OpenReflex: a 3D Printable, DIY SLR camera with a weird look.

Tim Barribeau at the Pop Photo reports:  "OpenReflex is a 3D printable SLR, completely open-source, with a mirror viewfinder, and a fixed 1/60s exposure. . . . read more

David Egers Mashes up Star Wars as no one else: Star Wars Mashup Master Retells Original Trilogy Through Famous Artworks, at Wired

Jakob Schiller at Wired's Raw File, writes:

"To create the photos Eger is using the same techniques he’s used from previous projects. Almost all the pictures are staged in his basement studio using the 500 or so Star Wars figurines he’s collected since he was a kid. He has toys from the original release, a re-release in the 1990s as well as contemporary figures. The original toys are valuable as collector’s items but Eger prefers the newer ones for photos because their articulation points can be wrangled into more creative positions. . . . read more

Huge lot of 1000-2000+ (seller doesn't know exactly) old cameras for sale on Ebay, time to start that camera museum you've always dreamt about.

I don't think there are any Leicas hidden in there, even if the magnitude of this collection is chaos itself. From the seller's description:

Life time Collection of Vintage Cameras! Have been collecting it for 50 year. 1,000+ pieces of cameras, lenses, and accessories. (definitely more than 1,000; maybe more than 2,000 pieces, never count it) All brands, All kinds, All types of cameras. SLR, RF, TLR, Medium Format, P&S, etc. Canon, Nikon, Rollei, Yashica, Ricoh, Polaroids, Kodak, Fuji, Pentax, Petri, Pax, Mamiya, etc. You name it. Can't list the specific models and specification due to large amount of collection. . . . read more

Lego Leica M9 by Chris McVeigh, costs $49

Hey, a Leica worth its money :) 

"Initially built and photographed for Esquire magazine (as seen in the main image), this is the production version of the Lego Leica M9 camera. A Lego Mini Camera building kit custom designed by Chris McVeigh. 114 pieces, shipped in a cardboard box. Please note that this is not a functioning camera. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Estimated Arrival 2/25 - 2/27"

Lens Flare? Naah, this is angel sighting, plain and simple.

Jenny Smedley is (oh boy) among other things, 'a past life therapist, an angel consultant, and UK's leading expert in the subject of past life'. Also, according to her, she is known by many people (not me, promise) as 'the Angel Whisperer'. Where others see a typical lens/filter flare, she-and her readers, see angel sightings, check out the hilarious (or sad, depending on your viewpoint on modern society) details in the screenshot to the left. 

Sighted by Reddit user Ashdot1111 . . . read more

Maxim Grew builds a working Polaroid camera with lollipop sticks, looks like lemon flavoured ones.

Well, you can't really build a whole camera with lollipop sticks, so Maxim had to use some duct tape, a bit of cardboard, and a Polaroid film back. Then, there's the lens:

"So thought I would give building a camera out of lollipop sticks a go, Went well! The back is a polaroid film holder for type 100 film so I used some Fuji-FP 100C I had lying about (which is an amazing film please go buy some now so they keep making it!) the bellows are just thick card and duct tape and the lens is off one of those old folding cameras you see loads in charity shops etc.They are normally really cheap and the lenses are in shutters which makes . . . read more

Pentax launches Q10 limited Evangelion NERV edition, for Japan only, for Mushroom lovers only.

Pentax does what it best can with the Q10, outing it in yet another color scheme. 1,500 of each hallucinogens will be made, to be sold in Japan only, with the usual kit lens, and custom packaging of equally epic colonization. Each camera has its own name of course: PENTAX Q10 Evangelion model TYPE00: Ray, PENTAX Q10 Evangelion model TYPE01 and PENTAX Q10 Evangelion model TYPE02: Asuka. Deliveries will begin in April, and for those of you not dazzled enough, here's the Press Release chewed by Google Translator:

"PENTAX Corporation Ricoh Imaging (President: Noboru Akahane) are: limited quantity of 1500 each set, collaborative model "PENTAX Q10 Evangelion Model" of digital SLR cameras to commemorate the release of "Evangelion Q" Three types of will be . . . read more

Famous Photographer Dave Kai Piper posts a gallery of gorgeous pics taken with a Fuji X-Pro1, taken with a Nikon D700, or maybe something else. (Updated)

Dave Kai Piper is famous for his award winning model & portrait work and also known to work with only 'with natural light or an Orbis Ring Flash'. So, here's his wonderful X-Pro1 gallery, but at least the dozen or so images I've checked out so far are all shot with a Nikon D700., according to their EXIF. The disparity is compounded by the fact that each file name contains the words 'fuji-Xpro1'.
Since the same EXIF information is repeated in photo after photo, all shot on the same day, with a 85mm lens, at ISO 200 and 1/200 sec speed, it makes this probably a case of EXIF manipulation gone wrong, but it still begs the question: Why?

Update: Dave Piper sent us this message:

"Hello Sir, I can clear up this problem - All of the photos in the gallery had been placed onto a template in photoshop ( all of the photographs in my portfolio have been laid out this way

Kenny Good and the Weapons Of Mass Production try to find out the best Dslr-for video, under $1.000: Canon T4i with 18-55mm kit lens VS. Sony NEX-6 with 16-50mm kit lens VS. Panasonic GH2 with 14-15mm kit lens, both stock and with Flowmotion v2.02 hack.

Yes, the the very same nuts from Crisis Labs reviews with the bats, and semi-nude models and all that. They take on a slightly more serious and hi-tech tone in this review, with RC Helicopters, IR suits, and... bats.

"The Sony actually did quite well, and if size (for travel) is a concern, I'd suggest this one.  It's just a hair behind I think in the image metrics, but not in a huge way.  The focus issue did drive me crazy.  Maybe there's a menu option I didn't see that prevents it from going to sleep.  I actually had to reshoot the sharpness (helicopter) comparison because it did that same focus thing to me.  That's why when it did it again for the dancing, I decided to leave it in the video that way.  It has focus peaking (that shows you a highlighted version of in-focus areas on the display) which really helps with video, and I doubt this issue would ever come up when shooting stills.  It's a solid camera, very similar to Canon in image quality, great if you're a space-conscious traveller. . . . read more

500px app pulled from the Itunes app store by prudent Apple that thinks of the children (and its shareholders).

Oh, 'Articstic Nudes' you're the troublemaker again, Michael Zhang from PetaPixel reports:

"If you were planning to install 500px’s popular photo sharing apps on your iPhone or iPad today, you’re out of luck. Both apps were abruptly yanked from the iTunes App Store earlier today over the fact that users can search for photos showing artistic nudity. 500px co-founder Evgeny Tchebotarev tells us that the situation started last night after the company received a call from Apple, informing them that their latest version 2.0.3 update could not be approved due to the reason stated above. . . . read more

Polaroid iM1836 Mirrorless camera hands-on by Eric Reagan at Photography Bay.

The fabled Polaroid iM1836zyx..the one with the sensor in the lens, but also in the camera:

"As I began to question the Polaroid rep concerning the cameras’ construction and features, he was quick to point out they these cameras are targeted at a different audience than more mainstream prosumer mirrorless cameras from companies like Sony, Olympus and Nikon. Instead, these models will likely find their place at just above the typical Walgreens digital camera shopper. Or, perhaps we’ll see them on QVC or the like. The prototypes feel very cheap and plastic. While they may look like Nikon’s 1 series cameras in shape and size, they very much feel a step or two below in the quality department. . . . read more

12 classic cameras that don't look like cameras, by David Galbraith at Gizmodo.

Is a miniaturized pigeon camera a classic? I think not, I suppose he meant 'old' instead. Interesting tidbit: The only company of those listed still in existence today, is the Czech-American​ Meopta, makers of a wide range of optics. Their Pankopta camera listed here is a panoramic one, meant mostly for airborne operations. A functional A+ grade one, fetches sums above $100K

"One of the negative things about technological progress is when something that was originally intricate and mechanical becomes a ubiquitous piece of cheap technology. This happened in the 70s with watches and more recently has happened with cameras. A modern day spy camera is not that interesting, but the miniature ones here are, similarly the wide range of hardware solutions create much more design diversity in early cameras, from the giant 900lb box camera to the . . . read more

A Possum tries to operate a movie camera, Northern Australia, 1943.

Photo taken in August of 1943. The location is Northern Australia, and it depicts a ring tailed possum examining a camera belonging to the Australian Department of information. Shot by young Department photographer Harold George Dick with a Graflex Speed Graphic camera, who was killed in an airplane crash in December 1943 while returning from an assignment at the Pacific war theater, more specifically, the Battle of Arawe. A couple of his war images can be found here and here.

Comic: Chuck & Beans on the difference between taking Analog and digital photos at Shoebox Blog.

AKA, 'who wants to see 83 pictures of my lunch?' See more Chuck and Beans strips here. . . . read more

Adobe decides to give away the CS2 Suite for free, creates havoc among software archeologists.

This piece of code is now almost 10 years old, and of no use to someone that wants the Adobe raw converter to work with his or hers latast raw  capable camera. According to Gizmodo, Adobe got tired of keeping the dedicated activation servers running to support legitimate installations of CS2 (and costing them money), so, instead, the company decided to just give it away for free. If you're really desperate, try your luck getting the swamped download link work for you. . . . read more

Female Polar Bear tries to eat photographer Gordon Buchanan, all part of an experiment (on the photographer's part, the bear really wanted to take a bite-or two out of Mr. Buchanan)

"Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan journeyed to Svalbard, the northern-most region of Arctic Norway, to document the lives of three polar bears, a mother (Lyra) and her two cubs (Miki and Luca), over the course of three seasons. . . . read more

A black bear gets curious about Dean Swartz Nikon DSLR, decides to try its skills at photography. (And gave up soon afterwards when it probably decided that a mirrorless is what it really wants)

"A Black Bear decides to become a Photographer. What do you do when you're taking photos of a black bear in the woods with expensive photography equipment and the bear starts coming towards you? Run of course. But if you're a true photographer, and have an extra camera, you stop and document what happens after you leave.

The photographer, said "While photographing a black bear sow and her three spring cubs near Ely, Minnesota, I noticed a . . . read more

Roger Cicala asks Santa to bring gifts to his favorite camera and lens manufacturers, notes that Sigma and Tamron have both been very nice kids this year.

"Nikon: I’m asking for a lot here, Santa, but ‘tis the season to help those in need.

First, if you could fit a quality control department in the sleigh that would be lovely.

Also, could you bring Nikon USA a reasonable Factory Service Center, too? If that’s not possible, then I’ll go ahead and ask you to bring them some customers in 2014 or so, because they’ll be needing new customers about then. And . . . read more

Canon Professional Services to Photographer: Use a hammer and a hacksaw to unstuck the filter from your lens. Photographer complies.

If you think Nikon is loopy for recommending users not to blow on lenses because of toxic fumes in their breath, wait till you read this: Photographer Craig Pulsifer had a filter stuck on this (expensive) Ef 70-200 f/2.8 L IS lens, called CPS and a technician there told him about their preferred method that incudes the use of o hammer and a saw. Craig documented the whole thing in glory gory detail:

"The following method was explained to me by a Canon Professional Service technician.  Note: this procedure is not

. . . read more

Can't afford some descent filters for your Dslr? Then get some crappy ones, how about 18 filters for $40? As a bonus your precious camera will look like someone stuck a hippified telephone dial pad from the seventies on it.

'Crappy' is sometimes also defined as 'artistic' nowadays, so, depending on your viewpoint this may not  be such a bad thing after all. The responsible culprit for turning your mega pixels into mega pixies is once again, Photo Jojo:

"Filters are magic: the right one can take an already good picture and make it ... abracadabra ... great!But what if you want to change filters without fumbling around with color gels and juggling multiple lenses? All you need is the DSLR  . . . read more

Nikon: Your breath can destroy our $$$ nano crystal lens coating, seriously. (Update: Nikon USA just removed the...offending sentence from the page)

Ok, this is not really new, but it IS freaking hilarious. For the record, if our breath was that acidic, out teeth would have decayed long before the nano crystal coating:

"How do I clean the camera lens?

The best way to clean a lens is to use a piece of lint free lens cleaning tissue and a small amount of Lens Cleaning solution. Do not use anything containing abrasives or  solvents, only use Lens Cleaning Solution. First we recommend taking a small blower brush to blow off or brush away loose dust or debris. . . . read more

How to photograph the impending Mayan calendar apocalypse by That-Nikon-Guy: Sell your car and buy some lenses, some heavy lenses that can double up as clubs if push comes to shove.

Tips are good for several other kinds of apocalypses too, so watch this,no matter the way you think life on this planet will end: Select a high vantage point, use a circular polarizer, watch out for zombies aliens and nuclear fallout, knock down your exposure if there's a lot of fire, bring some flashguns in case the sky blacks out, or even better, some flashes AND some guns. 

The Iphone SLR mount for Canon and Nikon lenses by PhotoJoJo, a fun novelty gizmo for those with $250 and some sense to spare.

There are just a few caveats however, none of them pretty serious for the Iphanboy that wants it all: For starters, this is just for manual focusing, as there's no electrical coupling between the lenses and the iphone at all. But even then, you may have to tap your screen a couple of times to convince your iphone's camera that the image it sees is actually focused. 

Then there's the real bummer for Canon lens owners: The mount is not compatible with the slightly smaller EF-S lenses, but only with the EF beasts. The reasoning here seems to be 'if you're gonna do it, do it all the way'.
Nikon users are luckier, the SLR mount is compatible with pretty much all Nikon Nikkor SLR lenses of the past several decades. 

Images on the screen can (and will) appear darker than usual, that's because there's a 1-2 stop light loss due to the focusing scree, However, the same screen is pretty exposed to the elements, so a frequent cleaning might be in order, as to avoid dirt and dust showing up in your images. 

For those of you really wanting this after reading all the above, PhotoJoJo throws in two loop holes on the mount so you can carry your Iphone with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens hanging from your neck, in style. . . . read more

Fake Chuck Westfall: The 5D Mark III proves itself; The D800 sucks b*lls.

Confrontative title, but this is fake C.W after all. This post somehow slipped under the radar, but is IS an interesting read nonetheless that raises some valid Q&A. Quoting mostly a statement by photographer Phil Banno:

"I have a 5D mark 3 and my business partner has a D800. It started as a personal preference but the L series canon lenses blast the nikons out the water, so much so my business partner is selling his virtually new D800 to buy a 5D mark 3 (& he’s a Nikon fan). A lot of you rant about high ISO usage but in a church where you aren’t allowed to use flash, the 5D on 5000 ISO with a 70-200mm f2.8 ISM L series 2  has no equal in the D800 arsenal. . . . read more

Calumet accidentally sells 3 Sigma 10-20mm lenses worth $1800 for $3 to the same buyer, adds free shipping to the deal.

"Photographers often scour eBay listings in hopes of snagging a good deal on camera equipment, but usually they’re not expecting to find gear worth hundreds of dollars sold for the same price as McDonald’s Dollar Menu items. Well, that’s exactly what one lucky eBayer discovered a couple of weeks ago. The person stumbled upon a strange listing: reputable camera retailer Calumet Photo was selling a brand new Sigma EX 10-20mm f/3.5 lens for Canon DSLRs — worth about $590 — for just $0.99! And not just one lens, but three! . . . read more

Lion steals, tries to eat a Canon 5D Mark II and a 16-35 f/2.8L II lens. Camera was announced dead on the spot, but the lens survived the ordeal.

"I brought a remote control and a small stand to Zimbabwe so that I could capture some animal images from a unique “on the ground perspective”. I used the setup for some images of elephants and African wild dogs and most animals ignored the camera after or at most gave it a quick glance.

When a lioness brought down a buffalo about 400 meters from our camp approached to get some images of her with her kill. The lioness walked away to get a drink of water in a nearby stream and we placed the camera near the carcass so that she would walk past it on the way back to feed. (The long lens and camera angle in first image makes it the remote camera seem closer to the kill than it actually was). . . . read more

Sony Nex-5R review by Ken Rockwell: The camera thinks it's smarter than you.

Ken does not like his Nex-5R a lot: 

"Personally I prefer my Fuji X100 when it comes to mirrorless cameras. The X100 has the same size sensor, a bigger effective-sized LCD, and it's smaller, lighter and performs better with built-in flash and two different viewfinders!

. . . read more

Pixels for Pistols Program in Canada Lets People Swap Guns for Cameras

(Via Peta-Pixel):

"If you want to participate in the program, you’ll need to follow the instructions: don’t just stroll into the police station or a Henry’s shop with your weapon in tow — that’ll get you into trouble. Instead, you’ll need to call the city’s police to schedule a pickup. . . . read more

UK: Lanscape photographer of the year disqualified for cheating, new winner announced

Oh boy, this cheating bussines has been a steady trend in recent years, with seemingly no end in sight. The disgraced photographer, David Byrne says 'i didn't read the rules of the contest', yeah right. The cheat was discovered after some good detective work by Tim Parkin, who hosts a reply from David Byrne in his blog:

“I have to inform you after a conversation with Charlie Waite I have been disqualified from the Landscape Photographer of . . . read more

Lytro Light Field camera review at Digital Photography Review

This is a review about a camera. There are only 4 'pros' listed in the conclusion, 3 of them about design and one about the device being Facebook friendly. Being politically correct (and owned by a Fortune 500 company) the lads at DP Review really restrain themselves from writing things like "utter crap" and "rip off", instead they use more subtle ways to convey the message about what this ....thing? is all about: . . . read more

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