A Brutal Pageantry: The Third Reich’s Myth-Making Machinery, in AgfaColor, at Time Life Magazine.

All these color photos were taken by one of Hitler's personal photographers, Hugo Jaeger, who used various versions of the Leica III with AgfaColor Neu film, the German counterpart to the French Lumicolor and the American Kodachrome film.

"But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the Third Reich’s deeply manipulative and seductive propaganda — and especially the sense of invincibility and inevitable triumph that it sparked in the hearts of true believers — is how ludicrous and, in the end, how perfectly mistaken it all was.  Yes, Hitler and Goebbels and Himmler and Goering and the other genocidal gangsters did unleash a murderous nightmare in Europe, and for a few years — a very few years — it might have seemed as if the Nazi drive for domination was, in fact, unstoppable. . . . read more

Nikon celebrates 80 years of Nikkor lenses

No word by Nikon on commemorative-or any, lenses to be released in 2013, just 'promotions and other forms of communication'. For the history, among the first lenses was the pictured R-Aero-Nikkor 50mm f/5.6 lens used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service during the Second World War. Understandable a very rare lens, since most of the reconnaissance planes carrying it were shot down or destroyed on the ground.

Nikon Press Release

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation celebrates the 80th anniversary of the launch of its NIKKOR photographic lenses this year
In commemoration of NIKKOR's 80th anniversary, Nikon hopes to strengthen and increase awareness of the historic and . . . read more

Edwin Land: The Polaroid genius who re-imagined the way we take photos, at the BBC

"In his new book, Instant: The Story of Polaroid, author Christopher Bonanos compares the company's dynamic founder, Edwin Land, with Apple's iconic inventor, Steve Jobs. According to Bonanos, it was Land who first mixed cutting-edge technology with beauty and design, resulting in wildly popular cameras like the iconic Polaroid SX-70. In this interview with the BBC, he profiles the pioneer of instant photography and chronicles the remarkable rise and ultimate fall of Polaroid itself. . . . read more

Flicker celebrates 5 years of Commons, with 4 amazing galleries of the most viewed photos.

"Exactly five years ago today we announced a fantastic new project: The Commons on Flickr. To celebrate the occasion, our founding member, the Library of Congress, asked Commons member institutions to send in links to a few of their most viewed, commented, or favorited images. The result is four very special galleries celebrating the beauty, excitement, and emotion of those amazing public collections of civic institutions from around the world. . . . read more

R.I.P: Four major digital photography sites that died this year.

2012 has been an exciting year for photographers. The onslaught of new products was unprecedented, as well as the rapid advancement of several segments and technologies.
This was the year that saw the micro 4/3 format mature to the point of actually being able to compete (and in some cases overtake) with cropped Dslrs, the release of no less than 7 full frame cameras, including Nikon's 36 Mpixel beast and Sony's Cybershot RX1 with a fixed lens. But this year also signaled the end,

Canon Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Launch of EOS Camera System

As an EOS user for the past 10 years, this celebration reminds me of both good and bad moments. The most recent ones are maybe the joy when i review my 5D Mark II files, and the gaping hole the ever increasing Canon lens prices leave in my wallet.

Happy birthday EOS!  . . . read more

A Photographer's Eulogy for Eastman Kodak at Luminous Landscape

Is Kodak aware that people are writing eulogies left and right? Is the company even aware of its death? No, not really, according to them they are 'restructuring' and 'focusing on core strategies' and 'enforcing the transformation to an all digital company' and stuff like that. Kodak, welcome to the purgatory, Agfa and Polaroid will be your guides. . . . read more

50 Greatest cameras of all time @ Photography Monthly

Photography Monthly just published its '50 greatest cameras of all time' for the second year in a row. It is a fair mix of pro and peoples cameras, the wacky and the serious. The only spoiler we'll provide is the thumbnail to the left, a nice crunchy brownie. . . . read more

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