Hands on with Canon PowerShot G1 X and Nikon D4 @ dpreview

"The PowerShot G1 X handles much like the PowerShot G12. However, its fixed 28-112mm (equivalent) zoom and fully-articulated rear LCD are coupled with a sensor only slightly smaller than that used in Canon's APS-C format EOS DSLRs. [...] " . . . read more

Rioch GR Digital IV Review @ Steves-Digicams

"One of our favorite shooting modes with any Ricoh camera is macro mode, and the GR Digital IV is no exception. Our sample image shows the camera's ability to capture up close. Taken within 2cm of the subject, our sample image is incredibly sharp, and the camera focuses unbelievably . . . read more

Canon PowerShot G1 X preview @ CameraLabs

The biggest thing in the G1 X's favour is of course its sensor which boasts over six times the surface area, not to mention four extra Megapixels. Indeed by sharing the same pixel pitch as Canon's 18 Megapixel

Fujifilm release x100 black edition limited @ 10.000 copies

Fujifilm Press Release:

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) is launching a limited release of 10,000 units of the high-end compact digital camera “FUJIFILM X100 BLACK Limited Edition” worldwide. The company has been receiving numerous requests for a black version of X100 since its original launch in . . . read more

Canon PowerShot G1X preview @ DpReview

"The Canon PowerShot G1 X may look like the company's existing G-series compacts, but is a very different prospect. It's a large sensor camera with a flexible 28-112mm-equivalent, 4x zoom lens and extensive manual controls. The company says it sees it as a camera for photographers who already have a high end DSLR such as a 5D Mark II or 7D, but at a price of $799, we think it'll appeal much more widely than that. . . . read more

Nikon P7100/Fantasea FP7100 Underwater set

  Fantasea Press Release   Fantasea & Nikon present the ultimate UW compact camera set 

Fuji’s all black X100 limited edition camera @ PR

"Back in November I mentioned that a new black Fuji X100 limited edition camera will be released in early 2012. A picture of the box was included in the article from the French magazine Responses Photo. "Only" 10,000 units . . . read more

Samsung's new Dual LCD WiFi compact camera

The new gadget features dual LCDs making it easy to shoot self portraits and the ability to upload the captured images directly from the camera to your Facebook, Picassa, Flickr or any other social based site with its built in WiFi.
With the ongoing war between Smartphone and compact cameras, will this new product tilt the scale ? . . . read more

Coatings: The Most Important Part of Your Lens @ LensRentals

This is one of those articles everybody interested in photography MUST read. Richly illustrated too. FTA:

"Without coatings each interface would reflect about 4% of the light that reaches it. For the simple lens, 38% of all the light entering the simple lens would be absorbed or scattered before exiting the rear element if there were no coatings. For the complex lens around 70% of the light . . . read more

GoPro HD Hero 2 review @ Engadget

"What is new with the HD Hero 2 is what's going on beneath that unassuming little case. According to GoPro, the Hero 2 is two times as powerful in every way. That means "two times sharper image" (however that's measured); 11MP Photos, up from the original's five; ten photos per second, up from three; time lapse down to 0.5 second increments, previously 1 second; max fps 120, up from 60; and 170 degrees FOV all the way up to 1080p, previously 170 stopped at 960p, dropping to 127 degrees at full resolution. Fortunately . . . read more

Canon PowerShot S100 Review @ DCR

FTA: "The GPS function on the S100 has two components: GPS and GPS logger. The former, when enabled, records the shooting location (latitude, longitude, elevation) and date for still images and movie clips. Search and Rescue folks needn't bother asking - UTM (Universal Trans Mercator) coordinates are not available. GPS logger continues to receive GPS signals after the camera is turned off and records location information for a single date into a log separate from images or movie clips. . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 field review @ SeriousCompacts

"The ⅔” EXR 12MP CMOS sensor and the EXR processor in this machine work together brilliantly! A bit larger than sensors in other compacts (except for those like the Fujifilm X100, Sigma DP line and Leica X1 that feature APS-C sized sensors), but a fair amount smaller than m4/3 sensors, I am amazed at its ability to handle low light, high ISO situations. Part of that success comes from the processor’s ability to combine pixels, which can be used to either . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review @ DigitalTrends

"The X-series from Fujifilm are fickle beasts. If you can tame them, work with them and not against them, you will take home stunning images. And these two devices arguably produce the best point-and-shoot photography (and this isn’t just when pitting them against pocket cams, but higher end cameras as well). However you simply cannot pick up the X10, start shooting, and expect to get everything you can out of the camera. . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review by Ken Rockwell

"The Fuji X10 is a solid little jewel of precision. Its zoom control brilliantly eliminates the need for that stupid power switch! Real cameras don't have power switches.The X10 has real strap lugs, much better than most point-and-shoot cameras, so it's always around your neck ready to shoot.The biggest potential gotcha is protecting the lens. . . . read more

Travel Zoom Shootout @ Imaging-Resource

"Smartphones have punched a hole in many product categories, not the least of which is the simple pocket digital camera. Still, one category of pocket digital camera that's not withered is the pocket long zoom, or travel zoom, and and quite a few players have joined the category in the last few years. As ubiquitous as they are, smartphone cameras can't pretend to zoom to even 3x optically, let alone compete with the 12-18x optical zooms we've gathered for our Travel-Zoom Shootout. . . . read more

Canon powershot S100 review @ Dpreview

The reviewers had to go through 5(!) different cameras to find one that doesn't suffer from lens de-centering issues.  So, according to that statistic, a consumer has a 20% chance to get a good copy. Anyway, the S100 proved to be more than good at other things, such as features and noise. FTA: 
"Behind the lens, Canon's new 12MP CMOS 1/1.7" sensor offers modest improvements in terms of resolution and noise levels towards the low end . . . read more

Nikon Coolpix P7100 Review @ NeoCamera

"This Coolpix is very well suited for creative photography and, although it does not support interchangeable lenses, accessory optics are available. The large shutter-speed range, which goes down to 60s at ISO 400 and below, can be used to photography light-trails or freeze action. At ISO 800, the minimum shutter-speed drops to 15s and it drops by 2 stops of shutter-speed for each stop of ISO above that. A built-in 3-stop ND filter allows the use of long shutter-speeds even when light is not that low. . . . read more

Polaroid z340 instant camera review @ DCinfo

"The Polaroid Z340 is the only camera right now that brings back the magic without giving up the advantages of a digital camera. That’s enough to earn a hearty thumbs-up from us, but more importantly, the Z340 actually does its job pretty well. Photo quality is plenty clean and clear enough for the 4×3″ prints that it makes, and the ink-free printer works well for a small, portable unit. . . . read more

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Review @ DCRP

24-840mm lens, 10 fps and full HD video. Is this the super zoom camera to rule them all?

"The PowerShot SX40 produced an excellent photo of our standard macro test subject. Colors are nice and saturated, even under our studio lamps, which often confuse the white balance system on cameras I review. The subject has a nice smooth appearance to it, but you'll never call it "soft". I don't see much in the line of . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review @ Cnet.uk

"Everything works so well together. Where build and design are concerned, it's easy to fall in love with the X10 and the fun you can have scouting for shots. The true value of its worth though comes only through examining what you've captured. . . . read more

Apple iPhone 4S camera review @ WhatDigitalCamera

Phone reviews through a photographer's perspective are always welcome: 
"The camera can now be accessed instantly from standby by double pressing the home button, as well as the conventional route of prodding the on-screen camera icon and you can now also use a physical button (the + volume button) to press the shutter as an alternative to the virtual one on the screen. The 3.5inch touch screen Retina display is bigger and sharper . . . read more

Nikon P7100 review @ Digital Camera Review

Time for some advanced digicam action. And, hey, it is LESS sluggish than last years P7000:

  "The Nikon P7100 is on a mission to be everything that photo enthusiasts have come to expect from a high-end compact: A bigger sensor than most compacts, an optical viewfinder, heaps of dials and direct-access controls, and the option to shoot in RAW format. . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review @ Cnet.com

FTA: "There are two ways to look at the Fujifilm FinePix X10. You can view it as a cynical attempt to capitalize on the fanboy frenzy of the X100 with a camera that looks a lot like it, but that lacks everything that made it desirable to the fans. . . . read more

New firmware update for the LEICA D-LUX 5

"Leica Camera AG, Solms, has released a new firmware update for the Leica D-Lux 5. Users wishing to bring their camera up to date can now download the update free of charge and take advantage of the improvements.

The firmware update includes numerous changes that bring benefits for users. For example, the autofocus speed in the wide-angle . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review @ Pocket-Lint

"The camera's ISO auto setting is limited to ISO 3200 maximum, but we’d be happy to use the results from any of these given sensitivities. It’s not often a compact camera can live up to those standards. ISO 4000-6400 is only available at 6-megapixels in size, while ISO 12,800 can only be . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review @ TrustedReviews

Is this little beauty the Area 51 of cameras? Well, if it makes you see white disks: "And so to the one major chink in the X10’s otherwise impenetrable armour: the widely reported appearance of ugly white discs in place of specular highlights. To be honest, in the hundreds of test images we took with the X10 we only

Canon Powershot G11 review by Bob Atkins

This must be the 4345th reviewer of this digicam that renarks on the lack of 720p video in this cam, and we all know it's Sony's fault. Bad Sony!:   "Autofocus is pretty good though again not blazingly fast. It's a little quicker at the wide end of the range (under 0.5s) than it is at the telephoto end (under 1s). Again, OK by digicam standards, slow by DSLR standards. There is a very effective and pretty bright AF assist light (which is purple/blue rather then the

DALSA presents new 48 megapixel image sensor at IEDM conference

 Lower noise and increased dynamic range are among it's characteristics: Waterloo, Ontario - DALSA Corporation (TSX:DSA), an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors, was pleased to present its new 48 megapixel standard product image sensor for professional photography in a presentation at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco this week. IEDM, organized by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), is the world’s premier forum for the presentation of advances in

Canon Ixus 980/SD990 review @ PhotographyBlog

980is Bad Canon, messing up the product names makes the headlines very long:(  On to the review: "If there are any criticisms that can be leveled against the Canon Digital IXUS 980 IS, they mostly concern the lens. The flagship IXUS would have deserved a wider zoom that also provides more uniform sharpness across the frame and the zoom range. A 36mm equivalent wide-angle doesn't seem enough these days, and the extensive corner softness and barrel distortion at this

Ricoh GR Digital II review @ SeriousCompacts

With a fixed f2.8 28mm lens, this should be a very snappy cam. Indeed a pretender to the DMD throne: " The GR Digital II is currently the flagship Ricoh compact and occupies a unique position in the "serious compact" market. It isn't the right compact for most people, even amongst those who appreciate advanced compacts. For starters, it doesn't zoom, lacks image stabilization, and sells for $500 at the time of this
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