Canon develops feature upgrade for the EOS-1D C, adds 25p recording at 4k resolution.

Canon Press Release

Canon develops feature upgrade for the world’s first 4K DSLR, the EOS-1D C

London, UK, 30 January 2013 – Canon today announces the development of a new feature upgrade for the ground-breaking EOS-1D C. The upgrade has been developed taking into account feedback from the European professional video community, and adds support for 25p recording at the camera’s maximum 4K resolution.  . . . read more

Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Guide: The Custom Settings menu, what it does and how it works, explained by mpgexsvcd. (Ed: Sorry, no real name of the author found)

"Panasonic GH3 Setup Guide. This video will show you some Tips and Tricks for setting up your GH3. It focuses on setting up the Custom 1-5 settings. However, the very end of the video has several demonstrations of issues with the camera so make sure you watch it all the way through. If you like the video then please rate it and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like it. The GH3 has improved on almost everything over the GH2. However, its high ISO still quality is probably the biggest improvement and it is the reason I bought it. . . . read more

A great collection of small articles about everything related to the Nikon D800/D800E and video, by Ron Van Den Kolk.

There are currently almost 20 such articles, covering stuff from "How do I get a clean full screen hdmi output" to "Does the Nikon D800/D800E have an ISO sweet spot with video?" Ron (or is it 'Kolk'? Dutch names confuses me sometimes) also keeps an 'upcoming articles' list, where he mentiones stuff like auto focusing modes, external monitors, how to set exposure for video, and more. If you have a D800/E and like to shoot video with it, this is definitively bookmark worthy. . . . read more

Affordable full frame SLR cameras shootout: Canon 6D vs Nikon D600 vs the rain, at DigitalRev TV

Here's a cheat sheet on some basics:

Image quality: About the same
Auto focus points and speed: Nikon is superior om both counts
High iso: Canon wins
Low light focusing: Canon wins (-3 EV vs -1 EV)
Video quality: Canon wins
Size and weight: Canon is lighter and smaller
Other features: Nikon is less downscaled compared to the bigger model (D800), but the Canon 6D comes with Wi-fi (and a cool remote control app for Ios and Android devices) and GPS. . . . read more

Variable Neutral Density filters shootout, 6 ND filters compared by Dave Dugdale.

"Next up is my Bokeh test using my 70-200mm at 2.8 without any ND filter you can see the small light source out of focus creates clean bokeh.

The Genus adds some texture to the bokeh
And the Lightcraft adds way to much texture, at this point I am taking the LightCraft out of the running.
The Tiffen looks pretty much exactly the same to the Genus
. . . read more

Panasonic GH3 Ongoing extensive video focused review at ProCoalition: Overall very good, but a mixed bag by some aspects.

"If you need dual dials, a built-in intervalometer, in-camera HDR, the silent electronic shutter, unhacked high-bitrate video recording, and/or a headphone jack, the GH3 is clearly the way to go. If you need the sharpest, clearest EVF available; you’re happy with 24 Mbps AVCHD; and you can live without the features the GH3 adds, the GH2 is 90% of the camera for 50% of the price.

Bottom line: the GH3 is a very capable MFT still camera; a step beyond the GH2 with a price to match. But if you’re looking . . . read more

Canon EOS 6D first HD video footage comes online at Vimeo, courtesy of Johnnie Behiri.

"Canon 6D is the latest in Canon's full frame HDSLR family and honestly, there is simply no substitute for the full frame sensor "look".

The footage was taken with a pre production model camera and hopefully the video quality in the final version will be improved.

Camera strengths: . . . read more

Panasonic GH3 Kitty video iso 1600 to 6400 test by Fillipo Chiesa: Meow!

"I filmed this very short preliminary high ISO test at my house putting the GH3 on my sofa with one of my cats.
No professional lights added (only the artificial light sources of my living room).
New and accurate test in the next days.  Recording mode: ALL-I 25p No color"
. . . read more

Nikon D800 vs Olympus OM-D E-M5 side by side video shootout: Olympus wins, mostly.

"Olympus's new flagship Micro four thirds camera the OM-D E-M5 Versus Nikon's Shiny new D800 Full frame shoooter. (& yes, dedicated reviews of both cameras are coming soon ;) )

Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the fantastic M.Zuiko Digital ED 45mm F1.8
The Nikon D800 with the much lusted after Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G...
It's as close as makes no real difference an equivalent (effective) focal length FOV on each camera.
(the D800 is full frame, and the E-M5 has a 2x crop factor, giving the 45mm lens an 35mm equivalent focal length of 90mm)
. . . read more

Switronix Bolt LED light review at the Digital Photography School

"I love LEDs. I have an unhealthy amount of LED flashlights. It’s a sickness. But there is a problem inherent to all LED lights that use an array (over 97% of LED video lights use an array). Because the light is coming from several places at once, it casts multiple shadows. It’s not just the Bolt, and it’s something you can manage as long as you know it’s there. Again, this is down to the multi light tech, not a fault of . . . read more

13 Products You Need to Add HD Video to Your Business, at PDN

"Though many people might tell you to start with the camera, Angel doesn’t think it’s as critical as it once was. “We used to buy a camera—a Hasselblad body or a Nikon F—and slowly add lenses and that was our system. Now the camera is the most disposable part of your gear. Camera life expectancy is 12 to 18 months and they’re affordable enough that you can swap bodies and continue using everything else.” . . . read more

Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 for video, at EOS HD

This is a battle none could have imagined, just 3 or 4 years ago. Two of the best full-frame DSLRs duking it the fields of video:

"All the signs point to the 5D Mark III’s image quality being spectacular. Because of the high bitrates and i-frame codec compression . . . read more

Ptool hack 3.64d released, adds support for Panasonic GF2, new features for GH2

Thanks to the committed effort by Vitaliy Kiselev and his army of supporters and beta testers, owners of the Lumix GF2 can now for the first time get a taste of what their camera can achieve with the PTool firmware manipulation tool, such as unlocked and added bit rates, codecs, language, and numerous tweaks. . . . read more

Sony alpha NEX-7 reviewed at EOD HD

EOS HD is a video oriented site, and as such puts those capabilities of the NEX-7 to the bench. While it may be a very good camera for photography, the video is another story, especially when it gets constantly compared to the GH2 and the 5D mark II.



"The NEX 7 is a real mixed bag. At times it has wowed me with a dynamic range and colour that seemed to be the best on any . . . read more

The Japanese Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon. Intro to scuba photography at Insight blog.

"One does not have to travel far to dive wrecks. The waters surrounding New York and New Jersey contain so many shipwrecks, that divers call this area Wreck Valley. Traveling to locations where historic battles took place is an adventure. The island of Chuuk is one of these locations. The island used to be known as Truk, and the surrounding body of water is still known as Truk Lagoon. The island is part of the Federated States of . . . read more

Filmmakers Mike deGruy and Andrew Wight die in helicopter crash

"The underwater community suffered from a huge loss yesterday. Underwater filmmakers Mike deGruy and Andrew Wight died in a helicopter crash yesterday near Nowra, 80 miles south of Sydney. deGruy, 60, and Wight, 52, were reportedly scouting locations for an upcoming project. . . . read more

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X @ BJP

"Version 10.0.3 can now automatically syncs clips from a shoot using audio waveforms, time and date, or timecode "to create a Multicam Clip with up to 64 angles of video, which can include mixed formats, frame sizes and frame rates," says Apple. "The powerful Angle Editor allows you to dive into your Multicam Clip to make precise adjustments, and the Angle Viewer lets you play back multiple angles at the same time and . . . read more

Sony NEX-7 versus Panasonic GH2 side-by-side video comparison by 'Hacky'

P.S Original video files from both cameras are only available to download for Vimeo 'plus' customers.


"After evaluating some aspects of the image quality of Sony's new NEX-7 it's now time for a closer look at the video quality by comparing it to the current flagship of the MicroFourThirds (mFT) system cameras, the Panasonic Lumix GH2.  . . . read more

Should You Really Use a DSLR for Video? @ Light Stalkers

Just skimming the surface really, but for an aspiring DSLR videographer it may be a good introduction:

"Another, often unexpected issue is moire patterns. This is an unsightly jagged edge that can show in straight lines and ironically in the case of . . . read more

Editing Video in Lightroom 4 @ DPB

Yes, you can edit video in Lightroom now, but its a very crude kind of editing. 

  . . . read more

Canon developing 4K RAW video format

"Canon are developing their own RAW codec for 2K and 4K video. In a patent filed in July 2010 and published yesterday, Canon describe a codec which stores raw sensor data from a 12bit high resolution RGB sensor with Bayer colour filter array. . . . read more

Vimeo redesigns, adds tons of new features...

...and unlike other video sharing sites manages to keep and improve upon its clean look. Here's just a few of the changes/additions: 

  . . . read more

Oscar nomination for a movie filmed with a Canon 5D MkII

The documentary "Hell and back again", shot by Danfung Dennis caused quite a stir in the Dslr (and not) shooting circles. This marks the very first time a film shot with a dslr gets an Academy Award nomination. A brief synopsis of the film: . . . read more

moving time-lapse photography tutorial by Victoria G.

A nice little tutorial that includes well made hands-on videos, written by Victoria G. Also, most of the equipment involved in moving timelapse photography (except for the camera and lens of course) can be readily made from scratch, scrap and leftover bits. All you have to do is read some of the DIY tutorials that float around the interwebs (Google is your friend) and have some common sense...and patience. . . . read more

RED Scarlet versus Panasonic GH2 @ EOSHD

"Straight off the camera the GH2 can look great, but the Scarlet holds up far better in post, where you are able to change pretty much any aspect of the image to a massive extent. This simply isn’t possible with DSLR footage. . . . read more

Optimising the Panasonic GH2 for ISO 12,800 @ EOShd

"Myth busting time! Yes the GH2 really can do clean, detailed ISO 12,800 in low light, and it is the best current DSLR for low light shooting, with an organic fine grain noise pattern like the Canon C300. How? It all depends on picture profiles, as EOSHD shows in this video tutorial. . . . read more

Sony Nex-7 video capabilites review @ Luminous-Landscape

"The NEX-7 (and NEX-5n) are interesting to anyone wanting to shoot video because unlike most video-capable DSLS and CSCs there are almost no restrictions on what "mode" you need to be in to shoot video. Indeed, with the NEX cameras there isn't a video mode. If you press the red . . . read more

Litepanels Croma: LED lighting that offers variable color temperature

"The Croma™ is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output. It is a versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, event videographers or still photographers who move rapidly . . . read more

Dispelling the myths, is the Canon C300 worth $15,999? @ EosHD

"Now $15,999 remember only matters to owners. As an ownership prospect the Alexa would be poor value as well, for anyone without the business model to earn their $75,000 back from it. But I suspect Canon have their eye firmly on the rental and broadcast market with the C300, . . . read more

How to get clean ISO 6400 and 12,800 low light video on the GH2 and 5D Mark II @ EosHD

"One thing I did find with the 5D Mark II is that if you are modifying a colour image to black and white in post, don’t just reduce saturation on all channels. You need to handle the red channel separately and actually I had to resort to Photoshop for the above frame and change the influence . . . read more

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