First full pictures taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020 (codenamed EOS) mobile leaked, looks amazing.

The Lumia 1020 is on the path to become a legend among mobiles (and by the looks of it, a milestone in mobile imaging too). The official unveiling date is set for July the 11th, but the spec leaks have been on a steady roll since early April. . . . read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review by Lars Rehm at Connect.DPreview: "The Galaxy Camera is a great device for those who are planning to make good use of its connectivity features and have $600 to spend."

3 years ago I downloaded Rovio's 'Angry Birds' game for some fun my daughter to play with, and never ever would i imagine then, that the ability to play this game would count as a good point on a camera reviewed at DPreview. Good or bad, progress it certainly is. But there are valid points, even for hardcore avid photographers, to have an open operating system like Android on a camera: 

"Despite being a first generation product the Samsung Galaxy Camera works surprisingly well. The camera interface could be a little sleaker and more responsive and the image quality is average at best but the huge number of available apps, the smoothness of Android 4.1, the excellent screen and the flexible zoom range make up for these flaws. The Galaxy Camera is a great device for those who are planning to make good use of its connectivity . . . read more

Nikon Coldpix S800c review by Jeff Keller at DPreview: "Photo quality, battery life, and Wi-Fi reception are all things that need significant improvements"

This must be the very last device to be released with the Victorian era original Android version. Heck, even shacks in Asia putting together 49.99 toys have been putting at least Android 4 on their wares for the past year or so. I spent some quality hours with the S800c myself, and I honestly believe that the 'c' in the name stands for 'crap'. Jeff is a lot kinder than me however, he actually likes some aspects of the camera:

"Camera performance is good in most respects, with two notable exceptions. First, startup times. The camera takes 1.8 seconds to extend its lens and prepare for shooting. If the camera's been off for a while, then you'll have to wait for an additional 30 seconds for Android to boot up before the S800c is . . . read more

System Camera Production increased 34% in volume, 43% in value during 2012, compact camera production shows further decline.

A few notes: These numbers come from CIPA, Japan's Camera & Imaging Products Association, and as thus, production numbers from China and Korea are not included. However, seeing the onslaught of Chinese branded digicams in markets everywhere, my guess is that China's compact camera output has not declined at all, and since Samsung's latest earning report stated a slight volume increase too, the Cassandras predicting the imminent demise of the compact camera segment can just pack up and go home. Also, the biggest increase in volume occurred in Europe, maybe photography is a good outlet for austerity related stress :)

Chris Cheesman at Amateur Photographer reports:
Production of interchangeable-lens cameras rose 34% in 2012 and shipments of lenses broke through the 30 million unit mark, Japanese trade figures have revealed. But total digital camera shipments – including compacts – dropped 15%, according to Japan's Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA).

. . . read more

A quick look at the Polaroid Z340 instant print camera by Amy Medina at I would call the quality of the prints somewhat unique. They have a pleasant soft appearance and reminds me of an old Polaroid film print.

"It’s just a FUN camera… which is really what it’s meant to be. I posted some photos earlier today which I’ll include again at the bottom of this article to give you an idea of how it might be used in today’s modern age. I can also imagine at a family gathering it’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait to bring it to my in-laws in a couple of weeks!

I also like the idea of giving photos to random strangers (which I did today). I’ll be giving more thought on other ways to use . . . read more

DCRP final review posted by Jeff Keller, the Nikon S800c Android powered camera: Plenty of goodies like Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.5' Oled screen and Bluetooth, but mediocre image quality, response time and handling.

"Photo quality is just okay. Exposure is generally accurate, though like most compacts, the S800c will clip highlights at times. Colors were nice and vivid, except in our studio, where everything had a brownish cast. Subjects were soft and fuzzy, with some fine details smudged away by noise reduction. You can crank the ISO up to around 400 and still make decent-sized prints, though ISO 800 is best for small prints only. Whether there's redeye in your photos depends on whether the camera's auto removal system catches it. If it does, you should have good results. If it doesn't, look out. Purple fringing . . . read more

Curiosity review: The Samsung Galaxy Camera tested at Photography Blog, deemed Jack of all trades, master of social networking, but no real camera substitute.

"By compact camera standards, though, the Samsung Galaxy Camera's image quality isn't that great, suffering from obvious noise at relatively slow ISO speeds and chromatic aberrations, with the photos somewhat misleadingly looking much better on the excellent LCD screen than when downloaded onto a computer and viewed more closely. Still, its more than perfectly fine for cropping and resizing for posting on Facebook or Instagram, or for making regular-sized prints.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a large and eye-catching device, certainly more so than the ubiquitious . . . read more

Dpreview chooses and picks the top 5 compact cameras of 2012: The usual suspects and absentees (we're looking at YOU, Nikon)

"In this short article, we've selected five of what we think are the best zoom compacts on the market right now, spanning the market from point-and-shoots to Raw-capturing high-end cameras. By 'zoom compact camera', we mean cameras with non-interchangeable zoom lenses, regardless of size. Of our top 5 selection we've summarized their major strengths, with links to previously-published content, including samples galleries. Here are the cameras we've selected (in alphabetical order). You can click to go directly to the camera you want to read about or just start at the top:" . . . read more

DXO mark: Today's smartphones are better than yesterdays digital cameras.

That also includes prosumer class cameras, like the Canon Powershot G5. And when it comes to video, things look even better for the smartphone camp:

"Like the iPhone 5, most of today’s competitive smartphones sport a camera with a sensor of at least 8megapixels. This is a . . . read more

Samsung Galaxy camera review at TechRadar

This camera is pretty much a milestone in the ever changing landscape of digital photography, and other manufacturers need to keep a close eye, or they'll lose the train:

"Even better news for many, is that the 16 million pixel CMOS sensor inside the camera is a 1/2.3 inch device, the same size as . . . read more

Nokia pureview 808 reviewed at DPreview, the results may surprise you.

So, what do you get when you pair cutting edge imaging photography with an obsolete OS in a sleek format smartphone?  . . . read more

Sony RX100 review by Michael Reichmann.

Rarely does a prominent reviewer label a camera as 'best in its class' but the RX100 has proved to be too strong to resist on more than one occasion: . . . read more

David Pogue reviews the Sony DSC-RX100, falls in love with it.

The RX100 is of course the 'game changer' camera he was referring to a little while ago. Many at the time thought he was foretelling the mythical Canon mirrorless system, but, no, this is what all the fuss is about:

 But every time you transfer a batch of its pictures to your computer, you’ll understand why you spent that money. You’ll click . . . read more

The bigger picture: the Nokia 808 PureView's massive 41 mpixel sensor compared, at Mobot

Yes, we're all shocked by the extreme specs of this sensor, Mobot tries to make some sense out of it:

"Pixels, of course, we're familiar with. The pixel count is the first thing we want to know about any camera, and it's what we're playing around with when we crop, edit and resize images digitally. . . . read more

Lytro Light Field camera review at Digital Photography Review

This is a review about a camera. There are only 4 'pros' listed in the conclusion, 3 of them about design and one about the device being Facebook friendly. Being politically correct (and owned by a Fortune 500 company) the lads at DP Review really restrain themselves from writing things like "utter crap" and "rip off", instead they use more subtle ways to convey the message about what this ....thing? is all about: . . . read more

Want a 41 mpixels camera with a Carl Zeiss lens? Get a Nokia 808 Pure View Phone.

It's funny, each time someone predicts the end of the megapixel race​ total war, some company comes along and totally blows things (and false prophesies) up.  All the imaging specs of this phone are truly mind boggling:  A 1/1.2" sensor (larger than the Panasonic LX5, Canon S100 and Nikon P7100, and only slightly smaller than the one in Nikon's 1 series) 41 megapixels that max out at a 7728x5368 resolution, all aspherical Zeiss optics at f2.4, zero shutter lag, mechanical shutter with neutral density filter, and more, MUCH more. Links to Nokia white paper and hands-on after the press release. . . . read more

Snapdragon S4: Mobile imaging takes huge step towards and beyond entry level point and shoot cameras.

And by huge, we're not just thinking of the megapixel count, that currently stands at 16, thanks to monster phones such as the HTC Titan II.  No, even though the quad core S4 can support up to a 20 Mpixel sensor, it also adds features such as 1080p 30fps video shooting, zero shutter lag, support for up to 3 cameras, image stabilization, and more. These features combined with the ever more extensive array of sensors, and common-day specs such as big touch screens, gps, and wifi, make for a very potential weapon directed to the whole range of point and shoot cameras: . . . read more

Barbie with camera implant is the new definition of 'Barbiecam'

Full contraption name is 'Barbie Photo Fashion'. Comes with a 5mp sensor, can hold up to 100 pics, a rechargeable battery, a 1" screen under the rack and a mini usb above the humps. Creepiness is completed with 15 built in effects and a $50 price tag. Future availability of add-on lensess unknown.This should go well together with Bender's 3rd camera.  . . . read more

Kodak to phase out digital cameras and digital picture frames.

When Kodak execs in Rochester claim Kodak is to be transformed into an 'All digital company" perhaps what they ultimately have in mind is a usb stick with whatever is left of Kodak's intellectual property on it, in a safe at some ip lawyer firm's office.  . . . read more

50 Greatest cameras of all time @ Photography Monthly

Photography Monthly just published its '50 greatest cameras of all time' for the second year in a row. It is a fair mix of pro and peoples cameras, the wacky and the serious. The only spoiler we'll provide is the thumbnail to the left, a nice crunchy brownie. . . . read more

Minox Digital Classic Camera DCC 5.1MP Review @ Ephotozine

This must be the worst but cutest (AAAW factor 98) camera around. Never mind that most of the controls do nothing, and image quality is on par with a past decade cameraphone. It is also the only current camera with a 'silent movie' feature, and one ISO (100) fits all. . . . read more

Sony CyberShot DSC-HX9V review @ TechRadar

We don't normally cover point'n shooters, but this one claims "a DSLR-like performance"  Gavin Stoker from TR tries to find out:


"Most effective is Sweep Panorama mode, which automatically generates a single elongated image as an MPO image file, viewable in its fullest . . . read more

Nikon to announce the first waterproof, shockproof Coolpix camera for kids @ Nikonrumors

"With the next batch of Coolpix cameras, Nikon will introduce also a new point and shoot product line for kids. The first camera will be waterproof, shockproof and will have some unique built-in features (probably some fun image editing). The US price is expected to be under $120. This will be the second Nikon Coolpix waterproof camera after the AW100." . . . read more

Pentax Optio VS20 with 2 shutter buttons

Checklist: 20x zoom but not particularly wide (28-560mm), 3" anti-glare screen, 16 mp on a tiny sensor, 2 shutter buttons, sensor shift stabilization, and what seems like a really comfy grip-for the size. If you're wondering why Pentax doesn't boost "a first" with the dual shutter buttons, its because someone else introduced this feature on a point and zoom some time ago: The usual suicidée, KODAK . . . read more

Turn Your Old Point-and-Shoot Camera Into a Creative Nightlight @ Peta-Pixel

heheh: "@Kodak in homage of their bankruptcy" 

UK compack camera sales drops 30%, "iphotographers" to blame @ The Guardian


"2011 was when sales of basic cameras seriously started to decline," said GfK analyst Zhelya Dancheva. "It's about how consumers are using cameras, and on what occasions. The smartphone is popular because it's always in your pocket, and you are connected so you can directly upload to the internet whenever you want."

Tamaggo 360 pano can hands-on and samples @ The Verge

For 200 bucks, this is not half bad:

"It can capture 360-degree panoramic images with its 14-megapixel sensor and 11-component lens setup. The internal accelerometer allows for . . . read more

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