A set of nude portraits shots with the Sony RX1 (and the A99 and NEX-6), by photographer Wataru M, at 500px.

This must be the first set of nude shots by the Sony RX1 posted on the Interwebs. A mix of portraits and sensual nudes. It is kind of possible to distinguish the files from the RX1 without looking at the exif info to the right of the images, there's something special in its rendering of skin tones. Disclaimer for our American public: Only click the link if you're an adult/mature person, warning explicit nude images, yadda yadda. Here's Wataru's artist statement:

"I'm looking to explore visuals that inspire and challenge me. As a huge videogame geek, my themes mostly revolve around strong female characters. I also love a great traditional portrait."

A Photo trove of 60's icons found in the closet of diseased Photographer

National Public Radio has the story:

"What Oppenheimer did find when he opened the doors was an immaculately tidy apartment with exactly one of everything: One plate, one bowl, one mug. Robinson only wore white shirts and jeans, Oppenheimer says, and his spare white buttons were meticulously organized by size. A few cameras were in a display case. Then he opened the closet." . . . read more

Caroline Briggs: Seing double, photographs of twins, superimposed.

Caroline Briggs has the technique, and the BBC has the story:

"Like most twins, I hate being compared to my sister, and most other twin projects have that freak show quality of compare-and-contrast that leaves me cold," Caroline told me. "While I'm also interested in the physical similarities and differences between identical twins, I also want to explore identity and the emotional side of being one half of pair too.

. . . read more

Makeover in reverse: Boxers, before and after the match.

Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt is among other things, also known for the grittiness in some of his previous work. On this occasion, he puts a human face on it, and a backstory that deals with dreams, sex, and identity, to match.

 Although the 'Boxer" series and consequent book were originally presented back in 2003, it has now been re-edited and republished by HJØRRING of Denmark.

The book contains 78 diptych portraits of moderately to heavily smashed up amateur Boxers and their stories. The preface is written by author Edward Bunker (Dog eat dog, Little Boy Blue). The photographs are also available at Howalts own online gallery.

. . . read more

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