5 new companies enter the Micro Four Thirds Group, we're checking them out.

A weird bunch this is: We've got the Australian maker of a manual Video Camera with severe supply issues, a joker, a German who makes machine vision systems, a Japanese company that specializes in (very, VERY) high speed professional video cameras, and someone-also from Japan-who markets Fleas, Grasshoppers, Fireflies and Ladybugs. 

BlackMagic Design is a company based in that British Ex-prison colony, and they'd like to set your creativity free-if you're a professional (or very advanced amateur) and works with video.

In their own words: Sorry, we can't have any of that, since at the time of writing their website was not working (a mutiny?), so instead we'll resort to Wikipedia:
"Founded by CEO Grant Petty, the company manufactures equipment used for video acquisition, editing and conversion, and has offices in Europe, Asia and the United States. In 2009, it acquired Da Vinci Systems, a company which had won Emmy Awards for its film colouring and restoration equipment. In 2010, Blackmagic Design acquired Echolab, a manufacturer of vision mixers. In 2011, Blackmagic Design acquired Teranex, a manufacturer of video processing products. In 2012, Blackmagic Design acquired Cintel, a manufacturer of professional post-production equipment, for transcribing film into video or data formats."

From left to right:the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the same in full rig, and approximate number of cameras delivered on time:

Stuff of theirs with a possible consumer interest: The BlackMagic Cinema Camera of course, if and when they produce it in any serious numbers.


JK Imaging/Kodak

Kids, its Photo Bedtime Story Time!

Once upon a time

this cool gentleman  

got his hands on this  thing, 


and he sold the rights

to its name to this fine lad  

who came up with this  


fine piece of engineering,


that will appeal

to these   hip people.

Stuff of theirs with a possible interest to a photographer: If you consider yourself part of the "New Photo Generation Market", take this gullibility test, and if you score high, this stuff is made for YOU!


SVS-Vistek: A designer, manufacturer and distributor of Machine Vision Systems, and masters in floor space efficiency, since they appear to be working out of an idyllic barn, somewhere near Munich in Germany.

In Their own words:

"SVS-VISTEK, with headquarters in Seefeld near Munich, Germany, is an innovative company that develops, manufactures and distributes professional machine vision components and systems. Since 2001 we have been supplying industrial CCD cameras in accordance with the latest technologies available. With production, distribution and software development under one roof we are able to offer our customers reliable and efficient all-in-one or custom solutions not found on the market."

Machine vision is a term describing a technology for imaging based automatic inspection, analysis,  robot guidance, quality/process control, etc. Its a rather broad range of applications and products, here are a couple of pics:


Stuff of theirs with a possible consumer (that's me and You) interest:
SVS-VISTEK distributes, adapts and modifies a range of known brand lenses like Zeiss, Pentax, Tamron, Schneider and more. They also manufacture a range of adapters, tubes and spirals for mounts like the M39 and M72. They're also into Led illumination and Video-Frame Grabber cards for personal computers.


Photron:  The home of high speed photography, based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.  High speed as in frames per second. Their FastCam SA5 can shoot at 7500 fps @ 1 megapixel resolution and costs around a cool $499.999.

In their own words:

"Photron, the world's leading supplier of high speed imaging technology, has added a plug-in to synchronize Photron slow motion cameras with the bestselling M Series integrated BNC Data Acquisition (DAQ) units from National Instruments™"

Some pics of assorted Photron goodies:

What can they offer to the keen photo enthusiast? Unless you're an Arabian oil tycoon, or a Russian oligarch, nada.


ViewPlus: Makers of high-bitrate, high resolution cameras for industrial purposes.

In ther own words:
 見積・納期等​ "ViewPLUS Inc. aims to provide the solutions which link communication and image processing as well as sensing technology, by producing live images on-demand plus additional values.
We are going to present innovative ways to handle dynamic images and contribute to the world-wide computing."

Some pics. The things in the middle are NOT artificial trees, but something they call S.O.S: 

Q: Is there anything here for me, a photographer with an interest in the micro 4/3 system?

A: No

PS. A hipster friend of mine says that their S.O.S contraption may be a fine base for some interesting Christmas tree action.


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