Sony RX100 review at Photography Blog

"As the RX100 is a Sony camera, it boasts a long list of other stand-out features, particularly excelling in the speed department. Auto-focusing is very quick and reliable, shutter lag only notable by its apparent absence, and image processing times thankfully non-intrusive, even for the large Raw files that the RX100 produces. This camera really does deliver DSLR-like performance and image quality in a pocketable format, music to the ears of most enthusiasts." . . . read more

David Pogue reviews the Sony DSC-RX100, falls in love with it.

The RX100 is of course the 'game changer' camera he was referring to a little while ago. Many at the time thought he was foretelling the mythical Canon mirrorless system, but, no, this is what all the fuss is about:

 But every time you transfer a batch of its pictures to your computer, you’ll understand why you spent that money. You’ll click . . . read more

Canon PowerShot G1 X Review at Digital Photography Review

Richard Butler and Andy Westlake takes Canon's bulkycam for a ride:

"At high sensitivities the G1 X sets a new benchmark for compact cameras. You really only need to worry about noise and the effects of noise reduction at ISO 1600 and above where the Canon takes a quite heavy-handed approach towards both chroma and luminance noise. The end result are very clean pictures with slightly smeared low contrast detail. . . . read more

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47 review at Imaging Resource

What's so special about this otherwise nondescript compact superzoom? For one, the lens range, starting at an almost superwide 25mm equivalent and reaching all the way to 600mm. And secondly, it is currently the only superzoom that provides for full manual settings in video shooting mode:

"Any megazoom is a lot of fun because it's small enough to bring along and you don't have to run around much to compose the shot. That . . . read more

Canon G1 X light leak/internal reflection issue discovered by Imaging Resource?

Ooops, what have we got here? It appears Fuji X10 owners are not the only ones facing funky sensor issues:

"Our exhaustive camera testing often smokes out issues in cameras that others (and often the manufacturers) don't find. Though that's a good effect of exhaustive testing, it often leads to much time spent verifying an issue before publishing, and leaves us with the unenviable . . . read more

Canon G1 X Field review at the Luminous Landscape

"Based on the DxOMark test results (see below) the G1X performs in-between the Panasonic GX1 and the Sony NEX 5n. This is right in line with their sensor size, Micro Four Thirds being somewhat smaller and APS-C being somewhat larger. Not that sensor size is the only criteria to use in judging overall image quality, but it does track comparative IQ performance in this instance.

I did not do much low light shooting with the G1X. It just isn't a camera that I find suitable for this use. The lens is far too slow, except at its . . . read more

Canon G1 X latest reviews, n'bits

First, not a review per se, but Roger Cicala at Rens Rentals takes the G1 X through the Imatest numbers, analyzes and compares the output to that of the Canon 7D, and comes up with the obvious. 

Then there's a long video over at Serious Compacts where the G1X gets dissected and compared to Fujifilm X10 and Olympus . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 white orbs and firmware fix investigated by DPReview

Short answer: No. And by the look of things, this issue will remain un-fixable by a firmware update. So, where's the line for the class action lawsuit?  For they more cool-headed owners of the X10, shooting in EXR mode and raising iso seems to help quite a bit.:


"We have been unable to observe a meaningful improvement in either studio or real world testing which strongly reinforces our suspicion that the problem is hardware-related, and cannot be solved by an adjustment to the camera's firmware. The issue is . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review at Photographic Central

Go past the white disks/orbs bug, and you'll be confronted with a really powerfull small camera:


"The lens is remarkable. A very usable and versatile 28-112mm lens that has a nice bright aperture f/2-2.8 across the zoom range. Macro is good although way too much distortion and shading are found on the wide end. . . . read more

Ricoh GR Digital IV Review at ePhotozine

This is an example of a camera body and lens combination designed by photographers, for photographers, and a prime candidate for the 'desicive moment digital camera' crown.  Too bad about the small sensor, the drop in image quality is pretty severe above 400 iso.


"The Ricoh GR Digital was one of the first cameras to put a focus on lens and sensor quality when it was first announced in 2006 . . . read more

Canon powershot S100 review at Imaging Resource

This is the smallest of Canon's trio of 'fixed lens enthusiast cameras' line-up:


"Though I'll reiterate that the 24mm lens can be dangerous in inexperienced hands, more experienced photographers will find it a . . . read more

Canon Powershot G1X review at Pop Photo

Either Pop Photo is a bit relaxed in their high iso ratings, or this pachyderm of a camera has some secrets we've yet to uncover. Acceptable noise at12.800 iso? Whatever. In the battle of the bulge(s) this Powershot wins anyway over its Coolpix antagonist, mostly due to the sheer size of its sensor:


"Noticeably chunkier than its G-series brethren, the G1 X nonetheless feels good in the hand. Toting it around New York City, we . . . read more

Nikon P7100 review at Digital Camera Review

Nikon P7100: the little engine that couldn't? It appears Nikon R&D is being spent on the SLRs and and now the 1 series. Their top of the line prosumer camera is always behind the competition and/or seriously flawed. The P7100 was released in a quick succession after the P7000 to mend its shortcomings, but one serious issue remains: The camera still locks up while writing raw files to the memory: . . . read more

Nikon Coolpix P7100 review at Digital Camera Review (Updated)

Canon managed to fix a much larger sensor into its comparable whale-sized G1X, and got the laws of physics on its side, so for those in the know, game over man. Maybe the P7100 is a viable solution for diehard Nikon fans:


"The P7100 features a large 3.0-inch LCD with four times the 230k-dot resolution that was the industry standard just a few of years . . . read more

Canon Powershot G1X review at What Digital Camera

"images this camera can produce are exceptional, easily of a DSLR quality - and it's not often that's said.

But in use there are issues. The hefty price tag ought to bring a better, more advanced autofocus system, plus the close-focus distance of the lens can be limiting. . . . read more

Canon Powershot G1X review at Digital Camera Info

"Rarely do we see such an expensive, specialized camera make its way to the fixed-lens market. At $800, the Canon PowerShot G1 X should appeal exclusively to intermediate and advanced photographers. Photographers who–let’s face it–probably own a DSLR already. So the question becomes, does the G1 X succeed as a companion camera, a backup model for situations when size and weight are important? . . . read more

Fujifilm X10 review at Digital Camera Resource Page

If it wasn't for the white disc/orbs bug, this would probably be the best fixed lens camera of 2011/2012. Unfortunately, Fujifilm was unable to fix this issue on the first try, and many X10 owners are growing impatient. Hopefully, this incident will serve as a good reminder to Fujifilm and other manufacturers to not rush things to the market before proper testing: . . . read more

The Fujifilm X10 and the White Discs of Doom at Digital Camera Resource Page

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you rush whatever your R&D departement has cooked up, to the market. Fujifilm is not alone with a blooper like this however, even Canon had an oopsie with the venerable 5D Mark II, but eventually they found a fix for it:


  . . . read more

Canon Powershot G1x review at Cnet Asia

With a chubbiness rivaled only by the Pentax K-01, the G1x is Canon's intermediate response to the tsunami of compact camera systems threatening to seriously erode it's once dominant market share. Because, as we all suspect​ know, Canon R&D is feverishly working on a compact mirrorless system of its own. In the meantime Canon fans will have to do with this enlarged G12 that sports an almost aps-c sized sensor, a tunnel for a viewfinder, and for some strange reason loses one of the best features of the G12, the dedicated ISO dial.If there's one thing that saves this beast from oblivion, its the  formidable high iso quality of its files: . . . read more

Canon PowerShot G1 X Review at the Photography Blog

Canon's obese  prosumer camera is in the midst of its 'review wave'. As the whale that it is, it surely makes a big splash:


"Taken on its own merits, there's little wrong with the G1 X and lots to like. Anyone that's already familiar with the Canon G-series . . . read more

Canon G1 X review at The Verge

"The G1 X has a rangefinder-style optical viewfinder that's much like the one on the Fujifilm X10, and my opinions of both are much the same: it's a radically different way of framing a photo than with a through-the-lens viewfinder (which is what you get on every DSLR), and what you see isn't exactly what you get (which is good, because you can see the lens through the viewfinder, and . . . read more

Canon releases firmware upgrade ver. 1.01 for Powershot S100

Only one minor fix:

Resolved the phenomenon where the AE flickers when shooting movies of a subject with brightness level that sets the ISO speed to between ISO200 and ISO400.

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Pocket-Lint

Wow, what a coincidence, almost all major reviews of the X-S1 have been posted within the past 48 hours. Pocket-Lint's review, is as always on the rather short side, no intricate iso-trains or elaborate comparison scripts here. Sort of, the TL:DR of reviews.

  . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Tech Radar

The current king of Superzoom/Bridge cameras gets the Royal shakedown from the Tech Radar crew:


"In other words, the Fuji X-S1 looks and almost handles like a professional camera, even if in truth its best bet in terms of finding an audience is . . . read more

Canon G1 X review at Engadget

Looking like a constipated G12 and costing as much as two of them, this is Canon's answer to the onslaught of compact camera systems being released by its competitors. While its viewfinder and frame rate seems better suited for the next Barbie cam, it does come with an almost aps-c sized sensor, and a 'bright at wide' f2.8-5.8 x4 zoom lens. So, is it up to the task?  . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Photo Review

We're going to put this bluntly: There's only one Superzoom/Bridge camera that acts the way it looks, The X-S1:


"Little noise was visible in shots taken at ISO settings up to ISO 800 and shots taken at ISO 1600  were printable at snapshot size (15 x 10 cm). . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 review at Trusted Reviews

"Other physical controls and buttons are plentiful, allowing you to quickly access all sorts of regularly used settings without having to trawl through the in-camera menu. On the whole these controls are well spaced and quite easy to reach. In addition to all the pre-assigned buttons that access things like ISO, White Balance and Flash settings there are also two Function buttons that can be assigned as you see fit. . . . read more

Fujifilm X-S1 Review at Photography Blog

Spoiler: as far as image quality go, this is the best 'superzoom' or 'bridge' camera far. Fujifilm really made a coup with this one. It combines a larger than usual 2/3" sensor, DSLR like reaction/lag times and the usual bridge superzoom (24-624mm lens) capabilities packed into one big body: . . . read more

Sigma renames the SD1, revamps the DP1 and DP2 fixed lens cameras.

Great news for Foveon sensor fans! Sigma is essentially dropping   slashing​  Touchpadding the price of the SD1 to 1/3 of what it was. Sigma says MRSP will be $3000, but according to Imaging Resource who got in contact with a Sigma rep. the price will be more like $2300.  Sigma says it will reimburse users that paid the older price of ~ $6700-7000 with "Sigma points' of so far unknown value. Sigma also revamps its 2 prosumer cameras, with the same processors and sensor that the SD1 is equipped with. More info in the press release that follows. . . . read more

Canon G1X sample images @ photographyblog

"Ahead of our full review, here are 95 sample JPEG photos and a full HD 1080p movie taken with the new Canon PowerShot G1 X compact camera.

 The Canon PowerShot G1 X is a premium compact camera with a large 14.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 4x, 28-112mm equivalent zoom lens."
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