Canon powershot G10 review by TrustedReviews

g10This camera may be noisier than a mother in law, but it still gets a 9/10 on image quality from TR:

" Image noise is also not as well handled as it might be, especially when compared to previous Canon G-series models. Noise is clearly visible in shots at 200 ISO, and is causing loss of detail and problems with colour reproduction at 400 ISO. As usual with Canon cameras the texture of the noise is very grain-like, but still the results are a bit disappointing. Likewise dynamic range, which isn't much better than most other high-res compacts in the 14-megapixel range. While it does produce more shadow detail than the Nikon S710, it does so at the expense of burned-out highlights. Even the i-Contrast mode, Canon's name for a . . . read more

Canon SX10 IS VS Sony cybershot H50

h50Another side by side shootout, this time by "I've said it over and over again in the build-up to this holiday season: ultrazooms are hot this year. Sure, entry-level DSLRs are still getting their fair share of interest. But at the same time, many intermediate shooters are taking a fresh look at this class of generally high-spec, high-performance models that offers the zoom-range equivalent of bagful lenses for that Canon Rebel or Nikon D60 all rolled up into a single, cost-effective device.

Fujifilm FinePix F60fd Camera Review @ Ephotozine

f60fdOh Fujifilm no more Mr. nice noise guy? Quote: "It's such a shame to see the Fuji camera having problems with noise because they led the way in image technology with the release of the SuperCCD. It seems the hexagonal pixels aren't pulling their weight now and I think Fuji need to address the problem.

Digicam Review: Top 5 compact cameras of 2008

My favorite among those selected is the Canon Ixus 980/SD990 : "Image Quality: Image quality is excellent - with excellent colour, with high levels of saturation, contrast and very good detail. Noise is quite low considering the camera has 14.7 megapixels - and shows lower noise than other 9 and 10 megapixel Canon cameras! It also offers a useable high ISO 3200 mode! There was also some red eye in group photos, but overall red-eye was generally quite low, and red-eye reduction worked well to remove most of them.

Canon SX10 IS review @ DCRP

sx10This 20x zoom behemont is quite an upgrade to the S5 IS, as noted by the reviewer: "Camera performance was very good in most respects. The SX10 starts up in 1.2 seconds -- remarkably quick for a camera with a pretty big lens to extend. Focus times range from 0.2 seconds in the best case scenarios to around a second in the worst. Low light focusing was hit-or-miss: it was usually pretty responsive, but the camera couldn't lock focus more often than I would've liked. Shutter lag was not a problem, and shot-to-shot delays

Panasonic LX3 review by Brian Brenizer

It's funny how each new review of whatever keeps adding to all previous reviews of the same thing. I have yet to read a review that leaves me 100% satisfied. This is a good thing i suppose. There are so many twists and angles and point of views. For example, a phrase off Brenizer's review:  

Panasonic Lumix LX3 new firmware

Panasonic will release a new firmware update for the Lumix DMC-LX3 on 15th December. Version 1.1 includes a compatibility update for the optional FL220 flash unit, and improves auto white balance performance. 

Canon PowerShot G10 review @

The G10 is one of the top 3 prosumer digicams for the moment, and here's another reason why: "The demands and expectations of enthusiasts mean there’ll inevitably be compromises with any compact that targets them and areas where it’ll disappoint – indeed if we’re wishing, how about a G11 with an f2.0 lens, HD movies, fast continuous shooting, a flip-out screen and most importantly of all, a physically bigger sensor? But while the G10 faces tough competition both from its own range along with a number of rivals, most notably Panasonic’s Lumix LX3 and G1, this latest Canon manages to be one of the most desirable compacts for enthusiasts to date. Again you should compare it closely against the Lumix LX3, but ultimately we preferred the G10 for its more flexible zoom range, better controls, nicer-looking screen and superior battery life. Like its predecessor, it’s not perfect, but closer than most to fulfilling the brief." Link 

Sony to Mass-produce Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor

From Nikkei: 

Casio EX-F1: 2 Fast 2 Furious?

The Exilim EX-F1 is a totally new monster on the block. Despite it's few shortcomings, it will surely have future owners going delirious. I mean, 600 fps and full 1080p video, i want one of these babies right now!  David Pogue from NYTimes is the reviewer:

Pentax to end digicam production?

This just in, according to a post in the Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, and loosely translated: Hoya plans for Pentax is to gradually phase out the digicam production over the news couple of years until a full stop.  This, paired to the news that the production of the medium format 645 has been cancelled, will leave Pentax focused on just the DSLR line. However, since the DSLRs are co-produced with Samsung, this will probably mean the end of Pentax as an independent producer of cameras.  

Canon G9 review @ Luminous Landscape

...And according to Mr Reichman it (mostly) beats the pants off the Leica M8.  Interesting stuff.

HP quits digital camera business

In corporate speak it's " an alternative business model seeking"  but in plain  English it's just  quitting.  The main reason is of course the very small (for a company the size of HP) sales and the non-existent profits the digital imaging division brought in. HP press release: HP to Seek New Business Model for HP-branded Cameras PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2007 - HP today announced that it will seek an alternative business model for its HP-branded cameras and shift resources toward its Print 2.0 growth initiatives. HP is currently working to identify an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner that would be licensed to design, source and distribute digital cameras under the HP brand. HP will continue selling its own cameras through the holiday season and intends to have the partnership arrangement in place in the first half of 2008.

Pentax Optio A40

 This looks like a pretty advanced digicam at a very attractive price. Beyond the "must have" 3' lcd, 12 mp and face detection this camera sports a few unique features too. Press release: PENTAX INTRODUCES OPTIO A40 WITH 12 MEGAPIXELS GOLDEN, CO. (October 1, 2007)…PENTAX Imaging Company has announced the PENTAX A40, the latest model in the Optio A series of advanced compact digital cameras with superior image quality and performance.  Featuring 12 megapixels, this latest Optio features three types of Shake Reduction including mechanical, digital and movie.  Each version helps deliver sharp, blur-free shots where camera shake is an issue such as action photography or in low light conditions at dawn, dusk or at night.  The Pentax A40 model also features the newest Face Recognition technology including a Natural Skin Tone mode and a Half-length Portrait mode, which automatically takes a head and shoulder photograph of subjects. The Pentax A40 will ship in October 2007 for US $299.95.

Canon powershot G9 review at

Le snip: "As it uses the same lens as the G7, its similar distortion issues come as no surprise. But Canon probably tweaked the image-processing a bit, because photos this go-round had fewer artifacts. Among the G9's good qualities you'll find an excellent noise profile--photos hold detail well as high as ISO 400--and as usual Canon's exposure and white balance hold up quite well; it renders realistically saturated colors without going overboard. Despite the distortion, the lens holds sharpness from edge to edge; there's little purple fringing, though some magenta and cyan aberration does occur."   Link

Canon S3 IS review @

It's very rarely that dpreview awards a digicam with the "highly recommended" badge, so this is very good news for all S3 potential owners. And beginning with this camera now adds a "real" rating system: "Note that we are now adding some qualification (scoring) to our ratings, and as the S3 IS is the first camera to get this treatment it becomes by default the benchmark for our compact camera scoring." "Broadly speaking a score of 7.5 or 8.0 indicates a camera that is on a par with its direct competitors at the time of writing. Anything over 8.5 represents a camera that is getting nearer and nearer to being the 'best in class'. (Link) The Total ID page for the S3 IS is also worth visiting  

Leica C-Lux 1 mini-review at

The review makes a pretty big deal about it being an instant collectible, and i'd like to go along with this. less than $/e500 for a working digital Panason...err, Leica camera? Hey, sign me up!   From the (mini)review:  "The lines of the camera echoes classic Leica lines, albeit in a smaller, more modern iteration." There are some nice touches and functions on the C-Lux 1 including Optical Image Stabilization which can be activated to stabilize just the captured image, or both the viewfinder, and the captured image. Push the "High-angle LCD" button and you can compose a shot while holding the camera up above a crowd. Scene shooting mode includes a "Starry Night" long exposure setting, perfect for an evening at safari camp on the Serengeti. There are two "Baby Modes" which can record your little ones ages at the time of the snapshot. The C-Lux 1 has three drive modes, Low, High, and Infinite. Without flash, in Multiple High mode, the camera fired off 6 shots in just over two seconds. Infinite drive, again without strobe, fired off 12 shots in 10 seconds, and kept firing away at that pace for 184 shots. (It stopped only because the SD card was full.) The C-Lux 1 has two audio modes. You can record five seconds of audio that begins just after the photo is taken, or you can annotate your photos with voice notes in playback mode. In the lab, the camera produced solid results for its megapixel class. Resolution is Extremely High at ISO 80 and 100, and Very High at ISO 200 and 400. Color accuracy is extremely high, especially using Manual White Balance (Average Delta E: 8.48). Noise is Low at ISO 80, Moderately Low at ISO 100 and 200, but Unacceptable at ISO 400. The Vario-Elmarit Lens showed Visible Barrel Distortion at 28mm, Imperceptible Pincushion at 56mm and Slight Pincushioning at 102mm. (Due to the limitations of the ISO expansion settings, we could not apply the normal Pop Photo testing methodologies to the ISO boost settings of 800-1600.)   (Link)  

Olympus Mju Stylus 720SW reviewed at

A digicam that's waterproof, AND shockproof is not a common sight. This makes it a very interesting "summer cam" with one notable exception: lacking movie mode. In this age anything less than 640x480 at 30 fps is not acceptable for serious movie recording, and the stylus 720SW only makes it up to 15 fps. If this doensn't bother you, then keep reading about this otherwise very neat camera:

DCRP review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50

From the review: The DSC-W50 is one of many 2006 camera models to offer a high sensitivity mode. The idea here is to get the shutter speed as fast as possible, which reduces the risk of having a blurry photo.

New Sony cybershot spotted in the wild: Cyber-Shot DSC-T30

It's basically a CyberShot DSC-T9 with a larger and brighter 3.0 inch lcd screen, and 7.2 Megapixels. Sony Corp. The Cyber-shot DSC-T30 combines superb 7.2 megapixel performance with high-tech features for increased sensitivity, reduced blur, and flash-free photography for capturing the mood and shooting where flash won't reach or is not permitted. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30 packs high-resolution 7.2 megapixel imaging in ultra-compact dimensions; about the size of a credit card, with top-quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 3X Optical Zoom lens and an amazingly bright 3.0" Clear Photo LCD Plus screen that lets you set up shots, share results and read menus even in bright sunlight. To capture sharp, clear images in low light without flash, the DSC-T30 combines High Sensitivity Mode (ISO 1000), Super SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilization system to reduce blur by compensating for shaky hands, and Sony's Clear RAW Noise Reduction system to counter the noise associated with high-sensitivity shooting. The DSC-T30 lets you create in-camera slide shows with select background music playback, to put on a show for friends and family. And to keep you shooting and sharing longer, a Sony high-stamina InfoLithium battery provides plenty of portable power; up to 420 pictures. Product Specifications   Features & Functions  Light Sensitivity  Auto mode Light Sensitivity  ISO 100 Light Sensitivity  ISO 200 Light Sensitivity  ISO 400 Light Sensitivity  ISO 80 Light Sensitivity  ISO 800 Light Sensitivity  ISO 1000 Red Eye Reduction  Yes Shooting Modes  Landscape Shooting Modes  Twilight Shooting Modes  Beach Shooting Modes  Softsnap Shooting Modes  Snow Shooting Modes  Fireworks Show Shooting Modes  Hi-Speed Shutter Shooting Modes  Twilight portrait Shooting Modes  High Sensitivity Special Effects  Black & White Special Effects  Chrome Special Effects  Sepia Special Effects  Vivid Special Effects  Natural Color General  Still Image Format  JPEG Camera Type  Point & Shoot camera Flash Type  Built-in flash Optical Sensor Size  1/2.5" Optical Sensor Type  Super HAD CCD Optical Viewfinder Type  Real-image Lenses  Lens Aperture  F/3.5 - 10 Focal Length (minimum)  38 mm Focal Length (maximum)  114 mm Memory  Flash Memory Form Factor  Memory Stick Duo Flash Memory Form Factor  Memory Stick PRO Duo Performance  Megapixels  7.2 megapixel(s) Optical Zoom  3 X Digital Zoom  2 X Shutter Speed  1/4 -1/1000 sec Power  Battery Average Run Time  420 image(s) Battery Type  Lithium ion Storage  Storage Capacity  58 MB Video  Video Input Type  Digital camera Digital Video Format  MPEG Display Form Factor  Built-in Display Size  3 in Display Technology  LCD Analog Video Format  NTSC Actual Weight 4.9 oz. Contents Camera, rechargeable InfoLithium battery, battery charger, A / V cable, USB cable, DC-in Multi-connector cable, wrist strap, documentation O/S Notes Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, 2000 Professional, ME, XP Home and Professional Macintosh OS X (v10.1.5 or later) (OS must be installed at the factory) Ports/Connectors (1) A/V out (1) USB 2.0 (1) Multi-connector  

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 review at DigitalCameraInfo

Sony: once again an interesting concept, but pretty crappy materialization.  Sony's previous ?bercamera had, among other problems huge speed issues: It took alot of time to start up, to focus, and a helluva long time to save a file to disk, actually it needed more than 12 seconds just to save a single raw file to memory! So, did they learn? well, no, not really. from the review:

Casio EX-Z500 and EX-S600 new firmware versions

EX-Z500 Firmware Update Software.....Version 1.01      Improvements Provided by This Update: V1.00-V1.01 ? Adds Keystone Correction

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 review at

This Cnet review is pretty descent, compared to their laughable "review" of the Canon EOS 30D a week ago. From the review: "Like siblings in the same family, the TZ1 bears a close resemblance to the recent Lumix models--including a familiar menu design layout and configuration of the camera's buttons. In additional, the TZ1 achieves a more spartan look due to a larger chassis but without additional keys on the rear estate of the unit. " "However, we had mixed feelings about the TZ1. On the one hand, we liked how the unit gives a firm and sturdy feel with a larger body and decent handgrip. Yet on the other, we didn't care for the removable lens cap that has to be attached to the strap eyelet in case the cover goes missing. That said, this saves on battery life since the camera need not waste energy powering up the lens. The mode dial and zoom lever along the top edge of the camera are easily reached with the thumb and index fingers, respectively, but we cannot say the same for the rest of the controls on the back of the unit. We recommend using both hands when changing settings on the rear of the shooter. Pressing up on the directional keys brings you to the exposure compensation and auto bracketing option; down reviews the last picture taken. Hitting right alternates between the various flash settings and left allows you to set a 2- or 10-second timer. The bottom right edge of the camera houses a compartment for the Lithium-ion battery and memory card. A tripod receptacle can be found on the left end just under the Leica lens. To satisfy the palates of the fashion-conscious, the TZ1 is available in black, blue and silver. Not all colors will be available, though, depending on the country the unit is purchased in. " (Link) reviews the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50

A nice review of a not so nice (my personal opinion) compact digital camera: Excerpt: "The first thing to see on the back of the W50 is its large 2.5" LCD display. While the screen is big, the resolution of 115,000 pixels is not. Despite the low pixel count, I didn't have any problems with the sharpness of the images viewed on the LCD. Outdoor visibility was average, while low light is above average (though I've seen better)."   "Sony claims that their "Clear RAW technology" (not to be confused with the RAW image format) lets you "up the camera's sensitivity without dramatically increasing picture noise, which makes pictures look blurry and grainy." After taking a few pictures with the high sensitivity mode, I think "dramatically" is a bit of an overstatement. The camera does perform pretty well for a compact through ISO 400, but after that, two things happen. One, noise levels become high enough that even a 4 x 6 inch print is lacking in quality. And second, color saturation takes a nose dive. I'll have more on this topic later. " (link)    

Canon S3 IS, our latest Total ID item

Further blurring the border between DSLRs and digicams, (hey, it has got a dedicated ISO button!)  Canon's latest incarnation of a superzoom image stabilized digicam, will hit the shelves in about two months. So, bookmark this page if this camera interests you too!  

Pc mag. puts Canon wireless Powershot SD 430 on test

 One of several new wireless models that has been introduced this year is Canon's SD 430. Does it perform? From the review: "To print wirelessly, you plug the included wireless USB print adapter into a Canon Selphy or Pixma printer (the adapter won't work with printers from other manufacturers), connect wirelessly, and then select 'print' from the camera's LCD menu. Again, the process is simple and swift: My test images printed as quickly over the wireless connection as they did over a USB cable."

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 and DSC-H2

Sony finally lifts the lid of the two new "H"series cameras. Pictures and specifications for those two have been in circulation for some time, but now it's official: Press Release - February 25, 2006 Tell Mr. DeMille You?re Ready For Your Close-Up Sony Zooms In On Fast-Growing Product Category with Two New Digital Cameras

New KODAK EASYSHARE C?Series Digital Cameras

Press-release: Affordable C643, C533 Cameras Designed to Deliver High-Quality Images for Entry Level Enthusiasts ROCHESTER, NY, February 17 -- Eastman Kodak Company today announced the EASYSHARE C643 and C533 zoom digital cameras that combine Kodak?s hallmark ease-of-use, quality and value, making it possible for entry-level picture takers to capture, share, organize and print pictures.

New KODAK EASYSHARE V603 digital camera

New KODAK EASYSHARE V603 ? 6.1-Megapixel, Compact Digital Camera Proves Big Things Come in Small, Sleek Packages Kodak Continues to Fuse Style and Quality with KODAK EASYSHARE V-Series Zoom Digital Cameras ROCHESTER, NY, February 17 -- Building upon the tremendous success of its award-winning line of KODAK EASYSHARE V-series digital cameras, Kodak debuts the V603, a compact camera that is the perfect mixture of style, performance and simplicity that can slide into almost any pocket.

New KODAK EASYSHARE Z612 Digital Camera

Press-release: Fast Performance, High-Quality Detailed Long Shots, Steady Videos Enhance New Z-Series Camera ROCHESTER, NY, February 17 -- Eastman Kodak Company today announced the new KODAK EASYSHARE Z612 zoom digital camera, the latest model in its Z-series line, which helps everyday picture takers get closer, better, more creative shots.
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