A Possum tries to operate a movie camera, Northern Australia, 1943.

Photo taken in August of 1943. The location is Northern Australia, and it depicts a ring tailed possum examining a camera belonging to the Australian Department of information. Shot by young Department photographer Harold George Dick with a Graflex Speed Graphic camera, who was killed in an airplane crash in December 1943 while returning from an assignment at the Pacific war theater, more specifically, the Battle of Arawe. A couple of his war images can be found here and here.

Female Polar Bear tries to eat photographer Gordon Buchanan, all part of an experiment (on the photographer's part, the bear really wanted to take a bite-or two out of Mr. Buchanan)

"Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan journeyed to Svalbard, the northern-most region of Arctic Norway, to document the lives of three polar bears, a mother (Lyra) and her two cubs (Miki and Luca), over the course of three seasons. . . . read more

A black bear gets curious about Dean Swartz Nikon DSLR, decides to try its skills at photography. (And gave up soon afterwards when it probably decided that a mirrorless is what it really wants)

"A Black Bear decides to become a Photographer. What do you do when you're taking photos of a black bear in the woods with expensive photography equipment and the bear starts coming towards you? Run of course. But if you're a true photographer, and have an extra camera, you stop and document what happens after you leave.

The photographer, said "While photographing a black bear sow and her three spring cubs near Ely, Minnesota, I noticed a . . . read more

Lion steals, tries to eat a Canon 5D Mark II and a 16-35 f/2.8L II lens. Camera was announced dead on the spot, but the lens survived the ordeal.

"I brought a remote control and a small stand to Zimbabwe so that I could capture some animal images from a unique “on the ground perspective”. I used the setup for some images of elephants and African wild dogs and most animals ignored the camera after or at most gave it a quick glance.

When a lioness brought down a buffalo about 400 meters from our camp approached to get some images of her with her kill. The lioness walked away to get a drink of water in a nearby stream and we placed the camera near the carcass so that she would walk past it on the way back to feed. (The long lens and camera angle in first image makes it the remote camera seem closer to the kill than it actually was). . . . read more

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