Amateur photographer plunges to his death while trying to capture the perfect sunset.

A tragic story like his comes along every now and then, highlighting the risks some photographers are willing to take in order to get their shots. Luke Traynor from the Mirror reports:

"Gerry Coyle, 65, was trying to snap idyllic sunsets when he scaled the 3,500ft Mount Snowdon - the highest peak in England and Wales.The enthusiastic snapper set up his tripod to capture the stunning scenery as he reached the end of a two week photographic tour of Britain's west coast.But an inquest heard on . . . read more

RIP: UK Photographer Danny Beath wins Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year award on the day of his funeral.

This is just sad :( Danny Beath, died in hospital on Monday after collapsing outside his home in Shrewsbury from a suspected heartattack. As a self-taught photographer, Danny received the Shropshire Photographic Society’s Photographer of the Year accolade nine times and recently won a Sunday Times landscape photography competition. He also won the first Wild Shropshire photography competition last year. Danny became interested in photography whilst studying for a PhD at Aberdeen University, he joined the university camera club to pursue his interest. Daily Mail reports:

"A photographer was revealed as the winner of a prestigious national award for a stunning picture of a lightning strike - on the day of his funeral. Talented Danny Beath, 52, had entered the Travel Photo of the Year competition seven times before but never won despite making the finals. His incredible image of a storm over poppy fields in Blackstone Nature Reserve in the Severn Valley netted him first prize in this year's contest. . . . read more

Female Polar Bear tries to eat photographer Gordon Buchanan, all part of an experiment (on the photographer's part, the bear really wanted to take a bite-or two out of Mr. Buchanan)

"Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan journeyed to Svalbard, the northern-most region of Arctic Norway, to document the lives of three polar bears, a mother (Lyra) and her two cubs (Miki and Luca), over the course of three seasons. . . . read more

UK: Lanscape photographer of the year disqualified for cheating, new winner announced

Oh boy, this cheating bussines has been a steady trend in recent years, with seemingly no end in sight. The disgraced photographer, David Byrne says 'i didn't read the rules of the contest', yeah right. The cheat was discovered after some good detective work by Tim Parkin, who hosts a reply from David Byrne in his blog:

“I have to inform you after a conversation with Charlie Waite I have been disqualified from the Landscape Photographer of . . . read more

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