You just uploaded your picture and gave away your rights to it? Here's a site to help you go through the maze of TOS mines of the corporate sites.

Most of us use Flickr, Twitpic, Instagram, Smugmug, Facebook and the like, but how often do we read the extensive terms of services of each site? And even if we Do read them, there;s no guarantee we'll understand what's in front of us, unless we're law school graduates. The "terms of Service - Didn't read' initiative is here to help us, their motto is “I have read and agree to the Terms' is the biggest lie on the web.  We aim to fix that."  . . . read more

Google+ adds Pan & Zoom to large images, when viewed from a desktop.

Google+ ads yet another photography-centric feature, it may be as small step, but interesting (and useful) nonetheless, as announced by one of it's developers, David Cohen:

"Google+ is full of amazing photos, and today we're introducing the ability to pan and zoom when viewing photos from your desktop. To give these features a try, simply open a large photo in the lightbox, then:

- use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out
- click and drag to pan right, left, up or down
. . . read more

R.I.P: Four major digital photography sites that died this year.

2012 has been an exciting year for photographers. The onslaught of new products was unprecedented, as well as the rapid advancement of several segments and technologies.
This was the year that saw the micro 4/3 format mature to the point of actually being able to compete (and in some cases overtake) with cropped Dslrs, the release of no less than 7 full frame cameras, including Nikon's 36 Mpixel beast and Sony's Cybershot RX1 with a fixed lens. But this year also signaled the end,

Flicker seizes the momentum of its newfound popularity, gives 3 extra months as gift to all Pro accounts.

Ho Ho Ho! Here's the email Flickr is sending out to its Pro plan members:

"Thank you for accepting your Flickr Holiday Gift. Please enjoy 3 more months of Flickr Pro for free as our way of saying thanks this holiday season! On your next billing date we will extend your Flickr Pro subscription by 3 months, unless you cancel. As a reminder, when you became a recurring Flickr Pro subscriber, you agreed that your subscription would . . . read more

After 15 years DC Resource Page closes (DCRP) down, but Jeff Keller moves on to DP Review as senior editor, perhaps taking Mickey with him.

It is really sad to witness the upcoming closure of one of the oldest digital imaging reviewing sites in existence, but on the other hand really happy about Jeff continuing his wonderful reviews as editor of DP Review. Hopefully now they'll be able to push their reviews out a bit quicker, and with fewer errors :) Jeff Keller writes:

"DCResource to close at end of year; Jeff headed to Digital Photography Review

Fifteen years ago I created the Digital Camera Resource Page with the goal of helping regular people find the right camera . . . read more

Flickr shows its still present and relevant amidst the instagram-twitter debacle, updates its user interface, introduces vastly improved IOS app that among other things includes-of course, filters. (But what about Android?)

Get More From Flickr: Navigate and Explore

We’ve been hard at work making Flickr the best possible experience for photography lovers everywhere. Today we’re excited to share that we have a new, simplified navigation bar and a new Explore page.

Our new nav bar was designed to make browsing Flickr faster and easier so you can quickly get to the photos you . . . read more

Twitter lashes back at Instagram, will launch filters for photos and other media: This war will be broadcast in sepia colors.

After Instagram has withdrawn support for image previews within Twitter in the past several days, it is now the little blue bird's time to respond: A new service called Twitter Cards will make it possible for users to attach media to their tweets, media that can initially be enriched by a selection of photo filters. More functionality and features will be added along the road. Here's an (slightly morbid) example posted by the Twitter Dev team: . . . read more

Backscatter's holiday shopping guide for 2012: Did you know there's a 'Lightroom 4 for underwater photographers' book out there?

"Lightroom 4 for the Underwater Photographer features over 10 hours of in-depth video tutorials, covering Lightroom's entire workflow from downloading images, to editing and showcasing them. Geared specifically toward the underwater photographer, the movies offer a complete workflow solution to help you efficiently manage your ever-growing photo library and handle your post production work too. This year's tutorials will be delivered on a USB thumb drive, so you can resuse it as storage media." . . . read more

Gizmodo chooses the 10 most important cameras of the year, proves that apparently they slept through a great part of it.

Yes, we know. Choosing the top 10 in a hallmark year like the 2012 was, is not an easy task. But for heaven's sake, when some of the cameras (like the Sony RX1 and RX100) have been hailed by most reviewers and people in the know as truly outstanding, you ought to include at least one of them. And speaking of Sony, what's the deal with preferring the NEX-5R over the NEX-6? And why, oh why include a half-baked experiment like the Lytro light field crapmera?

It is a known fact that Gizmodo was hit with an outage lasting some 7-8 days following hurricane Sandy, but no cameras were released during those days. And Sandy can't explain why they chose to include digicams like the Canon S110, a minor update to previous year's not-so-hot S100. Other notable omissions: The Fujifilm E-X1 (and affordable and modern AF version of the X-Pro1), and Panasonic GH3. Anyway, criticism is easy, so let's keep it at that, and . . . read more

Canon still holds a vast lead among pro photogs: Reddit users compile the most popular cameras and lenses settings from Reuters '2012 Photos of the Year' into neat pie-charts.

"Not trying to make any point here, I just love cameras and also statistics. So, I copy, pasted, sorted and tallied the data from the "Reuters Full Focus - Best photos of the year 2012" page (look for the link and thread at the top of [1]'m an amateur and I like to absorb what I can from shot data. Here's what I tallied: Camera: Canon 1D Mark III (4), Canon 1D Mark IV (26), Canon 1D X (6), Canon 5D (3), Canon 5D Mark II (19), Canon 5D Mark III (8), Nikon D3, NIKON D3S, Nikon D4, Nikon D7000, Nikon D800, Sony DSC H5, Prime Lenses: 15mm, 16 . . . read more

Calumet accidentally sells 3 Sigma 10-20mm lenses worth $1800 for $3 to the same buyer, adds free shipping to the deal.

"Photographers often scour eBay listings in hopes of snagging a good deal on camera equipment, but usually they’re not expecting to find gear worth hundreds of dollars sold for the same price as McDonald’s Dollar Menu items. Well, that’s exactly what one lucky eBayer discovered a couple of weeks ago. The person stumbled upon a strange listing: reputable camera retailer Calumet Photo was selling a brand new Sigma EX 10-20mm f/3.5 lens for Canon DSLRs — worth about $590 — for just $0.99! And not just one lens, but three! . . . read more

Where the US government sends its veteran photo gear for a second chance in life.

Forget about Ebay and Craiglist, this is the place for good deal, mostly on Nikon Gear, some serviceable, some not, and hopefully not too many radioactive specimens. Other notable lenses we spotted are a couple of Mamiyas, and some Canon primes. And don't forget to check out their camera section too. . . . read more

Flickr Is Getting a Major Makeover, starting February 28th, at Beta Beat

Some forces at Flickr are trying to reverse its slow but steady slide, and now the first wave of freshness is ready to roll onto our screens. First parts to be updated are the upload and photo view screens:


"Flickr missed its chance to be Instagram before Instagram was Instagram; it also faces fierce competition from Google+ and . . . read more

Sightmap: A heat map of our planet, by photographs taken.

I also considered the title "OMG IS EUROPE ON FIRE?!?" but it was probably too cheesy. And the reason Europe might appear to be too lit up must have something to do with Panoramio's popularity over there.  Also, more photos have been taken in Antarctica than in Somalia. . . . read more

This is how an American soldier is made @ Denver Post

An truly amazing photo reportage. For 27 months, Ian Fisher, his parents and friends, and the U.S. Army allowed Denver Post reporters and a photographer to watch and chronicle his recruitment, induction, training, deployment, and, finally, his return from combat. A selection of photos from Ian’s journey are posted below. The story was written by Kevin Simpson with Michael Riley, Bruce Finley and Craig F. Walker. It was reported by Riley in Colorado and at Fort Benning, Ga., Finley at Fort Carson and in Iraq, and photographer Craig F. Walker throughout. . . . read more

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