Tamron already developing lenses that will resolve the almost 50 Megapixels of Sony's new sensor.

This is from Sonyalpharumors, but they quote it as a "very good Tamron source": 'Tamron is working on a new SP.2 lens line. It is made to resolve the High resolution Full Frame sensors coming from Sony. In detail Sony told Tamron that it’s “around” 46 megapixel. – The 15-30mm f/2.8 DI VC USD lens Tamron announced at Photokina is the first of the new SP.2 line.

Ming Thein helps you pick up a film camera, small or big, or very big.

Ming chooses between a wide selection of formats and brands, there's of course the Leica and the Hasselblad, but also saner stuff like Contax and Nikon F:

"The obvious choice here is a Leica M of some description – M6es are a good place to start; they’re reasonably priced in the US$1,000 range, relatively modern, still serviceable, and have a meter. They do have a known rangefinder flare issue that made the RF patch difficult to see under some lighting conditions; modifications to later versions solved this. The M7 adds aperture priority but requires batteries to operate; personally, the MP would be my pick – fully manual, wonderfully tactile, all speeds work without batteries, but you do have the benefit of a meter if you’re not sure. Avoid the Bessas unless you shoot wide – the rangefinder base length is too short to accurately focus very fast or telephoto lenses; but they are the only cameras with built in 21mm frame lines . . . read more

Quick comparison in image quality between the Leica Monochrome, Hasselblad 39CF and Sigma DP2 Merrill at Steve Huff Photo: Sharp, sharper, sharpest.

SHP reader Michael Ma happened to have all three cameras in his possession and decided to make the best of it. The Hassy came with the 80mm CFE Lens, The Leica had a Summilux f1.4 ASPH mounted on it, and the DP2 had to deal with its own tiny built in 30mm F2.8 pancake lens.  Having seen full sized jpegs coming from the Sigma myself, i knew where this was going to:

"Conclusion? Well this is a very clumsy test. But besides the poor testing conditions I think there’s a story to be told here. All three are great camera systems. The Hasselblad is older and the lens probably could have used with more stopping down. But this is also a 9000 dollar set up (used price). The Monochrome setup is 12K all in (when bought new). The Leica . . . read more

Nikon D800E vs Pentax 645D review at Pentax Forums: A battle primarily between resolution, versatility, and value.

"Given its surprisingly-good image quality and comparatively low price, it seems that the Nikon D800/800E has taken away many of the advantages that the Pentax 645D held just a year and a half ago.  The Nikon D800E lets professionals and enthusiasts alike enjoy extremely high-resolution photos without having to step up to a medium format camera.  

Granted, you won't get the most out of your D800E without premium lenses and a sturdy tripod, but the fact that the D800E . . . read more

The end of medium format superiority? Nikon D800E vs Hasselblad H4D40 by Alex Koloskov at Photigy: Technically, not yet, but we're close.

"I was pleased to see the performance of Nikon D800E. Despite the huge difference in a price, D800E was able to deliver the quality comparable to 5+ times more expensive Hasselblad. Great shadow and highlight recovery was actually a big surprise for me, considering 14 Bit small sensor vs 16 bit in Hassy (more bit depth means more colors and wider dynamic range).

Also, we need to keep in mind that it was not a true sensor-to-sensor performance test, as the glass was playing a big part of the resolution and details quality of the shots. Nikon had cheap, and most likely it would deliver even better . . . read more

Nikon D800E VS Pentax 645DField Test by Nick Devlin

"When Luminous Landscape's Nick Devlin received one of the few D800E cameras in Canada, we knew we'd have to take it out for a day of landscape photography. Nick and The Camera Store's Chris Niccolls took out the D800E and the fantastic Pentax 645D to see how they stacked up shooting the beautiful landscapes of Canmore Alberta."

Sony is developing full frame square sensor camera?

Makes sense if the want to honor the full Minolta heritage, since they've been in this business since the 1057 Minolta Autocord TLS series
Sony Alpha Romors has the story:

"According to two different sources Sony has a working prototype which one of my sources told me is called “A1S“. The real incredible news is that it has a Full Frame square sensor. Don’t know if it is 36mm x 36mm or a bit smaller. The source said that “will change the . . . read more

Canon 5D Mark II plus 1919 Piccolette Contessa-Nettel folding camera makes a medium format view camera

Contraption by Jason Bognacki. Surprisingly sharp images, but flare is out of control, while contrast in on a pretty low level. The lens is a Zeiss Ikon 7.5mm f/6.3. No  info yet about the Contessa+Canon 5D MkII mating process.

Pentax releases new firmware for all its Dslr cameras

The, update adresses the same issue for all cameras: Improved reliability of recording operation when using SDXC memory card.

Pentax 645D Version 1.13,

Pentax K-5: Version 1.13, . . . read more

The Naked sensor, by Sein Reid at Luminus Landscape.

There's a trend going on, involving ever weaker antialiazing filters in cameras, and the ultimate goal of non at all.

Sean Reid comments on this battle between detail and artifacts:

"The purpose of an AA filter, of course, is to slightly blur certain high frequency detail so that it doesn't create . . . read more

7 $tunning Lenses @ Photo District News

With the total worth of these lenses you can buy a nice ranch in Montana, or a night at a boutique hotel in Tokyo. What you CANNOT buy however, are the 7 aforementioned lenses, since at least a couple of them are/will be backordered forever.

  . . . read more

50 Greatest cameras of all time @ Photography Monthly

Photography Monthly just published its '50 greatest cameras of all time' for the second year in a row. It is a fair mix of pro and peoples cameras, the wacky and the serious. The only spoiler we'll provide is the thumbnail to the left, a nice crunchy brownie. . . . read more

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