angle, they are in the right place, and I can spin them with the pad of my fingertip, not the side of my finger, right on the joint, as with the 5D Mark II."

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