Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, and online community that was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. As of December 2012 Flickr is updating and upgrading its services and user interface making several moves towards a 'social media' style of website.

Flicker bug results in thousands of private photos to be exposed in public, Flickr fixes the issue by creating a new one.

Barry Schwartz from Marketing Land writes: 

"Flickr made no post about this on its blog. Instead, yesterday, as one of the impacted users, Flickr sent me an email to politely let me know that hundreds of my private photos were opened to the public for a 20-day period recently. The email said Flickr had: Identified a software bug that may have changed the view setting on some of your photos from non-public (i.e., private or viewable only by family and friends) to public. . . . read more

How to REALLY Use Flickr (And Make It Onto the Coveted Flickr Explore), by Jason D. Little at Light Stalking.

"Flickr offers users two account options — Free or Pro. With anything bearing the “free” label there are limitations, but you may find these limitations quite reasonable and perfectly suited to your needs. Free accounts are allotted 300 MB worth of images and 2 videos per month. Additionally, your viewable photostream is limited to the 200 most recent images; any other photos that you uploaded previously will remain on the site and you will have access to an active link for those photos, but you will not be able to see them. So, at the very least, you have a backup of your photos. Free users can also place images in a maximum of 10 group pools (more about groups later). . . . read more

Flicker celebrates 5 years of Commons, with 4 amazing galleries of the most viewed photos.

"Exactly five years ago today we announced a fantastic new project: The Commons on Flickr. To celebrate the occasion, our founding member, the Library of Congress, asked Commons member institutions to send in links to a few of their most viewed, commented, or favorited images. The result is four very special galleries celebrating the beauty, excitement, and emotion of those amazing public collections of civic institutions from around the world. . . . read more

Flicker seizes the momentum of its newfound popularity, gives 3 extra months as gift to all Pro accounts.

Ho Ho Ho! Here's the email Flickr is sending out to its Pro plan members:

"Thank you for accepting your Flickr Holiday Gift. Please enjoy 3 more months of Flickr Pro for free as our way of saying thanks this holiday season! On your next billing date we will extend your Flickr Pro subscription by 3 months, unless you cancel. As a reminder, when you became a recurring Flickr Pro subscriber, you agreed that your subscription would . . . read more

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