Mastering Lightroom: Post-Processing Portraits, by Romanas Naryškin at Photography Life

In this installment of the excellent 'Mastering Lightroom" series, Romanas deals with the tricky portrait processing issue in Lightroom:

"The portrait we will be working on, thankfully, doesn’t require too much editing. We will not be playing with Spot Removal Tool, nor will we use any External Editors. The steps we are going to take are quite simple and thus quick. Quick is good – the less time you spend processing your work, the more time you have for photography. Some light usage of Local Adjustment Brush as well as HSL Panel will be needed, and neither one of these have been covered in our Mastering Lightroom series yet. Bear with me if you’ve never used these tools before – I will make sure every step taken is explained in enough detail. In-depth articles about these and other features are to come soon, too. . . . read more

How to fake the ‘golden hours’ in Photoshop, even if you shot Jpegs, at Digital Camera World.

You should read 'faking it' as 'almost kinda make it look like', because some things cannot (yet) be replicated in software, be it the polarizing effect, or the golden hour.

"There are two official golden hours each day – the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. In both cases, the sun is very low in the sky and casts a golden light over the landscape. In this tutorial we’ll show you a quick way to recreate this golden glow on the computer should you have not been fortunate enough to capture it in-camera. . . . read more

Lightroom Video: Fooling Lightroom Presets To Create Cool Effects, by Matt Kloskowski at Lightroom Killer Tips.

Neat! Also check out their other recent videos with tutorials about Lightroom 4 working aspects.

"Hey everyone. Got a new video for you. A question or comment I hear quite a bit about is the fact that you can’t save Adjustment Brush settings into a preset in Lightroom. Now, don’t confuse this with saving adjustment brush presets – that you can do (say you have a favorite brush setting for softening skin or whitening eyes). But if you paint something on to the photo you can’t save it. There is a semi-workaround though. It uses the Graduated Filter in Lightroom, and . . . read more

Pop Photo workshop: How To Edit Video in Adobe Lightroom 4, by Debbie Grossman.

You can't do that, can you? Well, to some degree yes, Debbie Grossman has some workarounds for many of the limitations, and includes lots of how-to videos in the tutorial:

"Select your captured frame, then click Develop to work on it. Here’s where the magic happens: You can change white balance, add contrast or vibrance, go black-and-white, or even adjust curves. Work your still the way you’d work any other RAW file. (Not all of the tools work. Because video is a time-based medium, you can’t make adjustments such as . . . read more

How to tweak your Olympus E-M5 to shoot sports by Jim Huffman at

Well, turning off the rear LCD takes you a long way, but there's more that that:

"go into custom buttons – and assign magnify to any function button (or the record button). now, to enter magnify, hit the control button twice. magnify stays on until you half press the shutter release! and, you will note that the magnify is . . . read more

How to Manually Create a HDR Photo in Photoshop @ PetaPixel

"Here’s a tutorial on how to do non-automated HDR for real estate photography using Photoshop CS5. The first thing you’ll need is a sturdy tripod with a level. The closer you are to a leveled image, the less correction you’ll have to do later. . . . read more

Dynamic range in the world of photography by Roger Passman

Gets a slightly bit technical, but really informative otherwise. Nice introduction to this often overlooked topic. . . . read more

Fine Art Photography, by John Maxymuik

Fine art is in the eye of the beholder so to speak. Being a critic is way to easy nowadays. This finely written essay gives us the pont of view on the subject, of photographer John Maxymuik. You can see more of his fine work at the slightly cheesy and hopelessly dated site  Ambient Images

  . . . read more

moving time-lapse photography tutorial by Victoria G.

A nice little tutorial that includes well made hands-on videos, written by Victoria G. Also, most of the equipment involved in moving timelapse photography (except for the camera and lens of course) can be readily made from scratch, scrap and leftover bits. All you have to do is read some of the DIY tutorials that float around the interwebs (Google is your friend) and have some common sense...and patience. . . . read more

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