Kim Jong Un uses a Nikon DSLR

Nikon is sometimes referred to as 'the dark side', so within that scope it makes sense that Earth's own dark lord uses a Nikon too. The photo-op occasion is from his visit to a squadron of ancient Mig-15s in Chosun, flown by some unfortunate female pilots.

Sylvester Stallone's Leica M9 is being auctioned off at Ebay

To be precise, it is the camera used by Mr. Stallone in the 'Expendables II' flick. From the auction's description:

"This is really a brand new camera it was used in Expendables II by Sylvester Stallone (Barney Ross) once and returned to the prop master right away. There are no scratches perfect condition.  It comes with a Leica m 35 mm f/2.5 Summarit 35mm Film Digital Rangefinder Lens with lens cap .

 Also included are a camera strap, a battery charger an auto charger a wall charger cord  a USB cord and a carry bag. Included are both manuals including the one signed by my brother. As an extra bonus i'm including the DVD of Expendables II. Where you will see this camera taking pictures of Jet Lee and Jason Statham. This is 100%  original and will come with letter from me Frank Stallone on my letterhead. . . . read more

Huge lot of 1000-2000+ (seller doesn't know exactly) old cameras for sale on Ebay, time to start that camera museum you've always dreamt about.

I don't think there are any Leicas hidden in there, even if the magnitude of this collection is chaos itself. From the seller's description:

Life time Collection of Vintage Cameras! Have been collecting it for 50 year. 1,000+ pieces of cameras, lenses, and accessories. (definitely more than 1,000; maybe more than 2,000 pieces, never count it) All brands, All kinds, All types of cameras. SLR, RF, TLR, Medium Format, P&S, etc. Canon, Nikon, Rollei, Yashica, Ricoh, Polaroids, Kodak, Fuji, Pentax, Petri, Pax, Mamiya, etc. You name it. Can't list the specific models and specification due to large amount of collection. . . . read more

Lens Flare? Naah, this is angel sighting, plain and simple.

Jenny Smedley is (oh boy) among other things, 'a past life therapist, an angel consultant, and UK's leading expert in the subject of past life'. Also, according to her, she is known by many people (not me, promise) as 'the Angel Whisperer'. Where others see a typical lens/filter flare, she-and her readers, see angel sightings, check out the hilarious (or sad, depending on your viewpoint on modern society) details in the screenshot to the left. 

Sighted by Reddit user Ashdot1111 . . . read more

12 classic cameras that don't look like cameras, by David Galbraith at Gizmodo.

Is a miniaturized pigeon camera a classic? I think not, I suppose he meant 'old' instead. Interesting tidbit: The only company of those listed still in existence today, is the Czech-American​ Meopta, makers of a wide range of optics. Their Pankopta camera listed here is a panoramic one, meant mostly for airborne operations. A functional A+ grade one, fetches sums above $100K

"One of the negative things about technological progress is when something that was originally intricate and mechanical becomes a ubiquitous piece of cheap technology. This happened in the 70s with watches and more recently has happened with cameras. A modern day spy camera is not that interesting, but the miniature ones here are, similarly the wide range of hardware solutions create much more design diversity in early cameras, from the giant 900lb box camera to the . . . read more

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